It seems these days the more mysterious you are, the more notoriety you receive in the music world. It’s a strange trend given the nature of the social networking frenzy that’s upon us, where we expect our favorite artists to reveal every last detail of their lives through Twitter and Instagram. Maybe that’s what distinguishes artists like Fyfe from the rest of the noise out there. These faceless musicians essentially want to let their music speak for them before any other judgments can be made. Perhaps we could call it The Voice phenomenon, except now we’re the ones sitting comfortably in the fancy swivel chairs.

The young Londoner’s first release is certainly a remarkable one, featuring some melodic, low-key guitar riffs, and breezy, captivating vocals. “Solace” at its core is a song about the downtrodden who feel broken, lost and even trapped, but try to make peace with their situation. Because of that, the song is also on-point lyrically with an infectious and insightful chorus that you’ll have memorized instantly after one listen. With such an impressive debut, Fyfe will certainly have lofty expectations for his upcoming EP, set to drop sometime in March. Stay tuned for more details until then.

’Fyfe – Solace’
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