Nilüfer Yanya
Keep On Calling

Nilüfer Yanya took command of her sound on a simply wonderful cover of the Pixies “Hey”, and she’s been on a roll ever since. The London native is back with “Keep On Calling”, a tune traversing the line between effervescent and melancholy with its minimal percussion, reverberating guitar riffs, and impassioned yet equally restrained vocals. As evident from the song’s message, there’s no fumbling around when it comes to Nilüfer’s emotion, and we’re on board for her straightforward approach all the way.

You may notice a slight similarity to King Krule throughout her work so far, but Nilüfer exceeds all comparison once this song’s chorus rolls around and ramps up in tempo and drive. Her voice is sweet but strong, and she has a way of demanding your attention the very moment she begins to sing. If you’re looking for more from Nilüfer Yanya (which you honestly will be after “Keep On Calling”), be sure to check out her debut original, “Small Crimes”, as well.

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