Phoria -
A haunting elegance surrounds the Phoria soundscape. A culturing of the midnight musing variety: minimalist and mesmerising.
Tranquil beginnings see that new track Emante certainly has the spacious ethereal vibe covered. Demure simmering is eventually eclipsed by a plethora of sound, as a refined slow burn build, comes to fruition in controlled chaos. Cyclic claps and velvety vocals immerse you in introspective contemplation, whilst the finale is submerged in synth, featuring a chorus like crescendo. Delicate atmospherics that are polished to perfection.
The Brighton five piece keep the UK flag flying high, amidst the ever evolving international music scene. Presenting title track Emante, from their forthcoming EP Display. Until June, take solace in this Radiohead-esque release.
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