The Erised

Emerging electronic group The Erised have released their enormous new track ‘Liar’. Consisting of grunge guitar chords, and heavy drum beats, they’ve compiled every component available to create this innovative style. This track follows their impressive debut EP release ‘Desire’, and the band are now set to offload their colossal debut album ‘Room 414′.

An ambiguous drone of light synths set the initial tone, as lead singer Sonya Sukhorukova’s vocals delicately meet the music, setting a pace to the electronic track; leaving a vast amount of space and laying the foundations for explosive electronic synths driving the chorus. The Erised are a Ukrainian 5 piece band, consisting of an eclectic mix of musicians, from drum and bass producers to singer/ songwriter Sonya. They explore genres such as jazz, rock and pop to diversify their sound, and enrich their unique style as a group.
Elements of grunge rock are powerfully incorporated throughout ‘Liar’, and especially within the bridge; counteracting the pure vocals and capturing a fine balance between tragic and euphoric. The verses offer a fluid and calmer aspect to the piece, which, along with these emotion stricken vocals carry the song to each chorus.
Keep your ears to the ground for up and coming tour dates; in the mean time listen to ‘Liar’ above.

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