Aside from being Dr. Dre‘s latest protégé, Kendrick Lamar now has something else in common with Eminem. As only the second hip-hop artist to collaborate with Dido, Kendrick tries to recreate some of the same magic the British songstress conjured with Slim Shady twelve years earlier for 2000’s “Stan.” Just as the title suggests, “Let Us Move On” is all about recovering from the effects of a tragic breakup and leaving the past behind. It’s a compelling song filled with inspiring imagery brought to life through Dido’s angelic vocals. While the transition to Kendrick’s verse seems slightly awkward, it’s undeniable that he adds a whole different dynamic to the track with his powerful bars. Make sure to look for this one on Dido’s upcoming fourth studio album, Girl Who Got Away, in stores on March 4th of the new year.

’Dido – Let Us Move On Feat. Kendrick Lamar’
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