Ty Segall
Buick Mackane

The thing we love most about Laguna Beach-born garage rock prodigy Ty Segall is that his, or their, music speaks for itself. Without the need of an introduction, one listen to their stuff and you’ll know exactly what they’re all about—some badass, lo-fi, grungy rock n’ roll. The prolific Segall has done it again with his band in his track “Buick Mackane” off of his latest release Ty Rex. The fantastically named EP gives birth to more of what Segall has blessed us with over the years with upwards of eight studio albums, and we couldn’t be happier for the times their music brings us back to.

“Buick Mackane” features a Hendrix-esque introduction and a final product that perks up our ears especially as Zeppelin fans. We know these are intense comparisons, but trust us, their work deserves it. We find this release to be particularly refreshing in a world of electronic music (which we’re not knocking at all) and are thankful for groups like Ty Segall that continue to take us back to the roots of where one could argue it all began—rock n’ roll. Paired with a more modern mix of drums and hyper-distorted vocals, “Buick Mackane” is a song that can be enjoyed by all. Like, our parents would like this stuff. But like, cool parents. How awesome is that. Isn’t music grand.

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