A self-taught musician who picked up his first guitar at the tender age of three, Josh Kumra is a young new artist brimming with unimaginable talent. Based out of Swindon, a small town in the UK, he borrows from indie, acoustic and blues for music that’s impressively delicate, while still emotionally gripping. The highlight of his songs is his amazing voice. Smokey, rough and with a little tremble, it carries so much weight, conveys so much feeling — as though he’s holding up the world’s pain in every note. Here, Kumra takes on Jessie Ware‘s phenomenal power ballad “Wildest Moments,” stripping it down to a very basic, but very soulful and moving acoustic rendition.

’Josh Kumra – Wildest Moments (Jessie Ware Cover)’

Recently signed to Sony RCA, Kumra is working on his debut full-length. For more info, visit his official site.

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