In case you haven’t been blessed yet, Skrillex and Boys Noize joined forces and created a group called Dog Blood. If we’re lucky they will be run for president and slowly take over the world. But until then we have “Middle Finger” and “Next Order”. These two tracks were released on iTunes two days ago. On Sunday I saw Skrillex close out Outside Lands in San Francisco and when he dropped “Next Order,” words cannot describe how hectic it got. This track is just plain insanity, I was at a loss for words hearing it live, and it hits at all the right times, TURN UP THE BASS FOR THIS ONE. On the teaser that Skrillex posted on his Facebook about a week ago, he mentioned this as being “Acid Terror”. Others have gone as far to describe it as “Break-Acid-Tech-Noise”. Regardless what we call it, this collab is one of the biggest to hit the “EDM” scene in a long time. I like “Middle Finger” a little bit more, as it starts off with some glitch-acid-infused breaks and bleeps. Then we get some classic Skrillex vocal editing building into brain-scrambling filth that never lets up. Cheers.

To buy Dog Blood – Middle Finger CLICK HERE. 

Bitches throw your middle finger…..

’Dog Blood – Next Order’
’Dog Blood – Middle Finger’
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