Valgeir Sigurdsson

For several years now Valgeir Sigurðosson has played the benevolent benefactor to both avant-garde and pop music in Iceland. From his work with Bjork to his founding and management of the venerable Bedroom Community label, Sigurðosson has proven adept in the areas of classical composition and electronic production. The artist’s latest work, the soundtrack to the Icelandic documentary Draumalandið, represents a combination of these strengths, to stunning effect. In collaboration with several of the artists from the Bedroom Community roster, he juggles the tensions of runaway economic and environmental blight that mark Iceland with the country’s inherent splendor. Read the full review at

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BONUS: Here is Evolution of Waters from his previous album Ekvílibríum released in 2007.

Valgeir Sigursson – Evolution of Waters

’Valgeir Sigursson – Evolution of Waters.mp3′
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