Andy Shauf
Hold Out

It doesn’t take long to become quickly infatuated with Andy Shauf’s mesmerizing vocals. For us, it was the first time we heard “Your Heart,” which drips with authentic emotion and thoughtfulness. Our adoration furthered when we finally got to see this Canadian singer/songwriter at an intimate venue at SXSW, where we saw Shauf’s timid stage persona woo a crowded bar full of swooning fans.

Today, we have the honor of bringing you “Hold Out,” which was written and performed by Shauf, Carl Johnson of Library Voices, and James Armstrong at Red Brick Songs writing retreat. As expected, the song simply glows with enchantment, effortlessly carrying the listener along to subdued fingerpicking and wonderfully calming vocals.

“Hold Out” will be released as a part of The Red Album next month, but you can hear the other songs from this album here.

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