Mr. Brightside(The Killers Cover)

There was a point in time where unless you were in your house with no TV, radio or internet, you could pretty much guarantee you were going to hear “Mr. Brightsides.” The overwhelmingly popular song from Vegas based The Killers experienced exponential success, even being dubbed “Song of the Decade” by Absolute Radio and XFM.

The emotionally charged, lovelorn lyrics provided the perfect pathway for hundreds of remixes and covers, but none quite like what we’re bringing you today. Enter London-based DJ/Singer/Songwriter/Producer quartet Animal-Music. While that description is a little outlandish, it’s really the only way to illustrate just how much these guys do. That is, when they’re not busy programming, working on team dynamics, enjoying hot sauce or squatting, which are the only interests they have listed on their facebook page.

For this cover, this often zany four-piece dialed up a energetic drum and bass cover of this legendary song. Coupled with lead singer Tom Sutcliffe’s gritty vocals, this cover takes on a whole new persona. While it does have a completely different feel, the jealous paranoid laced message is still very much in tact, making a incredibly successful connection to the original.

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