The buzzworthy EP Better Days by Approaching Nirvana has finally dropped, and it’s incredible. This five-track collection brings a blend of lush, melodic, and uptempo electronic dance beats that are simply fantastic.

Leading the charge is the single “Modern Dystopia,” which sets a cool, cerebral mood. With its ricocheting synths, driving beats, and hypnotic robotic vocals, this track is a total hit that you can’t ignore.

Vocal tracks “The Outside” featuring Hayes and “I Don’t Work That Way” featuring Kate McGill add another layer to the EP. McGill’s voice in “I Don’t Work That Way” turns it into a joyful anthem that’s both new and nostalgic.

The title track, “Better Days,” stands out as an instrumental masterpiece, wrapping up the EP on an upbeat note. Its uplifting and catchy melody virtually promises brighter days with its infectious energy.

Andrew Sinclair, the talent behind Approaching Nirvana, shares, “This EP is about overcoming tough times and pushing towards better days. I really felt that sentiment as I finished this EP, despite going through some challenges.”

Over the past ten years, Approaching Nirvana has had an amazing journey. From humble beginnings, Andrew has created over 20 albums and EPs, producing more than 300 tracks that resonate with raw emotion and energy. His music has reached millions, with over 1 million units sold since 2011.

With more than 150 million Spotify streams and 300 million streams across all platforms, this is a success story still in the making. As 2024 unfolds, Andrew’s creativity is set to reach new heights, with Better Days offering just a glimpse of what’s ahead.

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