It’s not often that twins end up making a break for the top of the music industry. Sure, we have NERVO, but now, on the male side, we have an act from the United Kingdom who are making waves. Brothers Marc and Allister, who make up EC Twins, are set to impact the industry in a big way, as they have recently made some moves on multiple fronts that will have their fan base growing exponentially in no time.

On the music front, the EC Twins recently dropped two singles, both for free. Each track was also released on the duo’s label, Twin Turbo Records, that was launched, and the imprint is slated to release much more music in the near future. For now, both “Number One” and “Won’t Let You Down” have been pushed, each being house tracks; however, the musical flavors each bring are a little different.

’EC Twins – “Number One”‘

EC Twins have the talents not only in the studio, but also when they play their live show. They’ve locked Las Vegas residencies, and currently have their No Apologies tour underway, so if you’re in any of the areas and have an open night, make sure to head over and experience what these two bring to the table.

’EC Twins – “Won’t Let You Down”‘

This year, the brothers have much more music planned, on top of more shows for their fans to experience. They’re looking to take a high spot on the DJ Mag Top 100 list when that rolls around, so be ready to cast your vote when the time comes. In the mean time, enjoy the tunes EC Twins brought forth, and don’t forget to download the juicy house goodness.

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