Jared Lucas aka Kap Slap has completely changed my opinion of mashups. Generally speaking, they’re pretty simple, easy to make, and have about as much musical quality as the top 40 pop songs from which they are composed. But Kap Slap takes them to a completely new level–sampling beats, effects and vocals from dozens of songs and genres and combining them into epic electro/house compositions that will get the d floor bumping. I included a few choice jams, but honestly I’ve been on his Soundcloud for hours and this guy can do no wrong. And as it wasn’t enough to have a massive collection of total bangers, he also offers his ENTIRE body of work for download on his website for FREE. Not much of a business plan, but I’m not complaining. So if you’re looking for a good pregame/party playlist, Kap Slap has exactly what you need to rage till the break of dawn.

MP3: Kap Slap – Paper Towels! (Deadmau5 x Lazy Rich x Britney)

MP3: Kap Slap – Strobe Lights (Re-Fix)

MP3: Kap Slap Touch Your Arms Against Me (Dubstep Re-Edit)

Check out his entire body of work on his website

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