[Chill] Free n Losh – Kill My Lonely (ft. Allan Rayman)

Free n Losh
Kill My Lonely (ft. Allan Rayman)

It has been a minute since we posted some fresh Free n Losh, but we’re always amped when we do because these guys absolutely kill it. Every single tune of theirs is well above The Music Ninja’s expectations, affecting us in ways we never before thought possible.

Their music captivates listeners with releases that share a common trait, one which embodies a soulful sound that brims with unmistakable passion. This facet is evident in the duo’s latest original, “Kill My Lonely,” which reaches an undiscovered level of artistry as they lock in in the flawless vocals of Allan Rayman. His heartfelt voice has listeners hanging onto every single word, creating an effect of intimacy and connectivity to the music.

“Kill My Lonely” is nothing short of beautiful. Its gentle textures provoke feelings of sadness, but it is the sort of sadness that nourishes us; the type of sadness that reminds us that we are human. So go ahead and allow yourself to get down with your emotions by checking out their latest.

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[Future Feels] Free N Losh – I Love You So

Free n Losh
I Love You So

Something that you really have to commend songwriters and producers for is creativity. Yeah anyone can get creative, but with an infinite amount of music out there, the struggle for new ideas can get pretty real. That’s where sampling comes in. As a technique that’s been around for a while now, producers have figured out numerous ways to get innovative with it. Not only do they create a new melody by putting together a few clips of music, but they now also have the ability to manipulate an original segment of a song, and turn it into something completely unfamiliar and novel.

Now let’s talk about the beautiful new release from Canadian duo Free N Losh, “I Love You So.” Taking their musical talent to uncharted territory, the boys masterfully sample the chorus from Candyman’s “Knockin Boots”, which was later sung by Samantha Cole on Shaggy‘s 2k hit, “Luv Me, Luv Me.” What was once an old school hip-hop jam and later a pop hit is now a euphoric feels-inciting tune that will alleviate a long day’s stress.

Placing the softened vocals over some original mellow production, the track becomes a musical oasis of ethereal sounds that give off a feeling of tenderness creating a romantic vibe. So, looking to unwind or get cozy with your boo? Peep this track and then make sure to snag the free download.

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[Hip-Hop] Nas – Life’s a Bitch (feat. AZ) (Free n Losh Remix)

Life's A Bitch feat. AZ (Free n Losh Remix)

Successfully remixing a song from one of the greatest rap albums of all time is no easy task, but Free n Losh prove it is possible with their latest take on Nas‘s classic “Life’s a Bitch.” The talented Canadian production duo replace the original instrumental with a vibrant bass-line, smooth piano and various soul samples. During the legendary chorus, Free n Losh layer a high-pitched portamento synth reminiscent of the G-Funk era. As a result, the song ends up sounding a bit like if the Illmatic anthem had west-coast production, with a splash of young Kanye West‘s soul sample skills. Check it out above and head to their Facebook page for a free download.

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[Chill/Future/Trap] The Weeknd – Often (Free n Losh Remix)

The Weeknd
Often (Free n Losh Remix)

Rolling off of the wave of success experienced on their first original release, “Lost”, Free n Losh have returned to remix “Often” from one of R&B’s most intriguing artists, and a favorite of quite a few Ninjas here; The Weeknd. Perhaps some of the most versatile electronic producers at the moment with credits on Mac Miller tunes, an official Pretty Lights remix and multiple trips to the almighty Hype Machine Top Ten charts through gleaming and cutting edge takes on dance genres; Free n Losh have peeled back yet another layer of their collective production psyche with this latest remix. The Canadian duo blends a distinct steel drum over a luscious two-step melody and  and layer it all seductively amongst a sea of contorted snare kicks and hi-claps for a sound completely their own. With every passing release Free n Losh continually impress the hell out of our ears, and this cut might be one of our favorite from their entire catalogue. Grab the free download here, and slip into something sexy for this one, it might get a little hot.


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[Tropicalé] Free n Losh – Lost ft. Cat Lewis

Free n Losh
Lost Ft. Cat Lewis

Free n Losh put out a new track, “Lost”, and it is the spitting image of having a nice margarita on the beach. This beautiful track combines tropical house and chill trap in a way we aren’t used to hearing. With it’s beautiful guitar, and Cat Lewis’ soothing vocals, this song is going to be in every summer playlist. This song was released on an upcoming record label, Next Wave, which seems to care more about donating money, than it does receiving money for tracks. My only complaint about this song is that it’s too fun to sing along to. I’m sure it will have a similar effect on you as well!

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Pretty Lights – Press Pause (Free n Losh Remix)

Pretty Lights
Press Pause (Free n Losh Remix)

What is it about the electronic duos that come out of Toronto that we love? The originality of their sound, period.

Pretty Lights released the remixes of ‘A Color Map of the Sun’ this week and we have the pleasure of premiering one of those remixes by the highly talented duo Free n Losh. The Toronto based artists show us exactly why their remix is in the album, they take an already amazing song, ‘Press Pause’, and turn up energy, adding the duos signature touches. Lee and Myles add in a deep drum melody to start, muting the vocals to have an almost eerie appeal. Then, they add in those electronic drops and a few trap beats to enhance a new hardness to the original song.

These two Toronto boys can just add this remix to the list of their music successes. Keep the wow factor coming. If you have not already, be sure to check out the full PL remix album.

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The Trap Dojo #45

Hey Ninjas, today’s dojo is divided into two sections. First off we have some sonic redbull to get you going in the morning and get you through the day. DMNDZ kick things off with a huge remix of Knife Party‘s “Power Glove” that is packing some serious bass. Party Favor plugged a tuba into a subwoofer for this brass and bass banger. Run the Jewels, released a new self-titled EP on Fools Gold Records that has some of the sharpest lyrics and heaviest beats this season. Download all ten tracks hereDancefloor Junkies will have you “Ready 4 Action” with their dark “Black Skinhead” remix. A couple electro-trap pop remixes of J. Cole and Robin Thicke are followed by some heavy moombah from Caligula and some funky beats from CRNKN and LAZERDISK PARTY SEX. Some aggressive grime and thuggin remixes with more trunk shaking bass and sharp lyrics from some sharp MCs will get you over that last hump of the morning.

Hit play on the second section as you get ready to go home for the day and need chill out on your drive home. Tigerblood really cools things off with his entry to the Shackles “Let You Know” remix contest on Trapdoor. Vancouver homies Krusha and Sleepy Tom take some classic jungle sounds and infuse it with some soothing basslines. There is no time I like Rihanna better than when her lyrics are being used for some smooth chilled out patio jams, and young producer GRAVIS adds some cool G-Easy verses to a chill Aylen re-fix. Buzz Trillington continues the chill mashup wave before Free N Losh bring the fire on a couple amazing throwback jams. Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra are among the many amazing remix choices for their new EP “The Best Is Yet To Come” Hucci and Huglife, the latter of whom we haven’t seen in a minute since a feud with DJ Sliink forced him to change his name, bring some solid bedroom vibes. 222 Oceans finish off the list with one of the most experimental Yeezus remixes yet.

’Knife Party – Power Glove (DMNDZ Remix)’
’Party Favor – Mr. Brass (Original Mix)’
’Run The Jewels – Sea Legs’
’Kanye West
Black Skinhead “Ready 4 Action” (Dance Floor Junkies Trap Rework)’
’J. Cole ft miguel – Power trip (Rudebrat electrotrap hype bootleg)’
’Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines (eSenTRIK Remix)’
’Caligula – Bass Like Dat (Original Mix)’
’Son Of Kick – EOW (Gangsta Fun & Louisiana Jones Remix)’
’FKI X JUICY J X SAM F – #RSD (Rollin Smokin Drinkin)’


’Shackles – Let You Know (TIGERBLOOD Remix)’
’Fur Trade – Voyager (Krusha & Sleepy Tom Remix)’
’Wale Ft. Rihanna – Bad (The Insurgents Bootleg)’
’Rebel Of Valentina (GRΛVIS Mashup) ***Free Download***’
’Buzz Trillington x Oliver Twizt x Bingo Players – You’re Not Alone In The Trap’
’Free n Losh – Things You Don’t Understand’
’Free n Losh – The Best Is Yet To Come’
’Hucci – Cashmere’
’So Good – Huglife Remix’
’Kanye West – Bound 2 (222 Oceans bootleg) *∆ FREE DL ∆*’
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