The Deep & Disco Dojo #1

The Deep & Disco Dojo #1

Welcome to the very first episode of the Deep & Disco Dojo! Each week our ninjas handpick a number of electronic dance tracks ranging from classic nu-disco to bass-heavy deep house. This week’s playlist features some of the most prominent up and comers in the game, namely The Golden Pony, Eau Claire, Keljet and many more. The other part of this segment includes Luca Lush, Tom Bull, Kayliox and other acts who are holding it down for the future bass scene.

This is only the beginning of something epic. Make sure to tune in next week while you listen, dance and vibe away to this bass-y goodness, and our newest weekly feature.

’The Chainsmokers – Let You Go (The Golden Pony Remix)’
’Keljet ft. Holychild – What’s Your Sign’
’Tensnake – Keep On Talking’
’Me & My Toothbrush – One Thing (Nora En Pure Radio Mix)’
’The Police – Message In A Bottle (Kayliox ‘Deep House’ Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD)’
’Odesza – White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts) (Dim Sum Remix)’
’Nadia Gattas – The Feeling (Tom Bull Remix)  Out Now’
’Darius – Helios (Feat. Wayne Snow) (Myd Remix)’
’Golden Coast – Futurist (Eau Claire Remix)’
’The Golden Boy – The Promise (Walker & Royce Remix)’
’No Doubt – Don’t Speak (Dennis Kruissen Remix)’
’Chocolate Puma & Junior Sanchez feat. Arama – Lost Your Groove’
’Wyclef Jean – Sweetest Girl ft. Akon, Lil Wayne (LUCA LUSH REMIX)’
’Vinyl Theatre – Breaking Up My Bones (Jenaux Remix)’
’Premiere: Sylvan Esso ‘H.S.K.T’ (Maxxi Soundsystem remix)’
’Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave (Jesse Rose Remix)’


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[Event Review] CRSSD Festival – San Diego, 3/14-15


As festival season is upon us, many festival go-ers are itching to go to Coachella, especially when talking about the perfect California weather. Goldenvoice, hosts of Coachella, and FNGRS CRSSD have teamed up to create CRSSD Festival, a solution for those who can’t make it to the more high-profile festivals but still want to get a taste of the all-around chill California vibe. With that said, CRSSD festival was the perfect portrayal of sunny San Diego and what it represents.

The first ever CRSSD fest took place in the Waterfront Park from March 14 and 15, and featured a lineup with big names like Chromeo, Odesza, Flight Facilities and Empire of the Sun. While these unique electronic acts headlined the main stage a.k.a “Ocean View Live”, what stuck out the most to us was “The Palms” stage, which was decorated to fit a more laid-back and tropical vibe. Ranging from nu-disco to tropical house, the stage features some of the frontrunners of the dance scene, including names like Bakermat, Thomas Jack, Bixel Boys, Giraffage and Kaytranada. The middle stage, which was named “City Steps”, featured some heavyhitting house acts that span from future bass to G-House, notably Amtrac, Tensnake, James Murphy and Simian Mobile Disco.


’MNEK – Wrote A Song About You (Kaytranada Edition)’
’Giraffage – Hello’

Being that it was a debut festival, CRSSD fest did a phenomenal job of planning and set up. With KCRW Music Director Jason Bentley hosting the festival and filling in between sets with the crowd’s favorite music, there was never a dull moment at the park. Unlike some other major festivals, the Waterfront Park was the perfect size venue for CRSSD fest. The three stages were all easily reachable from one end to another, without overshadowing each other.

Now onto the stars of the show. The best acts on Saturday were undoubtedly Kaytranada and Giraffage. With back to back sets at “The Palms” stage, the two talented artists brought the house down with their immensely high energy performances. From the future bounce mastermind to the quirky creative genius, the two spun tune after tune that got the crowd going nuts. Empire of the Sun also put out an epic performance with their signature glamorous set up with stage dancers. There was no better way to close out the night after a long day of sweating and dancing. Continue reading

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[Event Preview] CRSSD Festival – San Diego 3/14-3/15

Spring is around the corner, which means that it’s almost festival season! As one of our first stops, TMN is going to the CRSSD festival in San Diego. Taken place at the Waterfront Park on March 14 and 15, CRSSD fest features some of the frontrunners and up-and-comers in today’s electronic music. Powerhouses including Empire of the Sun, Chromeo, Odesza, Flight Facilities are headlining the festival at the “Ocean View Live” stage, while deeper acts like Kaytranada, Thomas Jack, Bakermat and Bixel Boys will try to win the crowd at “The Palms” stage.

The three-stage set up will definitely give a refreshing feel to all festival-goers. Thousands will gather at Waterfront Park and dance their pants off while overseeing the beautiful city of San Diego. With its popularity rising at such a high rate, CRSSD festival is representing sunny San Diego by stepping its game up. We are very excited to be able to witness the very first debut of the festival, as there will be many more in the future.

Make sure to check out this playlist we put together in advance to the festival. If you’re a fan of electronic dance music, and want to have a good time with laid back vibes all around, go to CRSSD festival and we promise you will not be disappointed!

’Slow Magic – Still Life’
’Something New (Amtrac Remix)’
’Drive Me Crazy (featuring Vic Mensa)’
’ODESZA – White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts)’
’Bakermat – Teach Me (Original Mix)’
’Gabriel Rios – Gold (Thomas Jack Remix)’
’All You’re Waiting For (Feat. Nancy Whang)’
’Theophilus London Feat. Jesse Boykins III – Tribe (Bixel Boys Remix)’
’Flight Facilities – Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Lido Remix)’
’George Maple – Talk Talk’
’Goldroom – Embrace’


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[Future] Odesza – All We Need (Louis Futon Remix) Feat. Shy Girls

All We Need (Louis Futon Remix) Feat. Shy Girls

Fresh off of a new EP, Louis Futon has decided to hit us with yet another outstanding remix. As the number of Odesza remixes continues to multiply, some can get lost in the madness, but Louis Futon takes a slight deviation from your typical renditions with an almost R&B edge. Retaining the sultry Shy Girls vocals, this tune bounces along nicely with purpose and a presence that sits comfortably amongst prior releases in Louis Futon’s collection. Odesza could easily play the entirety of their festival circuit with the remixes that have been put out of them (just on ‘Say My Name’ alone), but this version of ‘All We Need’ is sure to finds its way into their sets and plenty of other artists’ as well. It’s a just a fun tune overall that’s equal parts sensual and upbeat. Yet again, we’re lucky as fans because it’s up for a free download, so don’t hesitate to grab it HERE.

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[Electronic] Slow Magic – Waited 4 U (ODESZA Remix)

Slow Magic
Waited 4 U (ODESZA Remix) [ Premiere] [Free Download]

ODESZA and Slow Magic are both killing it in 2014 with stellar debut albums and endless sold-out shows. The similarities don’t end with their upward career trajectory, though, as they also share in sonic elements with shimmering electronic sounds and booming percussion. We’ve already seen Slow Magic, the mysterious masked producer, remix ODESZA’s “Say My Name” and, now, the favor is returned with ODESZA’s take on “Waited 4 U.” As with all of their re-works, the Seattle production duo make this one their own bringing in their signature bright, big-room sound. The compatible styles allow Slow Magic’s original to shine through as well, though, and leaves us wanting more collaborations.

Both of these ninja-favorites are on tour in Europe right now and are actually in the midst of joint shows–you can check out their tour dates here: ODESZA||Slow Magic. You can also check out our exclusive interviews with ODESZA and Slow Magic at those links. Give this one a listen and grab a free download above.

[via TSIS]

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[TMN Interview] Odesza on the past 6 months and why being uncomfortable makes them comfortable

TMN: We are sitting back down with Odesza, 6 months after their last stop in Denver, to discuss all of the crazy changes that have happened since their last back to back sold out shows in Colorado (and yes, they sold out again this time around). Well, guys as always so good to see you again! Harrison, Clayton, talk to us about what has been happening since we last talked 6 months ago, I guess a big change is obviously you are now signed to a label, tell us about that whole coming to be…

Harrison: It was kind of a long process of us figuring out who would be the best fit and who really cared about our music. We wanted to make sure we didn’t team up with someone who used us as a quick trend. But Counter, which is the sub-label of NinjaTune, has been incredible to us. We have been working super close to them ever since we signed with them and everything is going great.

Clayton: Yeah the whole team there is pretty awesome and on board with what we are doing so it’s a really good thing for us.

TMN: As it should be, labels and artists getting along. You guys did a really cute little signing contract video, super cute. And since then, you released your album ‘In Return’.

Clayton: Yes she is out.

TMN: She is out, and I have to tell you guys, she is absolutely beautiful.

Harrison & Clayton: Ah, well thank you so much. She is sexy.

TMN: She is sexy. Talk to us about the album a bit because obviously it has been a huge success. Number one on multiple music charts, the songs individually and the album, how has that been for you guys?

Harrison: I think every time we release something we are really worried about it, that it might have a negative impact somehow? But we kind of stay true to what we want to do and have been lucky that people for the most part positively react to that because we know that can go either way. It has been pretty wild that people care this much and we have just kept our head downs and focused on making more music because it is so hard to do on the road. It is really hard to make music in a car…hungover is really hard.

TMN: I can imagine that is difficult especially while on tour with two other gentlemen making music on the bus as well? (Odesza just wrapped up their North American tour with Hayden James and Ambassadeurs).

Clayton: Yeah it can be tough.

TMN: Do you all jam band together? Banjos and what not?

Clayton: (Laughs) Well sometimes but it can be hard that way. We do have the acoustic guitar we like to bust out. ‘In Return’ was a long process; it took two years really to put together. We wanted to try new things like working with singers, which was a whole new process.

TMN: And you picked some fabulous vocalists.

Clayton: Yeah, I think they turned out pretty swell, they go well with our sound. We just tried to push ourselves and not be too static, you can’t be too comfortable. A lot of people liked it, we are pretty happy with it, so now its time to start making another album.

TMN: I was going to say, after you finish your American tour you are heading to Europe correct?

Clayton: Yeah all over Europe.

Harrison: I’ve never been there, kind of a sheltered human, so I’m really excited to go.

TMN: And then back to Australia?

Harrison: Yup going back there in February, doing a few festivals, and then heading to New Zealand. Hopefully meet Lorde and hang out.

TMN: Of course, just a typical day, kicking it with Lorde.

Harrison: (Laughs) Exactly. Just send her a text, or Twitter, or Emojis.

TMN: Maybe start with ‘I want to touch your hair’, I bet that would start things off well.

Harrison: (Laughs) Oh totally.

Clayton: We will have a month after Europe to relax and decompress but let’s be serious we probably won’t do that we will be working on music. But it will be good to be at home though and sleep in our own beds.

TMN: Of course. Now I think obviously people are curious as to what is next after all of this? You boys have such a unique sound, there aren’t really any artists out there who have anything close to you right now. So what do you think are the next steps for you both?

Harrison: Well thank you for saying that, that’s really awesome. We have a bunch of remixes coming out soon but I think the number one thing we have been doing it working on songs and some ideas of songs. We say, if this song could fit on ‘In Return’ we don’t continue with it because we want to make sure the next thing is something different. The number one problem we would have is repeating ourselves and that is why we work so well together is because we want to try different stuff. I think as soon as we find a sound that we are really into we will keep trying to perfect that idea. So a lot of experimentation.

Clayton: Also kind of want to head a more hip-hop direction, we have that kind of now but we want to figure out where to go with that. Maybe something a little heavier too because this one was so soft that we would love some contrast. Figuring it all out as we go.

TMN: Best way to do it, roll with your punches people. Let’s talk about all of those remixes that people make of your songs, there are so many, especially of ‘Say My Name’. But the thing is, they are all so good.

Harrison: I know! We have not even gotten to listen to all of them but there are many talented artists out there who made remixes.

TMN: Now you don’t have to say favorite but is there one remix that you have heard where you are like, wow, they really nailed this on the head?

Harrison: Well, Hayden and Ambassadeurs both had amazing ones.

Clayton: Yeah, RAC had a great one too. Hermitude as well.

TMN: All good ones, I believe we posted all of those. The RAC one is my bosses favorite, it is such a dance around the room remix.

Harrison: (Laughs) It is, I just love how he did the whole guitar thing with it. It is funny because he was live tweeting working on that song to us on Twitter through direct messages. He started by saying “I think I’m going to go acoustic on it” and that’s how it started, he’s really funny, super smart, really talented, it’s a honor that he would want to do remixes of our stuff.

TMN: Speaking of that, is there anyone coming up, that you are going to work with or want to work with?

Clayton: Oh, huge list of people.

Harrison: We look at Soundcloud daily for artists.

Clayton: Off the top though, Galamatias, we really like his stuff. We have been talking about doing a colab with Hayden, he actually sings on most of his tracks but no one knows it is him.

TMN: Wait a minute, that is him on those tracks? I’ve always been curious because he’s really good!

Harrison: He is! But yeah he doesn’t tell anyone it is him. And it’s funny because I was like, production is great, the singer is amazing and I asked him and he was like, it’s me. Even crazier, all of those tracks, first take recordings of him singing, each one.

TMN: Some people are blessed with those angel voices and can just lay down a melody the first time.

TMN: So New Years, you are playing at Snowglobe, which is going to be insane, the line-up this year is beyond impressive.

Clayton: I know, we are really excited to play that alongside Flume and Porter, they really went all out this year.

TMN: Where do you boys see yourselves in another 6 months?

Harrison: Everything has been going so well that I think we expect something bad to happen? I don’t know, I think if we continue to focus and don’t get caught up in the world so much, only good things can come to us. We are really open to collaborations and have had many people reach out to us so hopefully those all work themselves out.

Clayton: Yeah I think the best thing we can do is stay motivated and stay hungry, stay uncomfortable.

TMN: You both really like being uncomfortable don’t you?

Clayton: I mean, I would be uncomfortable being comfortable. If we don’t continue to push ourselves we will never know where we can go from here.

TMN: Well guys, as always, really love chatting with you both. Hope the rest of tour goes well and cannot wait to have you back in Denver.

Clayton & Harrison: Thanks so much, looking forward to it.

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[Progressive House] Odesza Ft. Zyra – Say My Name (Luke Shay Remix)

Odesza Ft. Zyra
Say My Name (Luke Shay Remix)

We know, we know…there are at least 1,000 different versions of this song going around the internet. But hey! That’s what happens when a remix contest pops up on producers radars. Now that the official remixes have made their wave, up and coming artists like, Luke Shay, are biting at the bit to show the world how to take things to the next level. We here at TMN are big supporters of Luke Shay and we love how he is able to think outside of the box with Progressive House productions. Whether it be his Adventure Club “Wonder” remix or his most recent official remix of Jaymes Young’s “Habits Of My Heart”, Shay just knows how to infect us with a serious case of progressive feels.

Today, we are happy to share his entry for the “Say My Name” remix contest and it will guarantee blow your socks off. As soon as you press play, you are welcomed with a gorgeous piano intro that effortlessly progresses into a flawless chord progression full of emotion. At some point, Shay throws a curve ball with some trap-style snares and blends it perfectly with his signature synth breakdowns and Zyra’s mesmerizing voice. This has to be one of our favorite remixes and what better way to start your Friday off than with Luke Shay? If you dig this remix, be sure to vote for him here!

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