[Dance/Funk/Electronic] Santigold – The Keepers (The Knocks Remix)

The time is upon us where our migratory patterns tell us to gravitate towards local watering holes, shed our layers and don our shiniest frocks. With that being said, every sunny occasion deserves an anthem and funky electronic duo, The Knocks give us the dose of dance we need to cure our itchy feet.

The track soothingly begins with a ringing xylophone before a funky bass line leads in Santigold’s first verse.  If by this time you haven’t surprisingly caught your toe tapping, then holy french toast how much did you drink last night? Have no fear, the acapella chorus you’re about to hear will drop into a shoulder swaying soiree of gritty bass, synths and echoing vocal samples that are sure enough to keep your heart rate high and your spirits elevated. This tune is well suited for any day party celebration you’re sure to encounter. Please, dance responsibly.

Enjoy your summer and be sure to catch The Knocks on tour with Dragonette this September.

’Santigold –  The Keepers (The Knocks Remix)’
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[NEW] Santigold – Go (feat. Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs)


I was starting to wonder where Santigold went! She drops an incredible debut album in 2008 giving us a fresh sound with songs like Shove It, Creator, and Unstoppable, and she disappears on us! Sure she was on Summit in the Summit (raising awareness about the worldwide water crisis), and was featured on a few songs by Basement Jaxx and N.A.S.A., but for the most part she’s been pretty quiet lately with no new material…until now! She doesn’t seem to have strayed too far from her worldly sound on her new track “Go.”. With a little bit of help from rock goddess Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this track is sure to be played at every party this summer.

If this is a sneak peak into what the rest of her sophomore album is going to sound like, we are all in store for a treat.

Santigold – Go f. Karen O. of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

’Santigold – Go f. Karen O. of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.mp3′
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[Hip Hop][Featuring Features] Drake, Santogold, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Mr. Hudson

These 2 songs a more mainstreams than most of the music you guys see here but I’ve been listening to them a lot lately.

First it is a song by Drake on his album So Far Gone where he features Santogold and Lil Wayne, quite an unusual mash up but it mixes nicely. My only complaint is that Lil Wayne should lay off the auto tune for a little. I know that has become his style but we are about to go into 2010 now and I hope hip/hop artists start coming back to their natural ways.

Unstoppable (feat Santo Gold and Lil Wayne)

’11 Unstoppable (feat Santo Gold and Lil Wayne).mp3′

Next song starts of like Cannon in D but it is actually Jay Z feat. Mr. Hudson in a song called Young Forever from the album The Blueprint 3.

Young Forever (feat Mr Hudson)

’15 Young Forever (feat Mr Hudson).mp3′


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