Who doesn’t love a nice remix on a Friday afternoon? Nobody, that’s who. So on that note, it gives us great pleasure to offer up to you a pretty nice tune from Brooklyn’s Atypicals that gets a pretty nice dance treatment courtesy of DIGIRAATII out of beautiful Cleveland, OH. You may remember Cleveland, OH as the much sought after place of residence of one Liz Lemon, but apparently some people make music there too. Maybe the coolest part about Atypicals is that they’re an electronic band who performs live with a 4-piece band, which is a real treat. The original version of “Venus” actually works into a pretty nice beat, but DIGIRAATII adds a little dirt to the mix as well as some pretty pulsing electronics in the background, making the song perfectly suitable for any dancefloor that it may stumble upon. I think what I dig so much about this remix is how it’s a little dirty, but not too much (even though we all know that The Music Ninja typically likes it as dirty as possible). And the nice musical elements help to keep you grounded whilst you rock out.

Atypicals – Venus (DIGIRAATII RMXX)


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