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Yiruma – River Flows In You [Bella’s Lullaby] (Forekast and Fathom Remix)

Fans of the Twilight Saga and epic house music can finally appreciate something together, and that is this song. Forekast, 22 year old Pennsylvanian producer, teamed up with his friend Fathom and took the lead theme from the first Twilight movie and transformed it into this hard hitting anthem which will knock floors dead. Building up slowly and then turning into a cascading rhythm this song does not disappoint. Don’t be turned off by the fact they remixed a Twilight theme; it’s almost unrecognisable.

The remix is available for a free download from Soundcloud.

’Yiruma – River Flows In You (Forekast and Fathom Remix)’
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[Drum&Bass] Physical Therapy – Drone On (feat. Jamie Krasner)

Don’t let the drum and bass tag fool you, this is a magical piece of chilling drum and bass music. New Jersey based producer Physical Therapy has somehow merged an energetic drum and heavy bass beat with soaring and angelic vocals by Jamie Krasner, on the track Drone On. With an undertone of jungle, drum and bass purists will get a kick from this, along with anybody looking for something different in a saturated dance genre. Packing a phenomenal and organic vibe, this is an example of how the dance scene is continuing to evolve and create amazing new experiences, so let it amaze you.

The EP is out now to buy here.

’Physical Therapy – Drone On (feat. Jamie Krasner)’
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The Rapture – Sail Away (Digitalism Remix)

The ever-busy German electronica duo Digitalism have produced another stellar remix, this time of The Rapture‘s 2011 single “Sail Away”. The original is quite indie rock, however Digitalism take the original and introduce a thumping beat through the song and incorporate the original’s vocals to create a swooning electronic remix. The vocals are summery, the beat is heavy and groovy, and Digitalism‘s synths coasting through the latter half of the track makes this a brilliant track for the early summer.

Hear the remix here, and the original just below.

’The Rapture – Sail Away (Digitalism Remix)’
’The Rapture – Sail Away’
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Boy Kid Cloud – From The Start

You won’t hear anything more unique all day. Excitingly fresh “Boy Kid Cloud” (Darryl Reid) grew up in Leicester, UK, and at 22, has matured into a signature sound with the release of his new track “From The Start“, and his EP “A Better Version Of Me“. Merging playful electronica with tight dubstep beats, and adding catchy but not cheesy vocals over the top, “Boy Kid Cloud” has found the recipe to the perfect mix of electronica and dubstep, with glances to 80s pop, jazz, and glitch! Watch out for more from this man.

You can purchase his new EP here.

’Boy Kid Cloud – From The Start’
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[Chill] Ms Mr – Hurricane

Ms Mr” are a mysterious duo from New York, with an alluring vibe to their first single “Hurricane“. Information is scarce on the talented pair known only as “Ms” and “Mr”, as is common with these new bands. But what isn’t common, is that they’re signed to Sony Records and touring with Marina and the Diamonds, and promise to be successful in the future. From the off, “Hurricane” is instantly loveable, be it “Ms”s soft and superb vocals, or “Mr”s fascinating composition of light bass and beats, together creating a wonderful journey in one song.

You can purchase the track here.

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[Electro] Dirty Disco Youth – Sands

Dirty Disco Youth, the alias of 21 year old Austrian dance producer Phil Speiser, was widely credited as a huge talent in the electro scene in 2010 after releasing his first EP ‘Off’ on Dim Mak Records. Since then he’s been constantly producing remixes and collaborations but this is his newest addition to the music world and it’s a banger.

Merging uplifting synths with a dirty bassline makes this a huge track. You’ll be nodding your head to the heavy beat of ‘Sands’ for days. If you like Mustard Pimp, we think you’ll like this.

You can purchase the track here .

’Dirty Disco Youth – Sands’
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