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[Folk-Pop] Slow Club – Two Cousins

Finally… The long awaited follow up to their 2009 debut, Yeah So, is here. Swapping alco-pops for single malt whiskies, Slow Club have gained a notable buzz of excitement about their obvious maturation. The Sheffield duo have taken a pensive path, replacing their cutesy adolescent fragility, for an exploration of life’s darker offerings.

Don’t get me wrong, they’ve still got plenty of folk-pop charm, it’s not all about the doom and gloom of post pubescent life. “I think we both wanted to move away from our obsessions on the first album, and look more at our families, and how the loss of someone you love can affect you … but we do still end up coming back to love and heartbreak, we can’t help it,” says Rebecca. ‘Two Cousins‘ introduces Paradise perfectly, with Charles and Rebecca’s intertwined haunting vocals and elegiac lyrics, probing the trials and tribulations of family life. With the video on repeat, it’s all about practicing the Charleston and impatiently waiting for their show to hit a nearby town, so we can lay down our moves.

Slow Club – Two Cousins

’01 Two Cousins.mp3′
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[Pop] Fallulah – Out Of It

Her ‘current location’ on Facebook (yes we’ve been stalking her) is Copenhagen and the world. That’s just a slight indication as to how things are kicking off for this Danish songstress. Having grown up with a touring Balkan dance troop, she’s no stranger to travelling. After a stint in NYC training as a dancer, we’re ecstatic she’s ditched the flamboyant moves to bring us some of the most audacious pop this year.

Recently we featured the Shook remix of her earlier release ‘I Lay My Head‘, but ‘Out Of It‘ is a gem in it’s own right. There is no doubt that Fallulah, aka Maria Apetri, is willing to push the boundaries of conventional female pop, ‘I’ll never know what I’m capable of ­- If I don’t go where I’m scared to be lost’. Her racy chants and regimental percussion go hand in hand with the new ghostly video, a world of crazy beasts and dark tortured nights. This is one Danish girl not to be messed with.

Fallulah – Out Of It by guiidf

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[Folk] Dry The River – Live iTunes Festival EP

Even though the iTunes festival is a relatively new event in the increasingly saturated market, they’re certainly giving the big guys a run for their money. With roughly 60 artists playing over 31 consecutive nights at London’s Roundhouse, you’re sure to see something wonderful. For many, that will have been Dry The River, a folk rock five piece from East London.

Their gentle harmonic folk will lead you to something that can only be described as pure joy, a break down so intense and well crafted, it leaves you baffled as to how you progressed form start to finish. There is no more of a perfect example than ‘Lion’s Den’, 6.09 minutes in length and epically brilliant. The best scenario is seeing them live – the second best is buying their five track live iTunes EP. Plugging huge corporations isn’t really our thing, but this is a very deserved exception.

Previously: Dry The River – History Book

’Dry The River – History Book’
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[New] Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis

Alex Winston’s latest release ‘Velvet Elvis’ has sky rocketed our anticipation for the January release of her debut full length. Thankfully, she’s releasing her second EP, ‘Velvet Elvis’ in September to quench our quirk-pop thirst. Having previously wooed us with her debut EP ‘Sister Wife’, Alex Winston now has our full attention with this percussion riddled track.

We’ve all been there, dolls, teddy bears, shoes and for some maybe even a car – but the receiver of Alex’s affection is a petite Elvis doll. “When I feel your velvet / I can’t help it / You don’t breathe / So you can’t leave me.” She’ll make you feel giddy with youth and allure you with her operatic charm. Just as she has fallen deeper in love, so have we.

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[Folk] Armand Margjeka – What a Feeling

The spoken word is often harsh in sound, but Armand Margjenka’s rhythmic cooing brings moments of sincerity and invincibility. From the probing opener to the softer musings, ‘I’m riding on, I’m riding on, this feeling I’ve never felt before’ his passion never waivers. Taken from the debut album ‘Margo Margo’, ‘What a feeling’ is a noteworthy record for an artist who is about to whip up a storm.

The contrast between this release and his debut track ‘Alive’ released earlier this year, represents this small town guy’s diverse ability and musical adventure. There is no doubt he has embodied aspects of his childhood idols Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis, delving into the sounds of old greats and infusing them with his bricolage of modern genres. With the whole album online, go and become absorbed in a blissfully fine creation.

Armand Margjeka – What a Feeling

’what feeling’

Armand Margjeka – Alive
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