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[Future Reggae] Bob Marley – Is This Love (Chachi & Musicman Ty Remix)

Is This Love (Chachi & Musicman Ty Remix)
Bob Marley

We want to love you, and treat you right, which is why we’re sharing this fabulous remix of Bob Marley. It’s pretty hard to remix a legend like Bob and do a perfect job, but Chachi & Musicman Ty blew us away. This remix of “Is This Love” seems to answer the title, because there aren’t too many words to describe this beyond lovely. Our one complaint is that it’s only three minutes long – guess we’ll be hitting replay on this over and over. Jah bless Chachi & Musicman Ty for their fabulous rendition of this classic track.

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Adventure Galley – Marooned [TMN Video Premiere]

Adventure Galley

How many of you remember MySpace Music? Well, if you do, you may remember there was a record label with it as well. Portland group Adventure Galley won a contest a while back, securing first place over 17,000 entries. That contest landed them a record deal, which included signing this album. Over time MySpace Records fell apart, which meant they wouldn’t have the former press team helping push their music. Eventually two managers came together, and they’re now sharing some very unique videos of the tracks- giving us dibs on the first one!

“Marooned” is a synth-rock song that you just can’t help dancing along to. The backing video takes you on a journey to the ’50s, where the band is “Marooned” in space. Rather than going with modern techniques, the director decided ‘to hell with cgi’ and created the sets from scratch. A lot of us think how awesome it would be to take a trip to space, but after seeing the movie “Gravity” lately we’re starting to agree with the lyrics “be careful what you wish for.”

Adventure Galley is getting ready to head on a mini tour, which you can find the dates below the video. On top of that, they’re accepting remixes! Yes, that’s right producers; you can all hit this email for stems if you’re interested!


Seattle, WA | Barboza | Saturday, September 6th
Spokane, WA | The Big Dipper | Sunday, September 7th
Portland, OR | Doug Fir| Tuesday, September 9th
San Francisco, CA | Neck Of The Woods | Wednesday, September 10th
Los Angeles, CA | Satellite | Friday, September 12th


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Save You

Time and time again we find ourselves thinking, “what ever happened to that mind-blowing chillstep sound?” Well, ECHOS is here to authoritatively answer that question with their third original track “Save You”.  You see, Chillstep didn’t disappear, and it seems it won’t for a long time. It may have taken a brief period of hibernation to adapt with the current trends, we’re not really sure.

Whatever the situation may be, ECHOS hits home with their newest track. Combining their ambient dubstep sound with powerful vocals, we’re left with a whirlwind of stunning beauty. This duo continues to surprise us with their eclectic styles, and we’re  anxiously anticipating their next release. Whether it may be a remix or an original, ECHOS has us excited!

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Slow down, and put it in reverse… Peachboiz is a collective that is doing something a bit differently than others. Out of all the collectives that we’re aware of, this may be the only one that will put out tracks that have four of the members on it. You may be thinking “Um, what’s so special about that?” Well, nothing is too crazy about that, but the fact they are putting it out as PEACHBOIZ – “REVERSE COWGIRL” is pretty cool in our eyes. It would be a complete pain to title it like “Grimecraft x Good Intent x Ba-Kuura x ROBOKID – REVERSE COWGIRL”. We aren’t even sure if wordpress would allow that.

These four peaches made one of the most beautiful club tracks we have ever heard. By now you should know that we love club tracks that have pitched vocals, funk stabs, the occasional bed squeak, and half time drops. “REVERSE COWGIRL” has all of that, and more! One great thing about this song is that it brought our attention to some incredible producers we weren’t familiar with before. This entire collective is stacked with talent, so we’re hoping they do more group projects like this.

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[Soul] AstroZu – Sungod ft. Tusks

Sungod Ft. Tusks

This week seems to be dragging along and not really moving as fast as we’d like. AstroZu and Tusks team up to give us this soulful treat, and the slow pace of the week just got a lot better. “Sungod” is probably the most soothing track to hit our inbox all week, and we’re ecstatic to share it with you. It may come off as an odd warning label for a track, but try not to eat turkey before this one… The combination of AstroZu, Tusks and the tryptophan from the turkey will make you drift away. We all know you have a busy week ahead, so we wouldn’t want that!

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[Album Review] Faded Paper Figures – Relics

American trio Faded Paper Figures provides a handful of styles and diversity on Relics that we’re not used to hearing. Some tracks have a bit of a folky feel to it, while others have a more electric synth-pop style. Ranging from subtle vibes to a bit more upbeat, Relics is a must-have record for any listener. Instead of picking out three that fit one style, we are going to run you through three that highlights their unique ability to differentiate their sound. Whether you are looking for a folky track to sing along to, or a more electric one to have a dance party with your ninjas, we has you covered!

With one of the most clever titles we’ve seen, “Not The End Of The World (Even As We Know It)” starts off smoothly. Don’t let that smooth introduction fool you though; this song builds into a rock song with lyrics that compliment the honest approach to production we can tend to miss nowadays. “Unfortunately life goes on, but it’s not the end of the world- even as we know it.” This statement alone will really hit home with a lot of people. Life gets tough at times, and what may seem like minor tasks to some become major tasks for others. No matter how hard things get you need to keep moving.

“Wake Up Dead” has a really innocent folk sound to it. The hard panning on the guitar at the start really sucked us in, and the duet style vocals really kept our attention focused. The particular patch they used on the synthesizer has a very nice analogue techno sound to it, which is a great addition in an age where electronic music is everywhere. Everything about this song has a mature feel to it. It just seems to be composed with a lot of thought and determination.

The last track we’re touching base on, before we leave you to enjoy the album in its entirety, is “Real Lies”. This one has a four to the floor drum style that a lot of us can relate to nowadays. The song has a consistent style to it, but then at the end it takes an unexpected turn. The turn isn’t anything bad, if anything that is one of the main reasons we picked this track. It goes from the house, or disco style drums, to an eastern style outro. It isn’t an abrasive change of styles whatsoever. It really transitions into the eastern vibes smoothly. Another nice part of the outro is the vocal recording used over it. “Real Lies” has a powerful message, as do all of the songs on “Relics”.

The eclectic style of this trio really shines through on this newly released album. We don’t often get an opportunity to relate to so many different messages provided on an album, but Faded Paper Figures made that rarity a possibility. Ranging in all different styles of music, this album is a must have for anyone. If you don’t agree, we strongly encourage you to listen to it from beginning to end, absorbing the meaning behind each song. We hope that it leaves you at a place of understanding in life, and you can appreciate every aspect as much as we did.


’Not The End Of The World (Even As We Know It)’
’Wake Up Dead’
’Real Lies’
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[TWERK] Armin van Buuren – Ping Pong (Dani Deahl Remix)

Armin van Buuren
Ping Pong (Dani Deahl Remix) [OUT NOW!]

We keep hearing stories of bootlegs becoming official remixes. It’s extremely inspiring to hear that, especially with how many up-and-coming producers  trying to make it nowadays. It seems if you make something excellent, and submit it to the artist; you may have a chance for an official remix. Dani Deahl did exactly that.

It’s approaching the weekend, and we know you ninjas are trying to turn up! Well, if you’re looking for a perfect track to turn up, look no further! Dani’s remix of Armin van Buuren’s “Ping Pong” will have you falling through roofs from dancing, just like in the “Turn Down For What” video. This remix takes a melody from the original, and completely flips it on it’s head. “Ping Pong” was originally a trance tune, and never something we depicted ourselves turning up to… Well, Dani Deahl completely changed our perspectives with her revision of the track. Plus the whole fact that it was originally a bootleg goes to show how talented of a producer she is. It’s not the easiest feat to take a song without having stems provided, and make it into such a bangin’ track!

Be careful on how hard you turn up to this one, because we love you and want you to be safe!

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