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[Indie Rock] Free Energy – Hangin

The Philly-based rock band Free Energy, who previously dropped that infectious 2010 hit “Bang Pop,” is prepped to release their sophomore album Love Sign. The second single off it, “Hangin,” is a great little funky-rock song with a sound that’s reminiscent of the 90’s. It is almost impossible for me to listen to “Hangin” without thinking about bands like Spin Doctors. Even if it’s not “magical,” I got to say that the track is a great preview of their new material. Pop-Rock fans, you can now hold on to your chairs, Free Energy are poised to release something good, something real good.

’FREE ENERGY – Hangin’

Love Sign will be out on January 15 via DFA Records. For further information, visit their official site.

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[Indie] Made In Japan – Definitive Pulse

Looking for a great bass line, an awesome guitar sound and a sensual voice that tickles your ear? That’s what you’ll get with Made In Japan, a band that, despite their name, are from Sydney, Australia. “Definitive Pulse” is a beautiful and catchy indie-rock track that you’ll probably end up belting out or humming in the bathroom or car without even knowing it. If you like what you hear below and want more similarly infectious treats, be sure to check out their debut album, Sights and Sounds.

’Definitive Pulse’
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[Indie] Stu Larsen – Paper Sails

It’s been a little more than a year since the release of this song by Stu Larsen and I got to say that, it’s a pretty awesome song. The deep lyrics that are sang by Larsen and the joyful melody of the guitar makes it a little candy for our ears. So one year after the release of his EP Ryeford, I invite you guys to go and check out this magnificent song.

If you feel in shape, take a look at “Paper Sails” and his last EP that was release under his own personal label “Stu Larsen” in April 2011!

’Stu Larsen Paper Sails’
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