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[Ethereal] Dreamers Delight – Serenity ft. Cosmic Quest

Dreamers Delight
Serenity Ft. Cosmic Quest

Do you ever listen to a song and feel as if you’re about to drift into an infinite dimension of reality? It’s as if the entirety of your experience begins to shift into a new form of appreciation. We don’t feel this sensation too often, but today we are elated to share this enchanting experience with our TMN listeners. Los Angeles producer, Dreamers Delight, has caught the attention of many with his ethereal approach to sound design and has been captivating us ever since his stellar release of “Olives” back in July. With his unique approach to music, Dreamers Delight has mastered the art of capturing life’s most beautiful moments and transposing them within his beautiful chord progressions and uplifting percussive breakdowns.

We are excited to share his latest release, “Serenity”, which features a TMN favorite, Cosmic Quest. “Serenity” is the kind of track that will take you to new heights – literally and figuratively. With all its intricate synth builds, mesmerizing brass breaks, and mystical melodies, “Serenity” has the potential to stimulate one of the most introverted trips of a lifetime. Cosmic Quest adds the perfect touch to this already serene gem, thus enhancing the overall vibe of the track. If you’re a fan of Odesza and their Foreign Family Collective, then don’t sleep on Dreamers Delight because this conscious cat is about to move mountains in the near future.

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Carmada – Maybe (Dr. Fresch Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Maybe (Dr. Fresch Remix)

Do you ever have those days where all you want to do is buy a 6 pack of beer, drink said beer, then roll up to a club and dance your ass away until dawn? If you answered yes, then you definitely know how to have a good time and we want to recruit you to be a part of our ninja squad. If you said no, then maybe it’s time you re-evaluate your definition of ‘fun’ because no one likes to party with a wallflower on a Thursday night – or any night.

Helping us channel our inner dancing diva is a long-time TMN favorite, Dr. Fresch. The Los Angeles producer has racked up an impressive amount of plays and followers over the course of a year and has undeniably paved his way to the forefront of today’s dance music scene. Today we are pleased to premiere with you the latest from Dr. Fresch and his remix of ‘Maybe’, off the official OWSLA Carmada remix pack.

After listening through this gem of a remix, we were pleasantly surprised with the level at which he has taken his artistic direction with his productions. At first play, we are welcomed with a sultry, seductive, and sensual intro that progressively builds itself up to a much darker and funkier Dr. Fresch esque breakdown. With his unique approach to this track, Fresch gives us a side of him we’ve never heard before such that he throws us a multitude of genre-shifting curve balls…and it all somehow manages to sound cohesive. One major curve ball comes toward us when we reach the bridge; after the first funky breakdown, our ears experience a much slower and more trapped out melody filled with sizzling snares, sexual snaps, and soothing synths. This genre-busting remix has a little bit of everything for every music lover and we just can’t seem to take our hands away from the repeat button. We guarantee you’ll be feeling some type of way after hearing this sensational new one from our friend, Dr. Fresch, so we recommend having 9-1-1 on speed dial because you’ll definitely need to revive yourself, ninjas.

Side note – if you’re headed to Weekend 2 of Coachella, make sure to catch Dr. Fresch tear a hole into the universe at The Do LaB stage TOMORROW night from 10:30pm – 11:45pm. You won’t want to miss that one.

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[Indie] Wales – Lose My Mind

Lose My Mind

We always love when we come across artists who are making their debut in to the music world. What better way to start off your career than with a song that comes from the bottom of your heart? New York composer/writer/producer, Samuel Aaron Bennett, otherwise known as Wales, makes his way on to our music feed with his debut track, ‘Lose My Mind’. This mid-tempo, emotional Indie esque record highlights Bennett’s musical background as a composer in which the young artist adds glorifying orchestral elements that exude a peaceful ambience and tranquil vibe. ‘Lose My Mind’ will undeniably make you want to grab your keys, roll down your car windows, and drive off toward a destination-less place of pure euphoria. Let your skin feel the breeze while you open up your senses to the wonders of Wales and his emotive resonance. Make sure to grab a sweater because it might get a little chilly deep inside your mind.

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[Ethereal Pop] SLO – Shut Out Of Paradise

Shut Out Of Paradise

E-T-H-E-R-E-A-L. That is what comes to mind when we first heard this stunning new track, Shut Out Of Paradise’, from Pop sensationalist, SLO. This emotional and physically moving track grabs hold of our every sense, permeates our flesh, and cleanses our soul to rid our body of all our tears and suppressed feelings. Produced by the wonderful Catching Flies, SLO takes this soothing instrumental and pierces our ears with her flawless, atmospheric voice and touching lyricism. It almost feels as if our mind is wrapped in a longing embrace with our heart, slowly dancing to the soft piano melodies and the ambient percussive elements that harmoniously sync together as one. In contrast to the heartbreaking lyrics, SLO gives us something to reminisce all the times we’ve had a broken love and ponder why we even allowed ourselves to be intoxicated by such madness. This contemporary pop gem will undeniably swoon you back into a lovers embrace and make you question the heartache all over again. Make sure to grab your free download now because it won’t be available come Monday!

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[Festival Preview] Lightning in a Bottle 2015 + Playlist


Do you hear what we hear? It’s the sweet, sweet sound of festival season and it’s about time we get our eyes, ears, and minds ready for another year of sensational performances, overpriced beer, conflicting line-up times, and shower-less days to make us smell like regret the next morning. If you’re anything like us over here at TMN, then you understand just how important festival season is to us. Come on, who doesn’t love to spend hours upon hours of our weekends listening to some of the most talented artists from around the world while also connecting with like-minded individuals at the same exact time? Well, considering they’re not a wook…(please see THUMP article for more information on how to spot and avoid said wook).

With Coachella making it’s first pit stop this weekend and later this month, we can’t help but pack our bags a few weeks in advance because we’re prepared to take on this years Coachella head on. Clearly, we’re just really excited, but not because festival season is finally here, but because we just realized that we are 7 weeks shy of attending the latest and greatest gig, Lightning in a Bottle. Stationed out in the beautiful Bradley, California, LiB is back again and this time with loads of talent and entertainment that’ll rattle your bones and change your life all at the same time. We missed last years festivities and after listening to everyone and their mom (literally) tell us that LiB was the best thing to have ever happened to their lives, we can’t help but shed a million tears for not being present in the moment with some of the world’s most positive and uplifting people on this planet.


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FRANKIE – Problems Problems (BLU J Remix) [TMN Co-Premiere]

Problems Problems (BLU J Remix)

After permeating our ears with their sensational remix of Galimatias and Alina Baraz’s mesmerizing original, ‘Fantasy‘, BLU J are back and this time with much more heat. Taking on the likes of Los Angeles heart throb pop vocalist, FRANKIE and her most recent hit, ‘Problems Problems’, the producer duo decided to re-invent the original and turn it into a Future Bass face melter from start to finish. We here at TMN are fans of both FRANKIE and BLU J, and now that the two have joined forces we seem to have lost all ability to “even”.

Filled with aquatic bursts of piercing synths, heavy bouts of 808 madness, and Frankie’s harmonic voice guiding us deep into the rabbit hole, BLU J gives us more the reason to keep this on repeat for the rest of the day. Helping us out with a co-premiere of this fantastic new track are our friends over at Run The Trap, because who doesn’t love them? So satisfy your Thursday thirst and cop yourself a free download while you’re at it.

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[Emotional] LAUV – The Other

The Other

You know that feel when you’re clicking through Soundcloud and you stumble upon an artist that you know is going to be among some of the greatest singers/songwriters in todays world? Yeah, well that’s exactly what happened earlier this morning after being introduced to LAUV and his magnetic debut track, ‘The Other’. With only 5 followers and a little over 100 plays on his one and only track, LAUV takes the leap of faith into the music world and exposes his most vulnerable side to each and every one of us. We think this young artist is about to be overwhelmed with the response he will soon receive as his name continues to organically spread across the blogosphere.

‘The Other’ is undeniably a heart-wrenching track filled with enough gripping emotion and power to make you reminisce about every failed relationship throughout your life. With its flawless piano melodies, subtle percussive elements chiming in the background, and melodic harmonies, LAUV grabs us by the throat as we struggle to keep ourselves afloat in this sea of emotional turmoil. We are extremely fortunate to have found such a gifted artist in their earliest stage of their music career. So while you press play, make sure to grab some tissues because there’s no way you’ll be able to escape a tear or two.

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