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[Indie] Kyla La Grange – Vampire Smile

kyla la grange vampire smile

We’ve been loving rising British indie star Kyla La Grange’s record Ashes ever since it dropped, so we thought we’d share one of our favourite tracks from the album, the beautiful “Vampire Smile”. As with most of her tracks, “Vampire Smile” centres on Kyla’s smoky yet powerful vocals, allowing her to create a sultry vibe against the fairly simple guitar accompaniment. With intense lyrics delivered to a wrongful lover, it has everything you’d expect from Kyla and more. Stream this below and also catch the Atatika remix of “To Be Torn”.

’Kyla La Grange – Vampire Smile’
’Kyla La Grange – To Be Torn (Atatika Remix)’
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[Electronica] AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love (Friendly Fires Remix)


Indie darlings AlunaGeorge have captured the underground’s hearts with their quietly sensual indie-electro, and now our favourite party boys Friendly Fires have got in on the act to remix them. The St. Albans trio have given AlunaGeorge’s new single “Your Drums, Your Love” a tropical-infused reworking that dials it down a notch and adds an intimate vibe – think lying on a beach at sunset, holding your new crush’s hand, with the waves breaking at your feet. One to celebrate the end of summer, stream the remix below. The original mix of “Your Drums, Your Love” officially drops October 15.

’AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love (Friendly Fires Remix)’
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[Pop] Lisa Mitchell – Bless This Mess

Lisa Mitchell bless this mess

Australian singer-songwriter Lisa Mitchell is all set to drop her new record next month, so to get you excited we present the title track “Bless This Mess”. Taking some uplifting pop instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics and turning them into chart-topping smash hits is no mean feat, but Mitchell makes it sound so easy on this track. Nice though the song may be, it’s Mitchell’s feather-light vocals which transform “Bless This Mess” into a soaring beauty that will fill you with joy. Definitely one for fans of upbeat female-fronted pop, the album Bless This Mess is out on October 12.

’Lisa Mitchell – Bless This Mess’
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[Electro] Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet (Penguin Prison Remix)

Lana Del Rey is indisputably the woman of the year, and her latest track ‘Blue Velvet’ has only cemented her reputation for creating stylish pop with a knife edge. Penguin Prison’s dark electro reworking of this track has given ‘Blue Velvet’ a sensual touch, with Lana’s murmurs looped throughout the track and layered over some icy synths. Definitely a late-night club banger in the making, stream this remix below.

’Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet (Penguin Prison Remix)’
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Kimbra – Come Into My Head (Video)

Quirky Aussie singer Kimbra is still best-known for her work on Goyte’s summer smash “Somebody That I Used To Know,” but her new video for “Come Into My Head” will definitely put her on the map. Kimbra manages to pull off the “fabulously retro Snow White stuck in a psychiatric ward” look in this clip, but it’s the sheer manic energy of her vocals and the sassy brass-led instrumentals that really make “Come Into My Head” stand out. One for fans of eccentric lady pop stars, Kimbra’s record VOWS is out now.

Bonus: Listen to Kimbra perform “Come Into My Head” live on KCRW.

’Kimbra — Come Into My Head (Live on KCRW)’
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[Rock] Tall Ships – Gallop

Over the past few months of electro and synth-pop madness, it’s felt as though rock has taken something of a backseat. Tall Ships are about to make all that change with their debut album Everything Touching. As the band’s second single “Gallop” proves, Tall Ships have a lot going for them – jaunty guitar riffs, Smiths-esque lyrics, you name it they have it – and this little beauty of a track should by now be firmly glued in your brain. Definitely one of 2012’s highlights, Everything Touching drops on October 8th.

’Tall Ships – Gallop’
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[FRESH] Clubfeet – Heartbreak (ft. Chela)

Clubfeet are the latest in a long line of Antipodean electro-poppers, but as their new track ‘Heartbreak’ proves, they’re something pretty special. Featuring soft vocals from Chela (who worked on ‘Fifteen’ by Goldroom), this creation gives more than a nod to 90s indie-pop, with its quiet percussion and reverb-laden guitars. Definitely one for fans of the Aussie scene, don’t miss Clubfeet’s album ‘Heirs & Graces’, out January 22.

’Clubfeet – Heartbreak (feat. Chela)’
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