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[Electronica] Crystal Fighters – At Home (Passion Pit Remix)

Passion Pit have once again struck remix gold with their sunny reworking of British/Spanish electronica outfit Crystal Fighters‘ ‘At Home’. If you like your remixes bursting with tropical vibes, danceable rhythms and gorgeously soft synths, then you’ve come to the right place. Made for basking in the dying summer sun, this version of ‘At Home’ was created by Michael Angelakos and co. for Crystal Fighters’ forthcoming release ‘Star Of Love (Remixes)’, out on September 25.

’Crystal Fighters – At Home (Passion Pit Remix)’
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[Synth-Pop] Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen (Submerse Remix)

British sensation Ellie Goulding is gearing up to drop her new record next month, so to get us in the mood Submerse has reworked Ellie’s single ‘Anything Could Happen’. Instead of exaggerating the already overjoyed tone of the track, Submerse has dialled it down a notch to give added power and poignancy Ellie’s lyrics, taking ‘Anything Could Happen’ from party anthem to something a little more intense and meaningful. The original of ‘Anything Could Happen’ is featured on the album ‘Halcyon’, out October 9.

’Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen (Submerse Remix)’
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[FRESH] Diplo – About That Life (ft. Jahan Lennon)

One of modern music’s production legends is back with new material, eight years after he dropped his last record. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s right: it’s Diplo, and “About That Life” will knock your socks off. Featuring Jahan Lennon from the now defunct Mad Decent band Popo, it is bursting with psychedelic rhythms and sheer experimental madness, including flutes. A track that demands rested listening, stream “About That Life” below, and stay tuned for news on about Diplo’s new record.

About That Life feat. Jahan Lennon’
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[Hip-Hop] Yuna – Live Your Life (ft. Theophilus London)

One of our favourite rappers Theophilus London has stepped up to remix “Live Your Life” by underground talent Yuna, and boy is it good. The Kuala Lumpur-based singer’s soft vocals and gentle synths give it a sweet vibe, allowing London to weave his raps around Yuna’s angelic voice. Definitely one of the most exciting tracks out there at the moment, “Live Your Life” has a lot of potential for both Yuna and London. Don’t miss Yuna’s self-titled album (featuring Pharell on production), out now.

’Yuna – Live Your Life (Featuring Theophilus London)’
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[HOT] Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet

Sultry pop vixen Lana Del Rey is back with a stunning cover of the 1950s favourite “Blue Velvet” as part of her promo work for clothing giant H&M. The song was used in David Lynch‘s 1986 film Blue Velvet, and the advertising spot is suitably surreal and disorientating in homage to Lynch’s film-making style. Lana’s on fine form here, with her lower-register vocals taking a hypnotic and dark turn to create a very individual twist on a classic. Check out the commercial clip, followed by the full track below. As a bonus, listen to another of Lana’s newly surfaced tracks, the electronica-infused “Backfire.”

’Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet’

’Lana Del Rey – Backfire (Unreleased)’
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[Synth-Pop] CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

CHVRCHES The mother we share

Glaswegian three-piece CHVRCHES recently previewed their new track, and from the first listen, we were madly in love with their sound. “The Mother We Share” has all the cut-up vocal samples and poppy beats that you’d expect, but it’s Lauren Mayberry’s voice which steals the show on this track. Mayberry’s vocals have a powerful yet incredibly clear quality to them, allowing her to soar over the smooth synths to create something truly magical and other-worldly. A must-have for fans of female-fronted electro, “The Mother We Share” is out on November 6th via National Anthem/Create Control.

’CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share’
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[Rock] Little Lo – Gospel

little lo gospel

Little Lo are a band that seem to combine every known instrument in a way that probably shouldn’t work, but actually does. Take the six-piece’s latest single “Gospel,” for example. There’s a little bit of everything packed away into the 3 minutes 40 seconds of folk-rock, yet it just fits together perfectly, like a musical jigsaw puzzle. Little Lo are also blessed with an excellent vocal partnership in the form of Bailey Glover and Ryan McGill – her soaring vocals contrast with his more modest lines – which seems to hold all their gorgeous Americana-inspired tracks together. Definitely worth repeated listening, “Gospel” is available via Little Lo’s Bandcamp.

’Little Lo – Gospel’
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