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[Remix] Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (BeatauCue Remix)

Irish synth-poppers Two Door Cinema Club dropped their latest record ‘Beacon’ a mere fortnight ago, and BeatauCue have already dropped a stunning remix of ‘Sleep Alone’. The track is an ode to drug-induced dreams, and the French duo’s production on this reworking recreates that same delirious sensation with some slightly tropical synths and ace beats. This version of ‘Sleep Alone’ is the perfect climactic end to a wild night out, and its relentlessly upbeat sound should leave you with a massive grin plastered on your face.

’Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (BeatauCue Remix)’
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[Rock] Delorentos – Bullet In A Gun

If you feel like you’ve been missing out on some brilliantly catchy indie-rock of late, then look no further. The jaunty ‘Bullet In A Gun’ is a creation of Irish rockers Delorentos, and like most of the band’s earlier work, relies heavily on powerful guitar riffs and infectious choruses that could fill the largest stadium on earth. If you like your indie big, loud and easy to dance to, then ‘Bullet In A Gun’ is the track for you. This song is featured on Delorentos’ third record ‘Little Sparks’, out now.

’Delorentos – Bullet In A Gun’
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[Rock] Cat Power – Sun (Album Review)

After the hype surrounding her sensational comeback single “Ruin,” Cat Power’s first record in six years is finally dropping this Tuesday on Matador Records, and we’re already head over heels in love with it. From the sultry intro to album opener “Cherokee,” you know this is going to be something special. Sun is somewhat inspired by Chan Marshall’s split from actor Giovanni Ribisi, but it’s not all doom and gloom on this album. Despite Marshall’s introspective and often poignant lyrics, there are moments of sheer musical euphoria, such as the anthem to partying solo “3,6,9”. The title track is a dark electro belter, while “Silent Machine” has all the soul and power we know Cat Power possesses. An album worthy of all the “Best of 2012” lists, Sun signals a much-needed return to the scene by one of music’s most innovative.

For a limited time, Sun is streaming in its entirety on NPR. Listen to “Ruin” and “Cherokee” below.

’Cat Power – Ruin’

’Cat Power – Cherokee’
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[Hip-Hop] Johnny Astro – Goodnight America (ft. Adele)

Everyone and their brother has sampled Adele, so it takes someone pretty special to make a contribution from her memorable. Johnny Astro is that someone. ‘Goodnight America’ kicks off with a poignant intro from none other than Denzel Washington, before Astro works his magic. Adele’s soulful vocals add to Astro’s flow, creating an incredible track which will delight his fans. ‘Goodnight America’ is the opening track for Johnny Astro’s ‘TheWorldEnds’ mixtape, out soon.

’Johnny Astro – Goodnight America ft Adele’
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[Indie-Rock] Introducing Rue Royale

Anglo-American duo Rue Royale have an incredible backstory that needs to be told. The husband-and-wife partnership of Brookln and Ruth Dekker only started performing about five years ago and since then they’ve driven over 80,000 miles across Europe on their tours, have built up an amazingly loyal fanbase all over the world, and with their record ‘Guide To An Escape’ are on the verge of the big time. Full of dark and haunting folk-rock gems, the stand-out songs ‘Foreign Night’ and single ‘Halfway Blind’ are simply composed pieces that rely on Brookln and Ruth’s vocal harmonies. Wonderfully emotional and perfect for the cold autumn nights, ‘Guide To An Escape’ is an essential album for any indie fan, and is available now.

’Rue Royale – Halfway Blind’
’Rue Royale – Foreign Night’
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[Rock] Dog Is Dead – Glockenspiel Song

Dog Is Dead have been around on the British rock scene ever since the five of them met in 2008, but it’s only now that the Nottingham band are releasing their debut album, ‘All Our Favourite Stories’. While it’s hard to pick highlights from it, we adore ‘Glockenspiel Song’, a riotous indie-rock number with plenty of joyful vocals and stomping percussion to get anyone singing along with the unbelievably catchy chorus. If you like your music loud and fun, then Dog Is Dead might just be the closest thing to perfection for you. Don’t miss ‘All Our Favourite Stories’, out on October 8.

’Dog Is Dead – Glockenspiel Song’
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[Synth-Pop] How To Dress Well – Cold Nites (Koreless Remix)

Glaswegian producer Koreless has done this amazing remix for How To Dress Well, creating a slow-burning epic of quiet synths and subtle beats. A hauntingly gentle yet incredibly complex piece that weaves in many elements to form a near-perfect piece of delicate electronica. Definitely one to keep on your playlists as winter approaches, listen to the delicious “Cold Nites” below.

How To Dress Well’s new album, Total Loss, comes out September 18th via Acephale.

’How To Dress Well – Cold Nites (Koreless Remix)’
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