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[Electro House] Stephen Swartz – Survivor (feat. Chloe Angelides)

Miami-based producer Stephen Swartz, most notably of “Bullet Train” fame has unleashed another smart yet catchy electro banger that should be on everyone’s radar. Chloe Angelides vocals add a light, poppy sweetness to a track that is masterfully restrained yet pulse-pounding enough to be a club staple. With the current musical environment saturated with overly produced and cookie cutter electronic artists, it’s refreshing to hear from a guy who is extremely in tune with the emotion and ambience a song can produce. Oh, and did we mention the song is free? A solid way to start off your week.

Stephen Swartz - Survivor (Feat Chloe Angelides)
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[Drumstep] Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On (Skullee Remix)

After tremendous success with The Cookbook in 2005 Missy Elliott seemingly fell off the face of the planet and hasn’t been heard from since. It’s unfortunate considering the female rapper was a trailblazer in the hip-hop scene and shocked pop radio with hits like “Get Ur Freak On”. Thankfully Skullee swoops in and reminds us of how legendary Missy is but with the addition of heavy, raspy drums. Enjoy!

Missy Elliott - Get ur freak on (Skullee Unofficial Remix)
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[Mix] Feed Me – Annie Nightingale Radio 1 Mix

I saw Feed Me with TEETH in NYC a couple months ago and it was easily one of the best shows I have ever seen. The TEETH set design, accompanying light spectacle, the fluidity and integration of all of his tracks, I could go on and on. In any event, he posted this mix for Radio 1 and it is chock full of tracks from his forthcoming album. To say I am excited is a complete understatement, as this 25-minute mix showcases possibly some of Feed Me’s best work yet. Cheers!

Feed Me - Annie Nightingale - BBC Radio 1 Mix
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[Moombahton] Gent & Jawns – Holler EP

Around two months ago I was introduced to Gent & Jawns‘ “Holler” (Original Mix) and was immediately blown away. It’s a massively catchy song, full of booty-bouncing shakes and wobbles. Helped a little (ok, A LOT) by their collaboration with Diplo on his critically-acclaimed Express Yourself EP, Gent & Jawns seem to be having a good past couple of months.

“Holler” (Original Mix) can be found on Holler — an EP that solidifies this unstoppable duo’s position as one of the leaders of the massive moombah movement sweeping across every festival in the country. The Holler EP has another Gent & Jawns original called “Bugoff,” a big room-ready, 128 BPM sledgehammer of a track that is sexy and industrial at the same time. There are also two remixes included: Valentino Kahn‘s remix of “Holler” is a percussive masterpiece fattened and livened by tribal drums and horns, while David Heartbreak amps up the chorus to make it club-friendly.

If you are at all interested in the future of moombah, check out “Holler” (Original Mix) below and download the entire EP, out via Mad Decent/Jeffree’s, right here.

’Gent & Jawns – Holler (Original Mix)’
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[Trap] Raf Riley – Dog Unit (Part 1)

Leave it to Mad Decent/Jeffree’s to have an artist so completely random, yet undeniably unique as Raf Riley. The 22-year-old producer from London bequeaths us with what would definitely be playing if a rave were ever held at Dracula’s castle: a song that sounds like the sweet, creepy union of a horror score and a dubstep track meant for a revamped Super Mario. As Mad Decent’s description so eloquently puts it: his music “…probably won’t make sense until Armageddon so until then we’ll just listen to it everyday until it makes sense”.

Word. Check it out below and make sure to download “Dog Unit (Part 2)” and “Dog Unit (Part 3)” on Mad Decent’s Soundcloud to complete the trilogy.

Raf Riley - Dog Unit (Part 1)
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[Mixtape] Jack Beats – Evolution Mixtape

I had the pleasure of seeing Jack Beats alongside Knife Party in NYC a couple months back, and the Brits’ signature wobble and engaging yet subdued sound had me completely entranced. This “Evolution Mixtape” consists of similar material, lending eager listeners a preview of “Careless”, a mini-album set for release on Beatport August 7th. This set is riddled with enough fidget and glitch to have me thinking that these guys are helping redefine house music, extending outside the confines of the genre and welcoming a whole lot of weird.

JACK BEATS: Evolution Mixtape

Jack Beats will also play the following festivals over the summer:

Friday 27th July – Global Gathering
Saturday 28th July – Kendall Calling
Friday 17th August – Summer Sundae (Leicester)
Saturday 18th August – V Festival – Chelmsford
Sunday 19th August – V Festival – Stafford
Saturday 25th August – Bree – Belgium
Sunday 26th August – SW4 Festival (London)
Friday 31st August – Electric Zoo – New York
Saturday 1st September – San Diego Sports Arena – San Diego
Sunday 2nd September – The Drop – Albuquerque
Monday 3rd September – Grand Theater – Reno
Saturday 29th September – Parklife – Brisbane
Sunday 30th September – Parklife – Sydney
Monday 1st October – Parklife – Perth
Saturday 6th October – Parklife – Melbourne
Sunday 7th October – Parklife – Adelaide

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[Electro/House] Chrizz Luvly – Demon (Original Mix)

I am a “press repeat” kind of person, meaning that when I find a song I particularly enjoy I will press repeat until my eardrums bleed and my iTunes play count skyrockets. “Demon” by Brazilian progressive/electro whiz Chrizz Luvly did that for me yesterday, nearly blowing out the sound system in my lame Honda Accord and making me literally gasp.

Crisp, clean drums and a melody that would make Avicii jealous contrast nicely with a dirty buildup and drop, making for one of the most perfect party songs I’ve heard in awhile. “Demon” intelligently juxtaposes a summery, carefree intro with a heavier, more moody chorus, shaking the listener out of an “ok, this is your standard catchy electro track” daze and into a “let’s dance like psychos” frenzy. Not to mention the song’s free. Thanks Chrizz Luvly!

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