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[Underground House/Techno] Beyønd. Collective – Homies ( VA Compilation)

The Beyønd Collective has recently become one of the main features in the Denver nightlife, helping maintain the ever-evolving underground scene. Gabriel Tavarez is at the forefront, with duties starting from the ground up, literally.

Forming with a few others, Tavarez laid the foundation with smaller venues and late night parties. Now, the collective has climbed to the top, throwing events at all the best venues in the Denver underground music scene. Through all of that pavement pounding, hand shaking, and efforts to connect with all walks of life, Beyønd Collective has continually evolved. Next up? Starting their very own record label.

To launch the label, they decided to do a various artist compilation of their closest friends, aka Homies. With each track, you’ll get a taste of what’s brewing up with some of Denver’s like-minded artists. Each track is a free to download, so be sure to snag a copy of every single one you want.

Track list:
1. Incoming Swing by The Anubis
2. Mencius by Black/Tuesday & Chklte
3. 1991 Booty by Buck David Music
4. Prospects by T-Rx
5. Dame Todo by Stranger on Public
6. How’s Music by Sergio Perez
7. Magnetic by Léon Kadillak
8. Together by Cruz Ctrl Music
9. Resonate by Diego Santana
10. 281 by Charlie Morris
11. Steps by Hippusher
12. Don’t Fall Asleep by Kyle Rossignol
13. Rabies by N.I.Q. ( Niq )
14. Shadow Eyes by Astronoize

”Incoming Swing’ by The Anubis’
”Mencius’ by Black/Tuesday & Chklte’
”1991 Booty’ by Buck David’
”Prospects’ by T
”Dame Todo’ by Stranger On Public’
”How’s Music’ by Sergio Perez’
”Magnetic’ by Leon Kadillak’
”Together’ by Cruz Ctrl’
”Resonate’ by Diego Santana’
”281′ by Charlie Morris’
”Steps’ by Hippusher’
”Don’t Fall Asleep’ by Kyle Rossignol’
”Rabies’ by N.I.Q.’
”Shadow Eyes’ by Astronoize’


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[Underground House/Techno] MeeT – Dubs & Dubs (Original mix)

Dubs & Dubs

MeeT is an artist who resides out of Mexico city, but he has been a part of the minimal techno scene on several different labels around the world. These labels include Drag Music, Club66, Miniatura Records — just to name a few.

When listening to the single ‘Dubs & Dubs’ I can hear the tropical sounds of Mexico, with a groovy arrangement and minimal signature sounds. This type of vibe is always eerie, now if this genre is your thing then you anticipate each and every new instrument/sound that is introduced to the track. This groove is a nice addiction to the minimal techno world.

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[Underground House/Techno] Keinemusik – Guilt Trip (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)

Premiere: Keinemusik
Guilt Trip (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)

Coming in hot with a nice remix of “Guilt Trip”. Franky & Sandrino put such a nice interpretation of their own on this one. Franky & Sandrino are somewhat you call home town hero’s of Berlin. They have been in the biz for over a decade with releases on labels such as Innervisions, Drumoet Community and Mood Music.

All the balances of arrangements make sense to the listeners of house and techno people.

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[Underground House/Techno] Garzia – Lonely Planets

Lonely Planets

Baile Music label is out of Frankfurt am Main. A very strong minimal label that I have personally followed since it launched in 09′. Although I am not familiar with Garzia as a artist, but I can vouch for this release with Baile Music. Garzia achieves deep, dubby grooves with a strong presence of a intelligent production on this one. Out of the entire release this one is my fav.

Garzia – “Lonely Planets” is set to release on March 5th 2018

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[Underground House/Techno] Runnin’ – Wajatta (Reggie Watts & John Tejada)

Wajatta (Reggie Watts & John Tejada)

Uh — whoa! First of all John Tejada is a techno genius and Reggie Watts is a brilliant musician. I can remember watching a Reggie Watts video “I just want to” before it went viral. With this video I was completely blown away by Reggie’s voice and his performance, he had me hooked with his new corky musical composition and techniques. We all might know by now Reggie is a permanent fixture on late night tv. John Tejada, where do I start, from Austria, been producing since the late 90’s, has been on every single major house/techno label there ever was. John’s remixes and originals are always top tier of the music food chain. So for these two major influencers to combined forces is quite unique, but not shocking. I love to see all walks of the music spectrum collaborate on all levels.

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[Underground House/Techno] Sabb – Turning Point (Original Mix)

Swiss base DJ/Producer Sabb is back and returns with a brand new label. His debut album ‘Randiant’ marks the ten year point of his musical adventure into sound. His ever evolving quality of music is what makes him a vibrant artist. After touring the world and appearing on BBC’s Radio 1 show w/Pete Tong and Annie Mac, you should expect nothing but greatness. In 2015 he was one of Resident Advisors top charted artists.

When creating sound, Sabb has the ability to make you feel like you’re somewhere else. With each kick, snare, and swirly synth, Sabb generates organic layers of texture that equal a balanced techno experience. Sabb has a classic and elegant way of communicating his musical talents with the world. With all of these elements combined you receive a nice vibration.

Be on the look out April 6th when ‘Radiant’ drops.

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