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Moxix & Mojo – Shaolin Funk

This dubstep track is one of the few tracks that have impressed me recently. Dropping in June by Moxix and Mojo the team make this a track  to remember. Available on Beatport, it is definitely worth your time to listen and download. With wobbling bass, killer drum track, and an amazing balance of chilled and “not so chilled” drops, it’s no surprise the track is well liked.  Mid way through the track, be prepared for a devastatingly amazing twist. While Moxix and Mojo are the headlining name on the track, other producers such as Addergebroed, XKore, Quartus Saul & Maksim are involved with the track. Point being, this track is stacked with well respected producers. Listen at your own risk.

’Shaolin Funk – Moxix, Mojo, Addergebroed, XKore, Quartus Saul & Maksim.’
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Cherry Cherry Boom Boom – Come Back From San Francisco (Michael Woods Remix)

From the producer that brought you “Changed The Way You Kiss Me.” Michael Woods does this beautiful remix of Come Back From San Francisco. The track is not only solid, it is a complete banger, as Michael has always been able to do. It is not a surprise that this remix has already come far. Michael has not yet ceased to impress me. Every remix and original track is gold and distinct. From the minute you play the track you’ll be introduced into a hypnosis and as the track builds and reaches the peak, you’ll be dropped off into a world of that can only be described as “That Michael Woods Sound.”

’Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Come Back From San Francisco (Michael Woods Remix)’
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Nalepa – Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix)

After attending a Glitch Mob show earlier in the year, I made it a point to keep out a close watch for more music from them. How could this song have slipped through my hands and ears! This is a heavy hitting remix from the trio, but that is nothing new. Glitch Mob attaches vivid imagery to each and every one of their songs. The track was dropped in 2008 and is one of the earliest of remixes from the group. With pounding bass, sweeping filters, and synth pads I can only imagine its ‘play-ability’ in the clubs. It has a dark and underground feel, perfect for basement parties. Just goes to show how absolutely solid this team is as a whole. Be sure to check them out if they ever stop in a town near you. Don’t let the chill ambient-ness of the music box in the beginning throw you off.

’Nalepa – Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix) (2008) – Free DL’
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Combostar ft. Mani Hoffman – Free (Louis La Roche Remix)

Louis La Roche is a DJ/producer who comes from Norwich, UK. With a long line a remixes under his belt and a collective amount of EP’s and singles. it was no surprise to see this track drop and with rising positive feedback too. Combostar, the original French brothers/producers behind the song released the original on the 25th. Louis La Roche keeps the original “French-esque” touch on the song accompanied by his own sound. The track is well on its way to becoming the jam of the summer. Sometimes producers lose their unique sound when remixing a song. This is not the case at all. Louis has never failed to disappoint.

’Combostar ft. Mani Hoffman – Free (Louis La Roche Remix)’
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