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[Indie/Folk] Keaton Henson – Lying to You

“Lying to You” is the second single on the upcoming album Birthdays from songwriter Keaton Henson and it’s a heart-breaker. A tune from the winter months planted in a warm summer, it is the perfect accompaniment to a slow, sweet-smelling summer rain. “Lying to You” supplies keen reminders of the darkness from an overcast dawn. In many ways, though, the song delivers you from strife and replenishes an appreciation for the beauty of loss and of sadness as only a soft voice and a six-string guitar can elaborate. Henson urges us not forget the lows that make the highs of summer so wonderful.

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[Indie/Electronica] Loft Apartment – The Distant Choir

Vocal harmony is always best served chilled and this four-minute and twenty-second diddy from Finnish duo, Loft Apartment is nothing short of chill. “The Distant Choir” fills up like a cold bath, becoming more and more daunting as it progresses. Matched with lyrical intensity, this jam is sure to make you stop and think. It probably has something to do with the fact that these young indie rockers are students of Psychology but, regardless of the many reasons why, “The Distant Choir” is no doubt deserving of a particularly close listen.

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[Indie] Farewell J.R – Night Wolves

A little bit of raw emotion for you indie lovers. This leading track from Farewell J.R shows promise — mostly because it is so darn epic. Escalating into a wall of sound starting from wandering and spaced-out croons, all five minutes and four seconds of “Night Wolves” is a journey in and of itself. Count down the days until March 11th when this track is released along with its companion tracks on Farewell J.R’s debut EP, Health (via Talking Shop Records). Whew, chills and shivers pulse with every listen…

’Night Wolves’
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[Indie Rock] La Luz – Sure as Spring

Watch out contemporary music scene, there are some ladies from the Pacific Northwest that are imposing their will. “Sure as Spring” from La Luz is a great contribution to the world of indie psych-rock. The track has a unique balance of electricity and musicality. Based in Seattle and currently only signed by tape label Burger Records, I foresee the ladies of La Luz growing into their own within the next year and beyond. Keep an eye out. Until then, spin “Sure as Spring” and the rest of the Damp Face EP whenever you see fit.

’La Luz – Sure as Spring’
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[Indie/Electronica] Carnivals – Kindness

Floating melodies give way to gritty rhythms in what sounds like a recording in an aquarium. “Kindness” is no doubt an auditory adventure and is something which might fit the mood if one was springing from the bottom of an ocean abyss — a sensation of a progress forward. Carnivals prove adept in finding middle-ground between contemporary indie-psych-rock and ambient. What results is a trippy and equally catchy track.  Part of a two-track release, “Kindness” is merely a month old and is best served with its counterpart, “Swallow the Sky.”

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[Indie Rock] Brave Baby – Living In A Country

From the ashes of projects past, the Charlotte-based indie band Brave Baby have recently released their debut album, Forty Bells. “Living in a Country” is a great sneak peak into a balanced first-attempt from the young group. In an age of bottomless reservoirs of music, Brave Baby can be considered a cut above the rest. Tune in to tune out with Brave Baby’s expanding, electric sound.

’Living in a Country’
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