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[Indie Rock] Hollis Brown – Cold City

Hard hitting blues has always just stuck around since its birth during America’s coming-of-age. Here and there, you run across an artist  today who seem to have an intimate relationship with the subtleties of the classic and fickle genre. Hollis Brown has a good idea. The broken down elements of “Cold City” include a pair of distorted guitars; one of them a droning bass and the other a gritty guitar. Add drums, an enthusiastic organ, and low, guttural vocals and its plain to see five-piece Hollis Brown hits the nail on the head. Released just a half-year ago you can listen and download it below.

’Cold City’
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[Synth-Pop] Gentlemen Hall – Sail Into the Sun

Into the sun indeed. This ditty from Gentleman Hall is everything that is missing when submersed in the dead of winter. The track brings to mind the pleasantries of warmth and the happy-go-lucky freedom of summer living. While the sun may be hiding more often these days, your free spirit doesn’t have to. “Sail Into the Sun” is a that much needed little dose of fun. Dancing synth rhythms and upbeat vocal melody make the tune a great three-and-a-half-minute adventure.

This large Boston collective will be issuing their third studio album sometime in the near future. Stay tuned. Until then, enjoy this free single.

’Sail Into The Sun (Album Cut)’
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[Indie Rock] Shout Out Louds–Walking In Your Footsteps

Nearly a month ago, us ninjas caught wind of Shout Out Louds‘ newest album-to-be, Optica, when we heard the catchy single, “Blue Ice.” Just as we are writhing from the prospect of waiting until late February — when the Swedish synth-pop group plans to release Optica — Shout Out Louds hits us with another musical appetizer. Like “Blue Ice,” “Walking In Your Footsteps” is another great example of the ode to ’80s electro-pop that is the Shout Out Louds’ sound, but this one has a unique contemporary flair. It’s a catchy little number with danceability to boot.

’Walking in your footsteps’

Get your copy of Optica from the Shout Out Louds sometime towards the end of February via Merge Records.

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[Indie] Bumblebeez ft. Maria – Next To You

This bass driven and translucent indie pop track, “Next to You,” from the Australian duo Bumblebeez switches from simple to complex and back again. Definitely enjoy it on some speakers with friends/dance partners because good feelings come attached to the sound waves. This is just a recently released single and nothing is hard-set in the future for Bumblebeez…yet. I’m sure there is more to come. Until then, remember to play this one loud.

’Next to you ft Maria’
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[Indie Rock] Golden Sun – Bonneville

Although it’s been a year since Golden Sun dropped “Bonneville” via Golden Sun EP, we’ve all still been anxiously awaiting something new from the SLC quartet. With the track being the heading-shaking and echoic jam-anthem it is, utilizing splashy beats with spaced-out drones, I wonder what else Golden Sun has in store… Oh and let me assure you, the entire EP is just as good.

’Bonneville by Golden Sun’
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[Indie Rock] Shout Out Louds – Blue Ice

Deliciously ’80s sounding. The keyboard and synthesizer work in Shout Out Loud‘s, “Blue Ice,” is reminiscent to Yaz and the like. Same spacey feeling. Same epic stadium attitude. Different era. Different elements. The new track from the Swedish indie rockers truly is a great blend of familiar tradition and the flair of the contemporary.

’Shout Out Louds – Blue Ice’

“Blue Ice” is the first single from the Shout Out Louds’ fourth album, Optica, set to drop on February 26th and is a free download from their official site.

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[Indie Rock] Deep Sea Diver – You Go Running

Energetic. Not too fast, not too slow. That’s how I describe this echoic melody led, jumpy bass line fueled, splashing cymbal textured jam -track, “You Go Running” from Seattle indie-poppers, Deep Sea Diver. Songwriter and vocalist Jessica Dobson and instrumentalists Peter Mansen and John Raines show sophistication with well balanced lyrics over a jumpy rhythm. Bits come at you with full force and others build and build to a reasonable amount of dance-ability. It’s not pervasive, it’s not in-your-face — it’s just right.

’Deep Sea Diver – You Go Running’

If you want more, don’t stop with just “You Go Running.” Deep Sea Diver released their full-length debut album, History Speaks this past February. You can listen to the whole thing HERE.

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