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Max Elto – Shadow of the Sun (Original Club Mix)

Max Elto
Shadow Of The Sun (Original Club Mix)

Those hair-raisingly stunning and dreamlike vocals, remember those? Back in April, we shared one of our favorite vocals with you, “Shadow of the Sun”. It was stripped down to the most beautiful and vulnerable of its barest essentials – the voices of Swedish duo Max Elto, and the gentle keys of the piano. Now this pair (formerly known as Taped Rai), returns with an original club mix version of “Shadow of the Sun”. Like all comebacks, the track exudes an outbreak of confidence, energy, and synths that will be having crowds singing in unison, quite likely by this weekend. What are you waiting for? We know you’ve been waiting for that beat to drop in this track as long as we have.

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[Electronic] Kaleida – Tropea


We first introduced Kaleida two weeks ago, when they released their lead and title track “Think“. Now with the most recent release of their second song,”Tropea“, I have to say that their upcoming EP this month is sounding progressively promising.

This charismatic electronic pair draws my attention with their deconstructed synths and lucid lyrics, in the same manner that I was captured by Gotye’s, “Somebody that I Used to Know”. The simplicity of the Cicely’s keys and production really bring out that remarkable crisp resonance in Christina’s vocals. If you’re more a lyrical listener, it may be a fun fact to know that Tropea is a breathtaking area for a splash in the water, located on a reef in Southern Italy (courtesy of Wikipedia).
Check out Kaleida’s music video for “Think“, and visit their Soundcloud for free downloads.
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[Folk] Opus Orange – Balance

Rhythmic, folkish, and fun, Opus Orange‘s brand new song, “Balance” embodies just the right amount of each said quality to create a lush soundscape, reflective of their Californian roots.
The track may only be 2 minutes and 45 seconds, but within a minute, I already found myself enjoying the song and effortlessly whistling along. Take a listen, and let me know if it had the same effect on you. With the new year just a few weeks away, we eagerly anticipate when Opus Orange will be releasing their upcoming “Balance” EP early 2014.
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River Tiber – The Star Falls EP

A distinctive 23- year old Canadian singer/producer compels us this week with his debut EP, “The Star Falls”. Founded by Tommy Paxton-Beesley from Toronto, he is complemented by three tuneful comrades on stage to showcase the capacity of, River Tiber.

Each song is produced by multitrack recording vocals, instruments, sounds and samples, and it is best enjoyed in a calmer, quieter environment to appreciate the reflective qualities conveyed throughout the EP.  The unhurried progressions of shadowy undertones are overlaid with haunting vocals to produce a sole electronic resonance.

Take a brisk evening saunter, and enjoy “The Star Falls”, as you watch the smoke materialize when your exhalation meets the wintry atmosphere.

If you’d rather stay indoors, you can enjoy “The Stars Fall” music video on screen, shot by the crew themselves.

’The Star Falls’
’The City’
’What Are You Afraid Of’
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[Psychedelic] Temples – Mesmerise


“Mesmerise”. If the title hasn’t given you a clue as to what type of band this is, perhaps these following song titles will: “Colours to Life”,  “Prisms”, and “Ankh” (meaning, key of life).

If you’re thinking of a British band that rocks just the optimal level of late sixties/early seventies sounds, you’re right. Formed in Kettering, Northamptonshire last year, Temples, is best known for their psychedelic vibes. We’re pretty certain we haven’t captured too many fans from the 60’s on our site, but we know that Pink Floyd, The Doors, or The Beatles have not gone unnoticed in your music escapades.  So Temples could be just right up your alley for a break away from the current electronic or indie scene.

Their debut album Sun Structures will be released in less than four months, on Februrary 10th, 2014, while “Mesmerise” will be released on Heavenly Records, January 13th, 2014.

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[Psych-Pop] Au.Ra – Spare the Thought

Spare The Thought

We’re not sure how we could have missed learning about the London-based duo, Au.Ra when they had introduced their noteworthy debut single, “Sun” last November. But we’re glad we came across their new track, “Spare the Thought” this week. The track exudes a mellow, psychedelic–toned intro that that fans of Washed Out are sure to appreciate. It’s a definite tune that you could see yourself unwinding to as the sun burns out and the waves collide.

Comprised of Tim Jenkins and Tom Crandles, this musical pair’s tracks can now be purchased on a 7″ from LebensStrasse Records .

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[Electro-Pop/R&B] E X R O Y A L E – Give It Up

Give It Up

It isn’t easy peeling off the bed to kick start your morning, that is, unless you have a lighthearted song to enhance the day while you do.

E X R O Y A L E dropped their debut single, “Give It Up” at the start of this week, and it’s stirred up quite the happy ear buzz.  Mingling a twist of R&B and synth-pop with treble vocals, the track features simplistic percussions, giving listeners a splash of refreshment.  Mayer Hawthorne x Two Door Cinema Club, that’s the enticing vibe that we get.

We want to know more about them too, but E X R O Y A L E still remains to be a bit of a cloaked mystery on the interwebs. The good news is you can download their single for free while you scope out a few minor teasers on their Instagram – you’ll see what we mean.

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