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[Electronic] KRANE – SESSIONS_04 EP

KRANE x Laxcity
Outside ft. Sherry W
KRANE x Oceans

Electronic music fans rejoice. The genre giant KRANE has put together yet another ecstasy inducing EP for our ears to enjoy. If you’ve been keeping up with the artist as of late, you’ll know the has a big thing for collaboration. In fact, KRANE has been teaming up to throw down on heavy hitting tunes so often that he created an open format label called SESSIONS to host these countless partnerships.

The most recent batch of tracks to be released under this project, SESSIONS_04, showcases work from rising names in the electronic music community such as DNMO, WYOMI, Laxcity, and Oceans. Throughout the project we find a consistent thread of heavy hitting trap breaks contrasted by elegant, pleasant melodies. So when you press play, be ready for a dynamic, high energy listening experience. If you’re looking to get acquainted with new names in the electronic music world, definitely keep your ear on KRANE going forward.

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[Experimental] MODEL 86 – Missing


We last heard from this electronic producer with his EP generously titled, “When You Realise People Are Not One Dimensional Characters In A Movie Of Your Life“–check out our thoughts on it here. The London beat smith, MODEL 86, is back already with the first single release from another incoming album. The lead single, “Missing” has many of the experimental elements we’re familiar with, but there seems to be a more driven and organized sound. With changes around each corner “Missing” is a dynamic listen and the main melody is just infectious.

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[R&B] Steven Christopher – STAY


An R&B song that stands out is a hard earned accomplishment in today’s music world. Without diving too far into one electronic genre, Steven Christopher uses a touch of future beat and trap elements to bring a modern sound to the genre. His latest release, “Stay,” is a straight up R&B hit largely due to the impressive vocal work. The track’s arrangement and production make it forward-thinking while staying true to the style’s roots. Check it out and keep an eye on Steven for new music.

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[Tribal Dance] Equanimous – “Hummingbird” Ft. Cyndy Fike

Hummingbird (feat. Cyndy Fike)

The Los Angeles based producer Equanimous recently put out refreshing electronic track titled “Hummingbird” with the help of vocalist Cyndy Fike. The tune marks a departure from the artist’s previous pop-tronica project, N8-ST9. Although characterized by the same new age feelings of inner exploration, love and kindness; Equanimous now hangs up the soaring synths that shone through his earlier work in favor of a more minimalistic, tribal sound design. Fike’s fabulous vocals fly throughout the tune, weaving between delightful acoustic djembre drum breaks. If you’re looking to escape the synthetic elements that define pop electronic dance music, definitely get to know Equanimous.

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[Hip-Hop] Jon Santana – NY90 (feat. Lox Chatterbox & REMMI)

Jon Santana
NY90 (feat. Lox Chatterbox & REMMI)

In today’s electronic music scene I don’t think we see enough full-length albums or EP’s. There’s just something great about coming back to a collection of songs and listening to it front to back. Jon Santana, an up-and-comer out of Nashville, just released a five track EP. And it is one of those records. I wanted to showcase my favorite song, the outro single, NY90. It’s by far the most hip-hop influenced song on here, with some excellent bars by Lox Chatterbox. But head over to the playlist to stream the full album, And There They Were. There’s lots to explore, from big electronic singles to a few more low key instrumentals.

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[Electronic] Jon Santana – Falling Down (feat. John Davis)

Jon Santana
Falling Down (feat. John Davis)

This artist is relatively new to me and already I’m finding myself coming back again and again to some of his songs. Jon Santana’s sound is a paradox that’s been locked in my mind. It’s chilled-out but a little catchy, classic sounding but still pushing the edge. The latest release doesn’t disappoint and it’s the second song from his forthcoming EP. Jon simplifies things and picks up the mood compared to the project’s first single. They are both worth checking out and I’m looking forward to hearing more.

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[Electronic] Speaker of the House x REMMI – Awake, Asleep

Speaker of the House x REMMI
Awake, Asleep

Speaker of the House has released another great song called, “Awake, Asleep.” With solid production and some outstanding vocal work from REMMI, these two have created a progressive future-beat jam. I’m always excited when I hear cool vocals on electronic songs these days, it can be hard for singers to rock those big melodies and keep a unique style. But REMMI really pulls off this chilled out vibe. Stream it above! You’re in for a treat.

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