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[Indie Rock] Maus Haus – Hey Jean

Self-proclaimed as sounding like a concoction of Kraftwerk, the Beach Boys, and Sonic Youth, synth-rockers Maus Haus recently released their EP titled Light Noise. The San Francisco-based septet recently turned foursome, proves that sometimes less is more with their track “Hey Jean”. The song starts off with an eerie yet sexy guitar bassline coupled with buzzy synths. Cue in the multi-tracked vocals and you can hear that Beach Boys influence. It’s safe to say that the boys of Maus Haus found the perfect home with label Lavish Habits. You can stream & purchase Light Noise via their Bandcamp page.

’Maus Haus – Hey Jean (Free Download)’
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[Indie] Griz Adams – The Struggle

With fall in full swing and winter right around the corner, it’s easy to overlook summery gems like this. It’s got lyrics that you’re bound to catch yourself singing along with. Back that with simple guitar work, contagious organ chords, and smooth synths and you’ve got “The Struggle”. Los Angeles-based band Griz Adams is the new side project of Adam Roth and Fredrik Eriksson. They haven’t released any other tracks under the moniker but be sure to keep a look out for them to crank out more indie pop rock goodness.

’The Struggle (Indian Summer PRE
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[Indie] Plum – Fade To Dust

The trio Plum — made up of Evan Roman, Jeff Mackey, and Sean How — have been around the music scene for a couple of years now. They put out their first EP in 2010 and have since followed up with Lullaby. The band explains that their most recent release was “created to give comfort to those in need” and after giving Lullaby a listen, that statement rings true. The minimalism of “Fade To Dust” just works. Simple piano and guitar chords coupled with Roman’s raw, yet silky-smooth vocals serve as a great pop ballad. Overall, Lullaby has you feeling all sorts of sadness at first, but ultimately leaves you on hopeful note.

’Plum – Fade to Dust’

Check out the rest of Plum’s EP, Lullaby on Bandcamp.

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[Folk] Poor Moon – Birds (Album Review)

Followers of the Fleet Foxes might be familiar with the cool sounds of folk newcomers Poor Moon. The band is a side project of fellow Foxes Casey Wescott and Christian Wargo. They recently released their first self-titled LP. Standout tracks “Waiting For,” “Heaven’s Door,” and “Pulling Me Down” immediately transport you back to the ‘60s. Lyrically, Poor Moon doesn’t break new ground, but with dreamy harmonies, rolling percussion, and even the use of cricket and bluebird sound effects it was hard for me to listen to each track without a smile on my face. The last track on the album, “Birds,” serves as a sweet end to a mellow journey.

’Waiting For’

’Heavens Door’

’Pulling Me Down’

Poor Moon’s self-titled debut is available now on Sub Pop Records.

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