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[Hip/Hop] Ghostface Killah – Getha Baby

Ghostface Killah is never out of the spotlight for long; critically acclaimed return Apollo Kids dropped on December 21st, and with Blue & Cream on the near horizon, the legend is on a roll. They don’t hand out those plaques easily, you know.

Some stans have had Killah on rails for years, churning out record after record on autopilot. Still, Killah at 40% wizardry is more than enough game for the majority of our current “talent”, as his latest single shows.

Lead single “2Getha Baby” blows up in your face over the straightest old school tactics, in a return the classic Wu-Tang sound. A diced soul sample from “Together” by The Intruders plays up and over the main verses, which pack a dirty punch:

“You front on me tonight I’ma bag me a new hoe/Spank that ass like a real papichulo/Picture me Neutron I sit you right on your culo”

Certified fresh. And he’s not even trying, right?

Ghostface Killah – Getha Baby

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[Mash-Up] Derek Sabiston – Whip My Hair Here We Go (Willow Smith vs Bassnectar)

Willow Smith’s worldwide hit “Whip My Hair” has been largely left to its own devices, beyond a few token remixes. That is, until multi-talented wunderkind Derek Sabiston chose to take the track to new places in a mashup with Bassnecter’s “Here We Go”, taking Smith swiftly out of the playground and straight into the clubs.

The song had always threatened to take on new meaning, Sabiston has merely expedited it’s transformation.

Derek Sabiston – Whip My Hair Here We Go (Willow Smith vs Bassnectar)

’Whip My Hair Here We Go (Willow Smith vs. Bassnectar).mp3′
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[2010/Electro] Nero – Innocence (Original Mix)

Nero’s acceptance in the BBC sound of 2011 longlist is a sign of the times, following in the footsteps of commercial titans Chase & Status and Magnetic Man. And whilst the commercial world has long been aware of dubstep, drum and bass and house, it seems that critical acclaim is finally catching up with the times.

Althoguh the London based duo are famed for their imaginative remixes, latest single “Innocence” provides proof in spades that they have the grit to go down dirty with their own material. As the first of their material to chart, they have taken a significant step in fulfilling the hopes and expectations as one of the acts to watch next year.

“Me And You” is the next release on the horizon, although there is still very little indication of when we can expect their debut LP.

Nero – Innocence (Original Mix)

’Innocence (Original Mix).mp3′
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Conner Youngblood – Monsters

This is a moment a talent breaks free of the GarageBand shackles and becomes an artiste. Dallas, TX native Conner Youngblood is a dynamic character, initially inviting but with an underlying breadth of influences that anyone would be proud of.

At 20 years old, the style in which he mixes numerous genres is impressive, even if his recent S/T album represents the sound of someone finding their feet. “Monsters” announces a new phase, mixing the ethereal with the arresting; for those who want the best of both worlds, Youngblood treats you to bluegrass fingerpicking and a similarly mind-boggling bassline. Bluestep? Dubgrass? .. If you will.

Disregarding a hilarious iTunes blooper (“Youngblood served in the Army for some time, and returned to Harlem in 1963”), there is very little to stop the boy on his ascension to indie stardom. He’s already got the bloggers on the side, next, the charts?

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UPDATE: Deadmau5 – Right This Second

UPDATE: We finally have the full version of Deadmau5 – Right This Second for streaming… and its even more epic than the radio rip we posted. Enjoy below and support the artist buying their songs.

Deadmau5 – Right This Second (Original Mix)

’Deadmau5 – Right This Second (Original Mix).mp3′

Theatricality has never been lost on Deadmau5, but his latest output is an entirely new proposition. The fifth single from forthcoming album 4×4=12, “Right This Second” takes Ludwig Van Beethovan’s “Moonlight Sonata” to places you might not expect; the result, a piece of classical songwriting which is both beautiful and mind-bending.

The new album looks set to transcend the dubstep phase into a new era of stadium filling, innovative dance music. The structural elements are as progressive as ever, but it’s an unusually understated drop which follows the winding intro. There is plenty in reserve, a choppy bass synth providing the main distraction for the slight 4 minute run-time.

Yet again, Deadmau5 moves in his own way, blending elements of the past, the present, and what we can presume is the future.

mp3: Deadmau5 – Right This Second

’Right This Moment’
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[Rework] Chilly Gonzales – Rollin’ & Scatchin’ (Chilly Gonzales Rework) + MINIMIX

Daft Punk may be back with their contribution to the Tron: Legacy OST, but old material from the Homework days is usually classed as off limits, especially in the polluted world of remixes.

Canadian maestro Chilly Gonzales operates on a slightly different plane, however; look no further than this rework of “Rollin’ & Scatchin'”, wittily titled “Pianist Envy”.

Coupling intricate work on the ivories with the original crashing beat, he cuts 3 minutes off of the 7 minute running time and still finds ample space for an amazing Rocky Balboa speech. Check it out below.

Daft Punk – Rollin’ & Scatchin’ (Chilly Gonzales Rework)


Just as impressive is his minimix for Annie Mac, in which he takes the concept to new places with a literal interpretation on the piano. Head over to Too Many Sebastians’ comment section for a more in depth look at the tracklist: it’s an impressive mix of old school hits (Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Eye Of The Tiger) and cinematic scores (The Godfather Theme, Chariots Of Fire) blended by the classically trained legend.

Chilly Gonzales – Radio 1 Minimix 19/11/10

’Radio 1 Minimix 19_11_10.mp3′
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[Fan Video] Sleigh Bells – Riot Rhythm

Music Video for Sleigh Bells – Riot Rhythm

Could help resist the urge to post this video of Sleigh Bells “Riot Rhythm” by director Bo Mirosseni that takes the game of chess to a whole new level.

The N.E.E.T. connection is strong, as it appears that the duo have stolen M.I.A.’s controversial ‘ginger victim’ from the “Born Free” video (props to Sheena Beaston for spotting this one). With an awesome training montage, laser-eyes and a rather sinister ending, all that’s missing is an appearance from the duo themselves.

The phrase “short and sweet” doesn’t apply here. Be afraid.

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