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[Hip-Hop] TastyTreat- Summer (Don’t Go) ft. Wasiu

Summer (Don't Go) feat. Wasiu

Today we have the newest song from producers Tasty Treat and Montreal rapper Wasiu called “Summer (Don’t Go).” If the title doesn’t give it away, this song talks about the good things about Summer and how the majority of people don’t want the season to go.

Treat’s production gives off the Summer time feeling; it’s bouncy and it even has birds chirping at some points in the song to give it some natural tones. Wasiu’s rapping is a list of things that makes Summer the best time of the year when he raps, “This feel like BBQ parties, pools uncles who say it’s way hotter out in Haiti/ It tastes like sweat dripping drunk kisses smudged lip stick dumb water fights gone crazy.” This track is an essential for any future summer time parties/cookouts. If you want to add this song to your playlist check it out on TastyTreat’s SoundCloud or on itunes.

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[Hip Hop] Big K.R.I.T- Confetti

Today we have the new single by Meridian, Mississippi’s favorite son Big K.R.I.T called “Confetti”. I have been a fan of Krit’s since his Return of 4eva mixtape in 2011, so when I saw he was posting cryptic posts on his Instagram I knew his return was imminent. This is the first release of Krit’s since his album Cadillactica came out in 2014 and boy this didn’t disappoint.

Krit talks about how rappers now a days are only focused on the now instead of their long term legacy and he uses confetti as an analogy when he raps, “Your confetti ain’t even heavy nigga/ Got the win, I want the record nigga/ What’s a crown if you don’t even protect it nigga/ What’s a name if they don’t respect it nigga/ Nah, your confetti ain’t even heavy nigga.”

Take for example the 2008 New England Patriots, throughout the regular season and playoffs they had a perfect season but all those games were worth nothing because they didn’t win the Super Bowl and didn’t have the “heavy confetti” like the champions do. Getting back to the music this track is perfect for Krit to let other artists know even though he’s been away he’s still hungry to hold the crown as the best rapper. This track has spacey keyboards, booming bass and guitar riffs in the beginning of the song that would make Jimi Hendrix proud. I encourage you to listen to this track because this has got me excited about what’s about to come with the inevitable release of Krit’s newest album.

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[Rap] Scarlxrd- 6 Feet

6 Feet

Today we have a new track from UK artist Scarlxrd called “6 Feet”. From hearing Scar for the first time you can tell he falls in the category of rappers like XXXtentacion who have been inspired by other genres of music besides rap. Even with his screaming on most of his tracks you can still coherently understand the lyrics unlike other artists.

Throughout his Soundcloud Scar categories his music as Trap Metal, with heavy bass and hi-hats along with his shrieking yells his music reminds me of early Slipknot, XXXtentacion and even early Linkin Park. In the song he talks about how he’s still standing strong after being through the worst things in life. As the song goes on Scar talks about how he bottles his hatred inside; he has no tears left and he loses himself when he’s high. He even talked about leaving the love of his life though he hopes she dies.

I enjoy Scar’s music because it connects to a part in everyone that is mad at the world and depressed. But with his great production from a multitude of different producers, his lyrics which are still clear even with his Corey Taylor-esque yelling, Scar will be able to carve a core audience that will be loyal to him and his music. I suggest you look at his music videos which are very enjoyable and different. On his Soundcloud he says LXRDSZN is coming soon, whether it’s a mixtape or a full album I can’t wait to see what it entails and I hope he comes to the United States to tour.

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[Hip-Hop] Lil Uzi Vert- Luv is Rage 2 (Album Review)

Today I review the newest project released by Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert a sequel to his Luv is Rage album from 2015. Luv is Rage was the first project I listened to by Uzi and since then I’ve been a fan, with his songs being used in commercials and his popularity skyrocketing he has positioned himself to be the frontrunner of this new generation of rappers.

With the release of the first single XO Tour Life it made fans that much more excited for the release of Luv is Rage 2. To me this album didn’t really live up to the hype that “XO Tour Life” gave fan but I was hopeful. Even though some tracks didn’t interest me much, Uzi shows that he continues to grow both as an artist and a person.

One subject he brings up a lot in this album is the deterioration of his relationship with his girlfriend Brittany. She has been an inspiration for his music ever since 2014 now both have separated and Uzi is moving forward, he shows this on the track titled “X”. Produced by Pi’erre Bourne who also produced Playboi Carti’s “Magnolia”, Uzi talks about him not wanting Brittany anymore not knowing what the future holds for him when he raps,
“I don’t know what’s next/ I don’t want my ex, no/ Break up with a text/ I’m not tryna flex/ Girl you know the rest (bye, bye, hoe)”

He continues talking about his heartbreak when he raps,

“Yeah, my life’s a mess/ But I’m also blessed/ My heart’s in the junkyard cause it’s wrecked/ And today’s not feeling like it’s used to/ You got stuck up in that life that you used to/ If you got hurt, yeah, I got bruised to”

I like how these lyrics show that Uzi was so close to Brittany that if she was hurt he would feel it almost like they were identical twins. He showed that this relationship has taken a tole on him saying that he was a wreck. Even before this track was released their relationship was always up in the air when Uzi got more successful. There were rumors that they had broken up in 2015 but then Uzi let everyone know they were back together again. But I guess there came a breaking point and he had had enough. As the track continues Uzi compares himself to Leonardo Dicaprio saying he can take any guys girl and that he has girls in his phone who look like New New, a character from the movie ATL. He continues to talk about his heartbreak and how he’ll get over it in the song “The Way Life Goes”.

This track surprised me because it wasn’t full of bass, hi-hats and autotuned mumbling like most standard Uzi track but instead we have a melodic, chill vibe and not that much autotune on his voice. He raps about how much he cared for Brittany and because of the heartbreak he tried to fill that hole with another girl when he raps,

“Wish I never ever ever told you things/ I was only only trying to show you things/ Iced out heart on your neck trying to froze your ring/ I had to get me a new bitch to hold the pain/ We was in Hawaii looking at the ring/ She was smiling happy but I’m laughing cause her man a lame”
Even though Uzi found a replacement for Brittany, he doesn’t have the same feelings for her. While she’s over the moon happy having the ring on her finger Uzi is laughing because he knows that the girls real partner is lame and isn’t as wealthy as Uzi. For the chorus of the song Uzi uses the first verse the song Landslide by Oh Wonder, a London pop band. The chorus says,

“I know it hurts sometimes but you’ll get over it/ You’ll find another life to live/ I swear that you’ll get over it/ I know you’re sad and tired / You’ve got nothing left to give/ You’ll find another life to live/ I know that you’ll get over it”
This chorus perfectly describes Uzi’s feelings now that his relationship is now over. This song will be used by every heartbroken guy or girl for years to song. I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard this song be the next radio single for Uzi. Finally the song that I enjoyed the most and have been singing and listening to repeat since I first heard it “Neon Guts”.

On the track it is both featuring and being produced by Skateboard P, Pharrell. I was so excited when I saw this track because Uzi went on Pharrell’s Apple Radio show and posted a picture together on Instagram thus making my mouth water thinking of what a track with the two artist would be like and damn they did not disappoint. This song changed the dim outlook Uzi was having because of his ex and did a 180 to become happy and hype at the same time. Both P and Uzi are very colorful people and have always been considered “weird” by the hip-hop community because of their fashion choices rather than their music. But with these guys on one track, I never knew I wanted a Uzi/Pharrell collab album but I do now and I hope they do it. On the track itself both talk about their colorful personalities and how that they don’t let “dark energy” effect them.

Overall this album was good but it’s not Uzi’s best work. Even with these tracks I talked about that will garner praise from both Uzi fans and critics, there are some tracks on this album that you can skip and you won’t miss anything. If you want to hear the progression of Uzi I encourage you to listen to the first Luv is Rage and compare the two. Continuing on the sequels of albums, it’s rumored that Uzi is working on Lil Uzi vs The World 2 so I will be excited to see what Uzi has working on even after dropping this project.

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[Hip-Hop] Julia Lewis- On The Regular (W/ EluJay, Mr. Carmack, Mikos Da Gawd)

On The Regular (W/ Elujay, Mr. Carmack, Mikos Da Gawd)

“On The Regular” is the newest track from Bay area producer Julia Lewis who collaborated with producers Mr. Carmack and Mikos Da Gawd. EluJay, an Oakland rapper who, with his laid back style of lyricism, works perfectly with Lewis’ production. The beat itself will carry over any sound system with its pleasing island vibe which makes it the perfect track for the waning days of Summer. Make sure to get this one for that final Summer time pool party playlist before it gets too cold outside. If you enjoyed this track as much as I did you will be ecstatic to know that this is the first of a series of releases between Lewis and EluJay. They didn’t disappoint with this one so I will be patiently waiting for their other releases to come out.

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[Ghoul Pop] Soul Bandit – A Tribute To Dancing Queen

Soul Bandit
A Tribute To Dancing Queen [Premiered on NEST HQ]

Today we have the newest single by LA-based musician Soul Bandit,”A Tribute To Dancing Queen,” a track made famous by the group ABBA in 1976. Interestingly enough, I had to sing that song for my high school radio show, but I digress.

This release comes two months after her previous single. Today’s offer, “A Tribute To Dancing Queen” is a dark, yet still upbeat, spaced-out take that’s completed by airy, beautiful vocals and well put together production. It should offer up a warm sense of familiarity for electronic and indie music fans.

This is the first time I’ve heard a song by Soul Bandit and I can’t wait to listen to more of her work.

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