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[Hip-Hop] Deezie Brown – Drive

Most writers within these hallowed grounds of The Music Ninja tend to have a few lesser known albums in their back pocket in which they keep on heavy rotation. One such album in this writer’s library comes from thought provoking Austin, Texas based artist Deezie Brown, who is riding high, fresh off the heels of the release of debut long-player Judith.  A 12-track offering delivering a rebellious synthesis of alternative hip-hop and electronic pop, Judith features more than a few high points for listeners to sink their teeth into.

Standing tall among the excellent sea of Judith’s ciphers, is the sterling single “Drive”. “Drive” runs off the fumes of burbling, synthesized two-step drum patterning, crispy snares and of course Brown’s gritty vocal cadence anchoring it all down. About the album Brown shared: “The lyrics throughout the album paint a picture of my addictions and the things that the industry place in front of us as a disguise on what success is supposed to look like.” Deezie Brown clearly has a progressively fresh mind aimed towards his art, and it’s always refreshing to hear an artist in the realms of rap and hip-hop with a true message to share. Judith is available on all major streaming services, so before you dive in, check out “Drive” below.

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[Video] Porches – Find Me (Baba Stiltz & Samo DJ Remix)

Back in October, we featured Porches’ lead single from the then impending LP The House: “Find Me”. The original tune itself is a clear standout on an album that never quite seems to find its mark as a cohesive statement, and with its boisterous percussion, humming synth work and simple yet sugary sweet pop structure, it was ripe for the good ol’ fashioned remix treatment.

First in line to apply their own glossy coat of paint on top of Aaron Maine’s original mix was the duo of Baba Stiltz & Samo DJ. The pair brilliantly manage to marry their own disco tinged house aesthetic to “Find Me” while clearly maintaining Porches’ original integrity. The result is a hooky earworm of a tune, which buoys Maine’s unmistakable refrain on top of their aural re-tooling. Baba Stiltz & Samo DJ’s remix is accompanied by its own shiny music video with footage directed by Denim Dean, which you can see below. Porches is currently wrapping up a North American tour this weekend, with three NYC shows – March 23rd @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, March 24th @ Bowery Ballroom and March 25th @ Elsewhere, so for our NY friends, be sure to catch them live and watch the video for Baba Stiltz & Samo DJ’s remix below.

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[Indie-Pop] Yoke Lore – Fake You

Fake You


Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist, dancer, visual artist and indie-pop auteur Adrian Galvin (formerly of Walk the Moon) has flitted around our hallowed pages for over two years now. Much to this writer’s unwavering glee, Galvin has routinely spun lush webs of synth-soaked indie-pop under his Yoke Lore moniker since its inception.  At the tail end of 2017 Yoke Lore kept his fans satiated with the release of an excellent EP, Goodpain (which included a remix companion as well), and is now following that up with the impending release of another extended play: Absolutes. 

“Fake You” is our first taste from Absolutes, which as a collection of songs aims to explores the grey areas between black and white ideas while building upon the lush, sonic palette of his past works. “Fake You” toys within Galvin’s established aural foundation, including rapturously popping snares and bouncy two-step percussion, but emotively speaking digs much deeper than nearly all of the surface level synth-pop we routinely get bombarded with. Accompanying the release of Absolutes, Yoke Lore will also be joining FRENSHIP on the road for a North American tour. Stream “Fake You” above and check out Yoke Lore’s tour dates after the jump below! Continue reading

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[Electronic/Techno] George FitzGerald & Bonobo – Outgrown

Earlier in November, we featured an excellent slice of blissed out techno from superstar tastemaker George FitzGerald: “Burns”. Near the end of the article, we promised to solidify any rumors of a 2018 full-length LP from the British producer, and alas, that day has come. Just last month Fitzgerald announced the impending release of a brand new long-player, All That Must Be, confirming our excitement and gifting a few more slices of the album in the process. The latest from All That Must Be to trickle out in single form is an all-star collaboration with fellow British electronic artist, Bonobo, “Outgrown”.

One of the many collaborations from All That Must Be (including tunes with Lil Silva, Tracey Thorne & Hudson Scott), “Outgrown” showcases FitzGerald’s trademark aural aesthetic which bounces intricate electronics on top of his emotive piano tones, culminating in one of the central moments of the record. We’re getting all geared up for the rest of the world to hear All That Must Be in its entirety, but until then, listen to another piece of FitzGerald’s forthcoming LP below, and check out his recently announced worldwide tour dates after the jump.

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[Dream-Pop/Indie] Mt. Si – 911 EP

Throughout every corner of music, “supergroups” are all too often hyped to an unthinkable degree; resulting in music that sounds forced together failing to live up to lofty expectations. Such is nowhere near the case for electronic-pop project Mt. Si, who have been quietly authoring an excellent palate of sonic expressions.

Mt. Si is the tasteful union between friends Michael David of Classixx, Jesse Kivel of Kisses and Sarah Chernoff formerly of Superhumanoids now creating music as a solo artist. The trio first began collaborating during recording sessions from Classixx’ excellent LP Hanging Gardens, and discovered together they wielded quite the creative chemistry. Their latest release, the 911 EP, a follow up to their Limits EP in 2016, recently saw release via Cascine and features three new tracks from the group.

Mt. Si’s 911 EP follows the group’s blueprint, which is the effortless ability to brush pop sensibilities into a dreamy brand of low-key dance music.  Title track “911” is an addictive electronic gem featuring Chernoff’s weightless vocals vaulted against a bed of alto-saxophone, gentle harmonies, and rolling percussion. B-side “Annie” is another earworm of a pop diamond that excellently rounds out the EP after the Reed Mix of “911” has run its course. Perhaps the term side project will gradually be taking a backseat behind releases like this from Mt. Si, and you can be sure that we’ll keep you in the loop until then.

’911 (Reed Mix)’
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[Dream-Pop/Indie] Current Joys – Fear

Current Joys

Current Joys, the hazy indie solo project of LA-based artistic chameleon Nicholas Rattigan, has been making waves behind a recent slate of singles & videos that have this writer’s full attention. Rattigan’s credits are many, from work as the frontman for two-piece Surf Curse, to solo work authored under numerous aliases, to directorial work for indie-rock sweethearts Girlpool; the multi-talented songwriter never seems to pigeonhole himself into any one corner. Most recently, Rattigan has been making music again under his solo incarnation, the aforementioned Current Joys, and we’ve been happily consuming his many rumblings to pace 2018.

“Fear”, a lurching indie-pop ballad tracked by a simple 808-sounding drum line, a very Brooklyn inspired jangly, reverb-tinged guitar loop (fitting as Rattigan recently maintained residence in NYC) and his aching vocal refrain, is one of the latest additions to Current Joys’ expanding catalog; and with every passing listen, manages to worm its way even deeper into our psyche. Its simple structure and intoxicating melody never seem to release its grip throughout the tune’s entirety, letting its listener dive deeper into Rattigan’s mind and songwriting with every passing verse. A Different Age will see release on March 2, and as Nicholas Rattigan is set to embark across a U.S. Tour (full dates can be found after the jump) with the likes of Porches and Zola Jesus, we’re gearing up for its release and a chance to catch Current Joys in the flesh.

Stream “Fear” above, and check out Current Joys’ full tour dates by clicking the link below.

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[Electro-Pop] Chromeo ft. The Dream – Bedroom Calling

Chromeo, the stylish, iconic duo of Montreal natives and high school best friends Dave 1 and P-Thugg have established themselves as two of pop music’s most notable tastemakers since their effervescent reverberations first began making their universal rounds all the way back in 2004. Behind sterling LP’s She’s In Control, Business Casual, Fancy Footwork, and White Women the pair have cemented themselves as this generation’s leading voice of pop infused synth-funk, and to pace this year, they’ve announced the release of the group’s fifth full-length release Head Over Heels. 

We’ve already had the chance to hear the LP’s leading single “Juice”, and today Chromeo have dropped off the second offering from Head Over Heels, “Bedroom Calling” featuring The Dream. The tune follows Dave 1 & P-Thugg’s established blueprint of tightly wound, popping drums, sparkling synths and crooning vocals; but with the addition of fellow funk-distributor The Dream, “Bedroom Calling” finds its own seat firmly among the duo’s established catalog. About the track Chromeo shared: “We’ve been obsessed with The-Dream since ‘Fast Car’ from his first album. To us, he’s a modern day funk auteur, like Prince or El Debarge. This song pays homage to our favorite work of his.” Stream “Bedroom Calling” below.

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