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[Future] Petit Biscuit – Problems (Taska Black Remix) ft. Lido

Problems Ft. Lido (Taska Black Remix)

Taska Black slowed it down with his remix of Petit Biscuit and Lido‘s song “Problems”. Straight off of the track’s remix EP, this particular one stands out from the others, and it’s pretty easy to see why. But you don’t need to take it from me, Petit Biscuit had this to say about it: “Taska Black made Problems sounds like one of the freshest future pop track ever. This is something different, something nice, and something we all try to find!”

Taska Black really presents his musical abilities in this remix. While holding onto Lido’s beautiful vocals, almost everything else in the track was redone by him. Everything culminates in the drop when Taska Black lets loose with future synths and a manipulated version of Lido’s voice. What strikes me the most about this remix, however, is how it manages to be mellow and exciting at the same time. The style is multifaceted, and it really reflects how versatile Taska Black is as a producer.

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[EDM] LOUDPVCK & KillaGraham – Liar


LOUDPVCK and KillaGraham, both notorious for their incredible trap and bass music, decided to switch it up on their new collab, “Liar.” With a very “Jack Ü” vibe to it, this track has a simple, but unique sound to it that makes the whole thing bang.

After LOUDPVCK split up at the end of 2017, a change was certainly expected to be heard in the music. If you compare this track to any of LOUDPVCK’s recent releases, you can see how different this one is from the rest. Meanwhile, KillaGraham has been really adapting and experimenting with his style in the past year, and it’s been sounding absolutely incredible. I personally love when artists experiment with new influences, and I think it’s definitely working for LOUDPVCK & KillaGraham in this track.

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[Future Bass] Jaron – Time, Real & Imaginary

Time, Real & Imaginary

Jaron is living proof that age is just a number. For his 16th birthday (you heard me…16th birthday), this kid decided to put out a track called “Time, Real & Imaginary” and boy did it blow my mind.

With such vast instrumentation, Jaron channels back an forth between classical instruments, electronic sounds, and a singular voice. By doing this, the song manages to have two completely different sides to it. One side is soft, pretty, and calming. The female voice hums notes while a beautiful sounding piano accompanies her. Meanwhile, the other side of the song is an incredible display of heated passion. Drums practically burst out of your speakers, and the synths play with such intensity. The song is a constant battle between these two very different sides, and the product of this battle is this incredible piece of music. Although this might not be something you’d hear playing at a club or music festival, it is something you can really listen to and appreciate. It’s songs like these that remind you that music is an art.

So throw this beautiful piece of music a free download!

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[Electronic] Ruchir – Chicas (Silcrow Remix) ft. BUTO

Chicas (Silcrow Remix) Ft. BUTO

At a first glance, the Soundcloud page of Silcrow seems like nothing much. With only 56 followers and one remix, there is little reason to see this guy as anything more than a classic wannabe producer. But let me tell you something, after listening to that one remix of Ruchir’s “Chicas”, I am convinced that this guy is gonna be playing festivals by the end of this year.

While the original version of the song has a minimal, chill, trappy vibe to it, Silcrow’s rendition is the complete opposite. The entire remix is a complete 3 minutes and 29 seconds of fast-paced, absolutely banging sounds. Hard-hitting synths and drums are only the half of it. What I really love about this track is how professional the production on it sounds. Despite so much going on throughout the remix, Silcrow manages to keep everything sounding flawless. I’m beyond excited to see what else this guy has in store for this year. Be sure to grab a free download of this incredible track!

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[Electronic] Lil Skies – Nowadays (Snugs Remix)

Lil Skies
Nowadays (Snugs Remix)

Nothing makes my day more than when I come across new, groundbreaking artists, so when I first listened to this remix by Snugs, I couldn’t help but smile. With only four tracks out on Soundcloud, this act has managed to garner over 400k plays, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

This remix holds onto all the great aspects of the original song, while also changing certain things in the best ways possible. With smooth synths, wild vocal chops, and groovy drums, the ingenuity of this track is next level. I’m so happy I found these guys on my Soundcloud feed because they’re definitely going places.

Oh, and if you’re not grabbing a free download of this right now, I don’t know what you’re doing.

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[Future Bass] Far Out – Rise

Far Out

If you’re a fan of cinematic sounds and heavy hitting drops, then Far Out has some music for you. “Rise” is the perfect bridge between something you’d hear in a Hans Zimmer score and something you’d dance to at an EDM festival. The duo’s name is well-deserving, as their music is definitely far out.

The song starts out slow with just a simple, ambient piano progression, but soon enough, strings and drums make their way in. During the buildup, the song starts to make a transition from classical instruments to electronic ones, and by the drop, you’re listening to a culmination of it all. Filled with vibrant synths and hard-hitting drums, the drop hurtles you into a musical euphoria. Far Out’s unique style and incredible production skills makes them a duo that should definitely be on your radar. Make sure to grab a free download, and be on the lookout for more bangers from these guys.


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[EDM] Felix Cartal – Worry (feat. Victoria Zaro)

Get ready to have your week brightened up because Felix Cartal is back with a new song in anticipation of his new album, NEXT SEASON, coming out May 4th. As Felix explains, “Worry” is about fighting through your internal struggles and knowing that it will get better. The song’s mellow, yet uplifting vibe meshes perfectly with Victoria Zaro’s incredible voice, making it a song that you can bump to at the club or listen to during a long car ride with your friends.

The style of “Worry” seems influenced by many of the best parts of electronic music, while also remaining unique in its own way. By far my favorite part of the song, however, is Felix’s manipulation of Victoria Zaro’s voice in the buildup and drop. He manages to use Zaro’s voice as an instrument that plays a crucial role in the drop, making the song the work of art that it is.

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