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The Chill Dojo #179

Summer is still a little while to go, but Oliver Nelson has us thinking we’re already there with a stellar remix of ‘Sober’ packed with all the classy disco action we’ve come to expect from the Swedish maestro. We bang on a lot about songs that make us want to dance, but this one is purely irresistible in that department. Every instinct in your body is telling you to move to this one, so let your feelings run wild and let Childish Gambino be the voice to your rhythm. Don’t use all your energy here though, because we’re leading straight into another groove of a different kind. NRMN has become a master of blending bright nostalgic chords with infectious basslines, and his unique skills are on display once again with ‘Pls Forgive Me’. As always, his tunes never sit still, living in a state of constant switch-up like a roller coaster of musical bliss.

Creations that make us feel will always stand the test of time, and it’s for that reason that we’ll never grow tired of new interpretations of ‘Sad Machine’. It’s a canvas that lends itself to be twisted in all kinds of ways, and on this occasion it’s Snail’s House waving his quirky magic over the iconic lyrics. Though the original melodic structure is kept very much intact, it’s the glorious touch of lively sounds and sampling that imbues this one with such a palpable feeling of joy. For many people growing up, the words ‘Kokiri Forest’ would invigorate memories of a place that celebrated similar sentiments of childhood wonder. The colorful imagination of Madnap and Metsä intends to briefly take us back to this simpler time, courtesy of a sound design that oozes eastern influence. It’s hard not to envision yourself amidst lush leafy surrounds while bumping to this one, and it’s a place we’ll likely return to many times throughout this week.

There’s plenty more to enjoy before having to bring yourself back to the real world though, so feel free to lose yourself for a good while. Peace out.

’Childish Gambino – Sober (Oliver Nelson Remix)’
’NRMN – Pls Forgive Me’
’Porter Robinson – Sad Machine (Snail’s House Remix)’
’Madnap & Metsä – Kokiri Forest’
’Tim Legend – summer love’
’Mr. Carmack – champion!’
’YUNG BAE & Swindail – Here With Me’
’Flamingosis – An 8 Ball Affair’
’Lóbo – Wednesday’
’Lindsay Lowend – Comfort Loop’
’Cody G. – Sunday Strut’
’Zanski – Into You’
’Jai Wolf – Drive (feat. Chain Gang of 1974)’
’Covex – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)’
’kuiters – loophole’
’Vaults – Cry Nomore (Audiobot Flip)’
’Ark Patrol – Soirée’
’Noclip – Cloud Kingdom’
’akihabara! – Missed Calls’
’ill esha – Crash Landing’
’Michl – When You Loved Me Least (Ghost Loft Remix)’
’K.Flay – FML (SMLE Remix)’
’Laetho – Challenges’
’whysp – virgo’
’Ciele & Mapps – Parking Lots (AK Remix)’
’Kagwe – patience.’
’33k – peaches’
’CHIEFS – Here We Go Again (feat. MAIA)’
’vbnd – blue hands’
’xander – kanwe’
’Shook – Tidal’
’Paces – 1993 (No Chill) Feat. Jess Ken (JackLNDN Remix)’
’Azura – Lost Woods’
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The Chill Dojo #178

178 editions down and we’re still finding tracks that manage to amaze us with their genre-breaking qualities. This time it’s Sydney’s Obseen providing the excitement, bringing a unique blend to ‘Already Gone’ that elevates it to the next level. While needing no help in the wow department, the epic chord shredding he brings to this production is the extra touch this stellar collaboration deserved. Another musical combination that always gets us going is the bright melodic stylings of Hyper Potions. Their latest release ‘Unbreakable’ is another sweet addition to their arsenal, with the vocals of Danyka Nadeau radiating the overwhelming positivity this song embodies.

It’s the same vibe that the Soda Island collective has championed from the very beginning, so it’s fitting that we have another song from their talented lineup of artists to celebrate. Ramzoid is our featured inhabitant on this occasion, dishing up a fresh dose of incredible creativity through the lush beats of ‘Nature Nature’. A tune so good they had to name it twice, our minds are continually blown by the incredibly imaginative work that is flowing from the island since its very beginning. Speaking of inceptions, we welcome another newcomer to the Dojo this week going by the name of Eli Way. Though only fresh on the scene, his debut EP Girls boasts a polish that would suggest an experience in music that dates much further than that. You’ll find a few of the EP’s works scattered throughout this week’s playlist, but we just had to call attention to the infectious jam that is the title track. Its retro lead will be stuck in your head all day.

For the rest of the week though, there’s no shortage of tunes to hold your attention. Peace out.

’Alison Wonderland x Lido x Brave – Already Gone (Obseen Remake)’
’Hyper Potions – Unbreakable (feat. Danyka Nadeau)’
’Ramzoid – Nature Nature’
’Eli Way – Girls’
’Brunelle – Chemistry’
’Enzo Vangetti – Soul Food w/ Maestro’
’Araatan Ft. Amra – Zereglee’
’XMPLA – Make You Feel It ft. JLB’
’Dehku – Misa’
’Aksel Alloway & Plasti – Don’t Let Them Stop You’
’Andrew Luce & graves – Up To You (feat. Chelsea Cutler)’
’kuiters – P L A Y’
’Naisu – Promise’
’Cobalt Rabbit – With You’
’Xavier Dunn – Scattered (Feki Remix)’
’Eli Way – You’
’Eli Way – Us’
’Golden Vessel – Never Know (ft. LASTLINGS)’
’Icarus X Joe Hertz – Only You’
’FABRIKATE – Want You To Know’
’Pat Lok – You Street’
’Laxo – Touch (feat. Pearce)’
’No Tv No Radio – Space’
’LYAR feat. Laura Luppino – Trigger (RAMI Remix)’
’Prince – I Would Die For You (Montis Remix) ft. Aaron Krause & Liza Anne’
’TACACHO – Summer Of Love (ft. Cider Sky)’
’Jamie Prado – Celio’
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The Chill Dojo #177

This past week more than ever was a time to celebrate good music. While legends will never be replaced, 2016 has already revealed its fair share of new talent, one of which being the newly formed Chymes. The merging of Cameron Taylor and Kiersten Nyman, the Sydney electronic duo have announced their collaborative creativity with ‘Oracle’, a gorgeous tune that gently floats as if carried along by a zephyr. The delicate vocals caress the sparse atmosphere, filled only with light touches of metallic percussion which produces surprising power through its minimalism.

We’re picking up the pace with our next feature from another young talent to add to our watch-list. Italian producer FlyBoy makes his Chill Dojo debut with a smooth little number in ‘Maze’, glimmering with a polished groove that is hard to resist. As its title would suggest, it’s a track that’s certainly easy to get lost in, but we’re not keen on finding our way out of its deep sound anytime soon. We’re in that dancing mood now, so it’s the perfect time to move right into the latest remix from Sydney producer Cabu. The slow funk of ‘Stay Lost’ is dialed up a notch, infused with a silky bassline that combines the chill vibe of the original with an undeniable urge to cut loose and get your body moving.

Just as soon as we can turn on the party feeling, we can flip things in the completely opposite direction with Tim Legend’s  ‘call me’. The South Carolinian producer lays down a lush future track that is just perfect for those moments of pure relaxation. Whether it’s during a glorious day on the beach, or a time when you don’t want to even leave your bed, this dose of fresh melodic bliss will make that picture complete.

As much as we mourn the passing of icons, we take comfort in knowing the inspiration for creating good music is alive now more than ever. Peace out.

’Chymes – Oracle’
’FlyBoy – Maze (feat. Gavrielle & Jake Newton)’
’Joe Hertz – Stay Lost ft. Amber
Simone (Cabu Remix)’
’Tim Legend – call me’
’kuiters – purify’
’kuiters – crystal rose ft. sophie meiers’
’Tennyson – XYZ’
’Koresma – Far Away Coast’
’Twin Caverns – Swell (Clayjay Remix)’
’Ember Island – Need You (Severo Remix)’
’TastyTreat – Simple Things Ft. Choice’
’Mark Redito – Goodbye (Bohkeh Remix)’
’Jupe – Hurry 2.0 (James Gent Remix)’
’Louis The Child – From Here ( Huge Flip )’
’vbnd – things change’
’xander – ifitsmoreii’sshelikesyou’
’Vince – 4/20’
’Stereo Cube – Avenoir (Aosmos Remix)’
’LODENT – what you deserve.’
’TREGS – flood’
’Mi Ka ft Ayelle – Clarity’
’Monogem – Take It Slow’
’Donatachi – Bubblegum (ft. Rosebud Leach)’
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The Chill Dojo #176

Moving Castle have been good to us since their inception only a few years ago, and this week we witnessed another one of our Chill Dojo favorites add their name to the growing list of talent within the collective. Kidswaste has continually wowed us with his knack for chill ambience, made all the more brilliant through the deep emotion he brings to his melodic craft. To that end, there could be no better canvas than Chet Porter’s ‘tbh ily’ to take his game to the next level, blending the gorgeous soundscape of the original with his unique style of orchestral elements and golden vocal additions that echo nothing but pure bliss. Now that’s a way to announce your arrival to the family!

If we’re talking feels though, Izzard’s ‘Threads’ was one of the most emotive songs of 2015, and thanks to an incredibly lush edit from the newly surfaced sundial, we get to revisit its charm all over again. The experience is only a short and sweet one on this occasion, making us treasure every precious second of this track’s touching quality. If you’re still craving more of this uplifting vibe, they have an original production to their name as well, and it’s every bit as beautiful as the feature just heard. Though still fresh on the scene, ‘your scarf’ wields a polished shine that belies any sense of just starting out in the production game. It’s masterfully constructed and laced with an infectious sense of nostalgia, cementing our view that this will certainly be a name to watch in the near future.

Still riding that wave of emotion, we come to our final feature of the week from another Dojo newcomer in exyle. Gorgeous sampling, wondrous melody and a punchy beat all come together to create a jam that is rich in impassioned feelings.

The feels train still has many more stations to pass before this one is all done though. Grab your ticket and hop aboard. Peace out.

’Chet Porter – tbh ily (Kidswaste Remix)’
’threads w/ sundial’
’sundial – your scarf’
’exyle – baby, u and i’
’Fossa Beats – Echoes (feat. Elkka)’
’Kučka – Honey (medasin redo)’
’Goldwash – Separate’
’Matoma – Running Out (ben maxwell edit)’
’Louis The Child ft. K.Flay – It’s Strange (TRAILS Remix)’
’Manuel Darquart – Next Dance’
’Allure – Glow’
’Icarus – Home feat. Aurora (Lane 8 Remix)’
’Janet Jackson – No Sleep (With You. Remix)’
’Oliver Chang & Evan James – Cruise’
’Douchka – Love You Still’
’ELJAY – Love Again’
’lauren cruz – clandestine (whereisalex remix)’
’Dragon Baby – Small Planets’
’Knapsack – Custom’
’lil hank – Oops, was that me?’
’samsin x PRODBYICE – Circuit’
’voia – Almost Human (sanjaux Remix)’
’Zeph – Hallway of Forgotten Names (feat. Roxanne)’
’LoneMoon – Green Eyes’
’Comodo & Eli Way – Rain’
’Solstis – Echoes’
’Harry Hudson – Stop (Kill Them With Colour Remix)’
’Kayjo – Trophy (Feat. RahRah The Savage (JR Nelson Remix)’
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[Future] NERVO – Let It Go (Empia Remix)

Let It Go (Empia Remix)

In a period of big festival announcements and surprises, there is definitely a buzz in the air for what 2016 will bring to the music world. Sydney’s Empia has certainly embraced the start to this year, offering a string of releases that have been doing numbers and building exposure to his energetic style. He follows that up now with another impressive remix of a big name track that already boasts a significant firepower of its own. The young talent is yet to shy away from a challenge though, dialing back the tempo to produce a bass-heavy future take on ‘Let It Go’ that has every intention of urging a crowd into a frenzied state. It’s the perfect track to sum up all the excitement that surrounds the scene at present, and that feeling pulsates through every burst of spirited sound here.

This one is up for free download as well, so you can bottle up that energy for whenever you need.

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The Chill Dojo #175

It’s always heartening to see artists we’ve supported from the beginning achieve broader success with a breakthrough hit, and this week was PUSHER’s time to shine with a clean original that has all the makings of an indie electronic anthem. Having already been called out in the first edition of our Saturday Selection, it was only fitting we pushed ‘Clear’ up the feed once again. The crisp chill vibes are enriched by the angelic voice of Mothica, whose presence adds further depth to an already moving track. Rather than working from scratch, young prodigy Wynd utilizes the future pop stylings of Voia’s ‘Almost Human’ as a canvas for his artistry. His interpretation adds a little more restraint to the original’s bass, with the focus instead on crafting space for the blissful melodies to dance between the mesmerizing breaks.

Arguably already one of the biggest tracks of 2016, Flume’s ‘Never Be Like You’ will continue to receive the remix treatment as the months roll on. It’s no small feat to attempt a new take on the incredible song, but to do so while also covering Kai’s vocals makes the task at hand even greater. Though only surfacing recently, Nikö Blank has proven he’s more than up to it, creating a gloriously constructed soundscape laced with future feelings befitting an edit for one of the pioneers for the sound. The cover work from Marco Foster is equally as impressive, pouring emotion into the iconic lyrics with the proper treatment they deserve. On that note we leave you with another infectious rework from Jengi Beats, taking the stunningly beautiful voice of Billie Eilish from ‘Ocean Eyes’ and transforming the enchanting indie original into one of his trademark grooves. This one carries an exceptional polish, his funky touch oozing a sweetness that surpasses any point he’s reached before.

It’s definitely a week more magical than most, with captivating vocal tracks at the forefront of our chill experience for #175. Peace out.

’PUSHER – Clear (ft. Mothica)’
’Voia – Almost Human (Wynd Remix)’
’Flume – Never Be Like You feat. Marco Foster (Nikö Blank Remix)’
’Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes (Jengi Beats Remix)’
’oshi – vacant’
’tiedye ky – Take My Hand’
’Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Show Me (LOKI X Wildfire FLIP)’
’Tom Redwood – I’ve Fallen For You’
’gnash ft. Olivia O’ Brien – I Hate U I Love U (Oscar’s Remix)’
’Edd – Fade Ft. Tom Dunne (nimino Remix)’
’JONES – How Deep Is Your Love (Crvvcks Edit)’
’AURORA – Conqueror (Kartell Remix)’
’Robots Can’t Dance – stay’
’Finding Hope – Without You (ft. Holly Drummond)’
’LANIER – I’ll Be Alright (Cover)’
’Wet – All The Ways (Branchez Remix)’
’theMIND – Mercury Rising (Fwdslxsh Remix)’
’River Tiber – Gravity (prod. by River Tiber and KAYTRANADA)’
’Two Another – Shouldn’t Have Done That’
’Jerry Folk – Been A While’
’JMSN – Most Of All’
’ROM – I Want You (ft Wade)’
’ALVY – Tell Me’
’Side Project – Devoid (Side Project mix)’
’SYRE – Don’t Be So’
’Lindsay Lowend & Jonah Baseball – Jeremy’s Pet Peeve’
’Kozoro – Departure (Original Mix)’
’Mordecai x Wolfe Grey – I’m Yours’
’Aloka – Wait’
’Sizzlebird – Escape From Reality’
’Sizzlebird – Imagine’
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The Chill Dojo #174

This week’s write-up is inspired by a healthy dose of soul, starting with a sweet remix that boasts production chops every bit as silky as the voice it surrounds. Future Classic’s Wafia set hearts on fire with her aptly titled ‘Heartburn’ at the end of last year, and Swedish duo Jarami have infused the original with an infectious groove to make sure dance floors experience that similar incendiary feeling. Bounce is the necessary trademark of any Jaramix, and we’ve been dealt a generous helping here to ensure we keep this bumping all week long.

Now there’s not a lot of info out there on newly surfaced moniker Moss Kena, and only this glorious rework of ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ to its name. What we can tell you though is that there is some insane funk on display as this track steadily builds, with the female talent handling the lyrical responsibilities with smooth finesse at every turn. We can only hope there is more where this came from.

Another fresh name on the scene this week is London-based MALIKA, but with the backing of Snakehips and Maths Times Joy in the production department of her debut track, you can be sure there is some serious promise there. The lush vibes are no surprise coming from these two Dojo veterans, but the soulful vocals are where the true delight can be discovered. In much the same way, we conclude proceedings with another UK songstress in Sundai, her latest single ‘Sugar Sweet Tea’ receiving support from a similar caliber of beat-making mastery in Jarreau Vandal. With sounds every bit as buttery as the title would promise, it’s safe to say that the future of the R&B genre is in very good hands with creations like these.

There’s plenty of love for other styles as well, making sure the mood is set to chill at all times. Peace out.

’Wafia – Heartburn (Jaramix)’
’Kendrick Lamar – These Walls (Moss Kena Rework)’
’MALIKA – Put It On Me (prod. by Snakehips & Maths Time Joy)’
’Sundai – Sugar Sweet Tea’
’laguna. – you (ft. maye)’
’Evil Needle X Mercy’
’dayla – Al Luna’
’ROM – You Love Em (feat. Emmavie)’
’innanet james – Summer (The Kount Remix)’
’G EAZY – Me, Myself & I (Viceroy Remix)’
’Kaskade – Whatever (Dallas Cotton Remix)’
’Cappa – Goddess (Eau Claire Remix)’
’Coubo – Alien Party’
’Louis the Child ft. K.Flay – it’s strange (wallflower edit)’
’THEY. – Motley Crue (Feki Remix)’
’Lóbo – Trapped’
’Ryan Hemsworth & Lucas – U Remain (Celadon City Remix)’
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