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The Chill Dojo #173

We’re back with a stacked playlist to cap off your Easter weekend, and we’re kicking it off with a talented group who have come together for Skrillex’s remix of ‘Show Me Love’. We haven’t seen too many productions from Skrilly grace our Dojo over the years, but this mellow beat over the original from Hundred Waters is as beautiful in its sound as it is in its message. The lyrical contributions from all 3 vocalists carry the enchanting vibe from start to finish, crafting the perfect track to play out with your crew. That same vocal quality had us hooked from the first moment we heard ‘All That’s Left’ from Manila Killa at the start of this year, and now thanks to a velvety edit from Audiobot we get to experience that all over again. More than that though, the euphoric journey is the result of masterful production that drifts through wonderfully varied elements, forming the pieces of this dream-like tune.

In a similar fashion, the astral atmosphere of ‘Mind’ was the cornerstone for this different approach from Kicks N Licks, and At Dawn We Rage championed that feeling at every stage of their remix for the EP. Their hypnotic spin adds a little more kick, but the focus is very much still on the interplanetary sensations that the original soundscape emitted. While Yacht club doesn’t intend that same imagery from ‘keep you close’, the melodies constructed are definitely out of this world. He’s been keeping this one under wraps for a while, but we’re glad it’s found its way out of the archives to be shared with the Soundcloud universe.

With a playlist of this size though, you’re guaranteed to still be chewing through it long after your supply of Easter chocolate has vanished. Peace out.
’Hundred Waters – Show Me Love (Skrillex Remix) ft. Chance The Rapper, Moses Sumney, Robin Hannibal’
’Manila Killa – All Thats Left (Feat Joni Fatora) (Audiobot Remix)’
’Kicks N Licks – Mind ft. Lauren Hunter (At Dawn We Rage Remix)’
’yacht club – keep you close’
’Gigamesh – Control (feat. Caroline Smith)’
’St Albion – Hold On feat. Teischa (UNO Stereo Remix)’
’Lucas Chambon – Chimera’
’Ellie Goulding – Something In The Way You Move (Kue Remix)’
’Claptone – Before I Lose My Mind feat. Say Yes Dog’
’Veens – Explode’


’Alex Clare – Too Close (White Cliffs Remix)’
’TRAILS – Crying In The Shadows’
’Danelle – Chairs (Cabu Remix)’
’AmPro – All The Little Things’
’Attom – Stay’
’Falqo – Across The Sea’
’IAMNOBODI – 02 Luther’s Joint’
’Kultur – Let It Be’
’Atlas Bound – Lullaby’
’gnash – rumours (ft. mark johns)’
’Kiiara – Hang up tha phone’
’BANKS – someone new (uth fruit remix)’
’Feki – Thankful’
’Cosmic Quest & SmokeStacks – Misuse Ft. Virginia Palms’
’dojo – HYMNS’
’Andrew Luce – Watch Her Leave’
’silo – Discovery
’Mo Vibez – Like Us’
’Point Point – True Summer’
’Baribal – Close To Me’
’Sensi Sye – Coughs & Sips w/ Cresce’
’CHIEFS X Creepa – Glocked’
’octbr – nighttime stroll’
’Taku – You&I’
’Zanski – Satellite’
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The Chill Dojo #172

We may be 172 editions strong, but The Chill Dojo has yet to be graced with any doo-wop style jams to add to its ranks. Well that ends this week as LA based singer Clans open our minds to the forgotten art with his killer ‘Alibi’. Amidst all the craze of discovering new sounds and genres, sometimes we forget just how good the classics can be when they’re done right. If this track is any indication, these fresh vibes are more than welcome to be welcomed back to the modern era. On the other hand, it’s hard to deny the creative diversity that is on display from forward-thinking producers who are pushing the boundaries with their consistent innovation. LUCA LUSH is just one of those championing the cause, and his latest rework of ‘Hands to Myself’ explores that versatility that defines the contemporary artist. What opens with a mellow beat and deep vocal edit gradually develops into something so much more, journeying through chilly atmosphere and reaching an incredible sax solo that truly brings home the power of this piece.

Where the potency of Just A Gent’s ‘Heavy As A Heartbreak’ could simply be attributed to its bass-driven drops, Syntact proves that there is so much more for the original to offer through a retrained remix that heroes the vocal and melodic components. Who knew funk-filled piano riffs could hit just as hard and yet feel so light all at the same time? Mazde echoes that same sentiment around the power of melody with an experimental release ‘Bandland’, inspired by the wonderful world of Rayman. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia to amplify the beauty of this one and make that childhood universe so vivid in our minds.

Not a week goes by where we’re not surprised by the creativity that is out there. There’s plenty more to discover here too. Peace out.

’Clans – Alibi’
’Just A Gent – Heavy As A Heartbreak Ft. LANKS (Syntact Remix)’
’Mazde – Bandland’
’StarRo – Milk’
’S H I N D I G – Rabbit Onesie’
’R.O.M – girlfriend?’
’Opia – Falling (Wheathin Redo)’
’Aire Atlantica – April’
’Koyö – Here For You’
’KLOE – Teenage Craze (Sachi Remix)’
’The Code – Mood (Find You)’
’Annabel Jones – IOU (AObeats Remix)’
’Goldwash – Need To Hear’
’GARREN – 17 Weeks’
’Paperwhite – Unstoppable (Mogul Remix)’
’Autograf – Slow Burn’
’Basenji – Chroma’
’Jamie Prado – African Sun’
’Deadmau5 – 4ware 01’
’Mazde – Pitch Black ft. LissA (Piecey Remix)’
’EFIX & Kokenn – Louise ( Feat Edgar )’
’Lane 8 – Klara (Theo Kottis Remix)’
’Kiiara – Feels (Jai Wolf Remix)’
’Povi – Park Hill feat. ILoveMakonnen (prod. by Christian Rich)’
’Yuma X – You Said’
’AK, Brenton Mattheus & Laura Brehm – Falling’
’DJ Mustard Ft. Travi$ Scott – Whole Lotta Lovin’ (Djemba Djemba Remix)’
’Fossa Beats – Mirrors (feat. Maesu)’
’Yung Death Ray – Budapest’
’Slushii – Some More’
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The Chill Dojo #171

While we’re all still trying to get over the surprise of Kendrick Lamar’s unheralded new album untitled unmastered, house veteran Tommie Sunshine has wasted no time in lighting up the 8th track alongside Melbourne producer Mitch Kurz. There was no warning of this edit coming so soon, and no way to prepare yourself for the insane groove that is about to take over when it hits you. While the original was a guaranteed head-bopper with the rapper’s slick lyricism, the pair come together to finesse this into a whole body experience you’re going to want to spin again and again. EDIT: And just as quick as it surfaced, it’s now been taken down…

That’s opened up a hunger for funk that won’t be easily satiated, so fortunately we’ve got some new fire from Pomo to follow and do just that. Where the grandeur of ‘Midnight River’ primarily rested on the power of Vaults’ vocals, the remix shares that workload with the Canadian producer’s signature vibes and an incredible demonstration of unapologetic chord slaying.

We’re continuing the funky fun with an infectious jam from a beat-maker hailing from New Zealand who’s putting out some fresh tunes at an insane rate. ANKA is celebrating hitting 2K followers in style, throwing up this nostalgic track that will have all the nineties kids smiling when they hear that sample. It’s no gimmick song though, with the melodies employed wielding some serious polish. It’s that same mix of shameless playfulness combined with mind-blowing musical artistry that is the highlight of Maxo’s work, and he puts that on display once again with a glorious remix of ‘We’re Beautiful’. It’ll take the coldest heart to resist instantly melting under the colorful bursts of joy that spark from each moment of this melodic masterpiece.

And that’s only scratching the surface of what else is in store. We’ll let you unwrap the rest for yourselves. Peace out.

’K_E_N_D_R_I_C_K – Untitled 08 (Mitch Kurz & Tommie Sunshine Edit)’
’Vaults – Midnight River (Pomo Remix)’
’A N K A – Youth’
’ABSRDST & Diveo – We’re Beautiful (Maxo Icemix)’
’Teelo – Baby’
’Mothica – You Will Forget Me (TRAILS Remix)’
’PRXZM – Higher’
’Joe Hertz – Stay Lost Ft. Amber
’Glasses – Fly High’
’Marian Hill – Down’
’Draper – Home (feat Abi Ocia)’
’Al Kelly – Weeks Apart (feat.’
’Harrison – It’s Okay I Promise (Feat. Clairmont The Second)’
’HXNS x R.O.M x Lege Kale – Blues’
’Gabe Ramirez – Sam’s Flute’
’Alejandro – ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼’
’soupandreas – Odyssey’
’halpe – rice rain remix’
’Wet – Weak (Akouo Remix)’
’nanobii – pinky promise’
’JEA – Inside Out’
’Electus & Michael St Laurent – Frozen Tides’
’Kant Sleep x Chaotix – Let It Drip’
’Sound Remedy & Ben Maxwell – I C U’
’Jerome Blazé – Tide’
’Figgy – Moments With You’
’Bobby Nourmand – ” S M O K I N’ J O E ” (Radio Edit)’
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The Chilll Dojo #170

It’s been a long time waiting, but we are stoked to mark Dojo #170 with the stream of the glorious ‘Sad Machine’ remix from Cosmo’s Midnight. A staple of their live sets over the past year, their lush style fits the vibe of Porter’s Worlds to a tee, and creates an infectious sense of happiness that washes over you in a wave of colorful sound. The clear Japanese influence leads perfectly into this next feature from Dojo newcomer Ujico/Snail’s House, a young producer hailing from Tokyo whose imagination seemingly knows no bounds. His latest track ‘ramune’ uses a complex mix of retro sounds and sampling as his canvas, crafting an enchanting melody that is reminiscent of Grynpyret’s ‘Boba Beach’. Heavy nostalgia swells with every passing moment, forming the perfect chance to sit back in a state of fond reflection.

The latest release from UK songstress NAO goes down a completely different road, serving as a message for moving on from the hurt of past love. Featuring on a host of big tunes in 2015, her captivating voice takes center stage for this one, building further anticipation for her debut album dropping later this year. HONNE boast a similar caliber of vocal prowess when it comes to their music, but in the case of this remix from MXXWLL, it only takes a two word sample to demonstrate just how incredible it can be. Imbuing ‘Gone Are The Days’ with a tasty dose of future funk, the Sydney based groove-master creates a clean soulful vibe that’s sure to be on high rotation for this week and beyond.

Before you do that though, there’s a whole lot more to sink your teeth into. Peace out.

’Porter Robinson – Sad Machine (Cosmo’s Midnight Remix)’
’Ujico*/Snail’s House – ラ・ム・ネ (ra mu ne)’
’NAO – Fool To Love’
’Honne – Gone Are The Days (MXXWLL Remix)’
’GoldLink – Dark Skin Women (Chris McClenney Remix)’
’ZHU – In the Morning’
’Fred Falke – It’s A Memory (Ferdinand Weber Remix)’
’Flume – Smoke & Retribution (Medasin Remix & Cover) Ft. Tyler Carter’
’låpsley – love is blind (sam gellaitry remix)’
’Rihanna – Work (Vandalized Cover)’
’Noctoak – Bitterness feat. Kite (Original Mix)’
’Jamie Woon – Sharpness (KAYTRANADA EDIT)’
’rysk – i’ll try’
’WRLD – Drowning (feat. Ehiorobo)’
’Lowself – Lotus Hills’
’DAZE – Give You All’
’Fhin – Your Heart Sounds Like (Kultur Remix)’
’Autograf – Heartbeat’
’nimino – The Back Of Your Hands Ft. Ashe’
’Pat Lok – Your Lips ft. DiRTY RADiO (Rambo V Remix)’
’Kero Uno – Falling Apart ft. Lindsay Olsen’
’Marc E. Bassy & Ty Dolla $ign – That’s Love (Matt DiMona Remix)’
’Bishu – Upsidown ft. PRXZM’
’KRNE – Ascension ft. exyle’
’RYAN Playground – Folders (with Ryan Hemsworth)’
’RYAN Playground – Fall Of Gold’
’Kuiters – fallen’
’Ashton McCreight – Repetition’
’SKIES – Drone (The Walton Hoax Remix)’
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The Chill Dojo #169

A pair of beautiful vocal covers welcomes Dojo #169, as one of our favorites in Mark Johns casts her creative flair into that iconic song from Amy Winehouse. She’s dug into the archives for the beat as well, selecting this gorgeous soundscape from Tennyson’s long list of blissful works to operate as the perfect backing to her dreamy lyrical style. It’s a fitting tribute to a musical figure who had a powerful influence on so many. Nobody could doubt the fame that Drake now commands, but for those that miss his classic material, the ever-imaginative duo PRXZM have brought something fresh to ‘I’m on 1’. There’s no need to assume the gangster stance for this one, because this glorious cocktail of melodic future sounds and soothing female vocals are all about carefree celebration. So feel free to belt out this chorus no matter what street cred you carry.

Still on that vocal addiction this week, LissA is a name that’s been across a stack of amazing chill music lately, and she follows up her string of stunning releases with ‘Zimt’. Mazde brings his German influence in both title and production, weaving a silky atmosphere that seems only appropriate for song named after cinnamon. The sensual flavor is hard to resist, as each new verse sprinkles more and more vibes with delicate ease. But this edition’s greatest surprise is still yet to come, as we uncover a brilliant musical mind from Malaysia who has crafted an unbelievable union of old and new. Darren Ashley’s ‘Good Morning’ is as it would suggest, the best possible way to start your day. Though the future bass style has well and truly established itself in the current scene, it’s nowhere near the point of creative exhaustion, as the breathtaking addition of Eastern inspiration carves out a whole new territory that is yet to be explored. It’s tracks like this that are the reason of our journey to find new music each and every day.

The search is much easier for you though. Just hit play and enjoy! Peace out.

’Amy Winehouse – Rehab (Mark Johns Cover Prod. Tennyson)’
’PRXSM – i’m on 1’
’LissA – Zimt (Prod. By Mazde)’
’Darren Ashley – Good Morning’
’Giraffage – Make You Love Me’
’Daughter – Youth (ft. Sarah Kingsmill)(nimino Remix)’
’Cosmo’s Midnight – Trapped (feat. Wave Racer)’
’Yung Wall Street – Baby’
’Darren Ashley – Empire’
’Ember Island – Need You (Gill Chang Remix)’
’Penthouse & Maribelle – About You’
’snakehips ft. tinashe – all my friends (sevnth remix)’
’ahh ooh – Nequa’
’GARREN – Give You Everything’
’WIZE – grape fanta’
’ODESZA – It’s Only (feat. Zyra) (20syl remix)’
’MORE // NIGHT – Call My Name’
’MORE // NIGHT – Japaneasy’
’Mo Vibez X Creepa – DR777’
’Tiber – On My Mind’
’Yeek – The Drums (Lege Kale Remix)’
’Ty $ – Credit (GARREN Remix)’
’Soulchef – The Séance (Moods Remix)’
’vincentleone – Later Tonight w/ falcxne’
’falcxne – Back Door’
’Fred Falke – It’s A Memory ft. Elohim, Mansions On The Moon (Oliver Remix)’
’filous – Feel Good Inc. ft. LissA’
’Flume – Smoke & Retribution (Kun’s House Edit)’
’Parkinson White – For You’
’Nude – Hide & Seek (Ft. JJ)’
’montell2099 – possible’
’Hoodlem – Firing Line (Ark Patrol Remix)’
’Xander Lewis – Rose Petals’
’Teriac – Leaving’
’chet porter – tbh ily (celadon city remix)’
’Omniment – Saria’s Song’
’Electric Mantis – Daybreak’
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The Chill Dojo #168

The chill music always thrives around Valentine’s Day and this year is no different, with no shortage of material for all the lovers out there. Getting the mood set right is Swedish talent Anton Borin, delivering a groove that is the perfect amount of smooth and sexy rolled into one. It would have been too cliché to start things off with a slow jam, so why not kick things off with something you can dance to? Kartell has you more than covered in that department as well, revealing a new remix right in time for the special occasion. While fellow Frenchman Darius took a slower approach to this one a few months ago, this fresh take on the airy ‘Green & Gold’  is all about sharing a moment of passionate movement with that special someone.

We know it’s all about a mix of fun and emotion though, so our next feature from Chet Porter pours out the latter in a musical gesture of appreciation that you can pass on to that person who deserves it most. ‘tbh ily’ is a simple message spoken through blissful atmosphere and serene touches of nature that the Toronto native incorporates so well into all his work. It’s certainly stolen our heart this week. But the playlist wouldn’t be complete without a proper lyrical ballad, and to that end we’ve been gifted with a stunning song from HONNE. Throw away your Hallmark card, throw this one on, and let these velvety vocals speak all the words you’ve been trying to come up with all this time.

We may have just missed out on the actual day, but you don’t need a token calendar event to show some extra love. Peace out.

’Anton Borin – Sway’
’Lianne La Havas – Green & Gold (Kartell Remix)’
’Chet Porter – tbh ily’
’HONNE – Woman’
’Astre – Your Bones (on vocals by Mura Masa)’
’Free n Losh – The Right Song (ft. Terrell Morris)’
’RÜFÜS – Say A Prayer For Me (Mazde Remix)’
’craves – By My Side’
’SPRILL – Oh Yeah!’
’whereisalex – Double Elephant’
’esta – Neoboy’
’Ordnry Yngstr – Flight W/ R.O.M’
’CID – Love Is Blind (Attom & Oracles Remix)’
’Walker & Montis – Don’t’
’Louis Futon – Wasted On You (feat. ROZES)’
’Cartier.Caetano X B.Wav – She Like (Telescope Thieves Remix)’
’Jarreau Vandal – Nobody Else (feat. Brasstracks & Niya Wells)(Pat Lok Remix)’
’A Band Called Success – MAXIMUM SATURATION’
’Classix – Bird of Prey (ft. Joe Keefe)’
’No TV No Radio – Can’t You See feat Kolada’
’Vallis Alps – Young (Feki Remix)’
’Tennyson – All Yours’
’Beshken – Have You Ever’
’Rando – International Flavors’
’Ark Patrol – Primo (Whynnel Remix)’
’Froogle – Mark My Words (ft. Josh Rubin) (Justin Bieber Cover)’
’Celadon City – Mapmaker’
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The Chill Dojo #167

If the results of yesterday’s game went your way, we’ve got the perfect front order to keep that happy dance going well into this week. Kick-starting the celebrations is Sydney’s swindail, injecting some serious bounce into one of our favorite chill releases of last year from Cosmo’s Midnight. ‘Walk With Me’ already had all the ingredients to influence a state of uncontrollable body groovin’, but this fresh take ignites those feelings into a fever pitch, accentuating the infectiously bright vibe that the original championed. It’s that same kind of addictive bumpy sound that’s become a signature of Pomo’s repertoire, and right on cue he delivers a delicious beat in the form of ‘Blue Soda (Part One)’. With a bassline to get stuck in your head for days, it seems the only way to shake this groove is to give in to its incredible rhythm.

Only two songs in and we’re sweating already. It might be time to switch it up with the latest piece of magic from Point Point. Big orchestral builds prelude the enormity of this grand musical masterpiece, shifting from crescendo to anticipation, until glorious melody and unbelievable funk finally reveal what delight is in store for our ears. That’s not the end of the orchestral brilliance either, as the closing minutes transition into harmonies that evoke that classic James Bond atmosphere. Espionage aside, there are no secrets when it comes to the production talent of Louis Futon, and his latest remix has once again demonstrated his skills at their catchy best. This time choosing Marian Hill’s hit ‘One Time’ as his objective, his sax driven approach adds another tool to his growing arsenal of dangerously smooth sounds.

In fact, regardless of how you’re feeling after Sunday’s events, we’re pretty sure this list won’t fail to bring a smile to your face. Peace out.

’Cosmo’s Midnight & Kucka – Walk With Me (swindail remix)’
’Pomo – Blue Soda (Part 1)’
’Point Point – F+L’
’Marian Hill – One Time (Louis Futon Remix)’
’JR JARRIS – Intimate (Feat. E.Doza)’
’Imagined Herbal Flows – Evolve’
’GARREN – Body’
’Martin Solveig – +1 (feat. Sam White) (Jayceeoh Remix)’
’Falqo – ‘Sleepy Crusader’ (Lakechild Remix Radio Version)’
’Back Back Forward Punch – Machine Believing’
’Penguin Prison – Show Me The Way (Colour Vision Remix)’
’Carmada – Realise (Two Can Remix)’
’Carmada – Realise (Chrome Sparks Remix)’
’SG Lewis – Shivers (Delusion Remix)’
’Saje – Our Story (Kartell Remix)’
’Autolaser – Shades (ft. Satica)’
’StéLouse – Periscope’
’Oshi – Oceans’
’Citylights – Feather’
’Khai – Do You Go Up (Kidswaste Remix)’
’Said The Sky – Mountains ft. Diamond Eyes (Skrux Remix)’
’Viska & Project 14 – Kyla’
’Illenium – Fortress (ft. Joni Fatora)’
’EMBRZ – Saved’
’LeMarquis – Hurricane (Feat. Alo Lee)’
’The Weeknd – The Hills Feat. Amory (JR Nelson Remix)’
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