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[Dubstep] DJ Poet – Digital (James Egbert Remix)

Through the snowy Mile High City, Electro/House Dj James Egbert sends a Remix of Dj Poet’s track “Digital”. This upbeat and positive tune resonates of a Skrillex influence, honoring the times where they have shared stages, like Red Rocks Amphitheater at Global Dance Festival for ex., along with other great names like Major Lazer and Nero. James Egbert is quickly becoming a Beatport sensation, and it is of no surprise when his great musical energy expands beyond the Rockies.

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[Music Video] Rusko – Somebody To Love (Release: Jan 23th)

Christopher Mercer, aka Rusko, will FINALLY be dropping the long awaited single “Somebody To Love”, bringing us a hilarious music video leading up to its release. They say Dubstep is just a fad; that the Wompiddy Womp won’t last long, yet is hard to assimilate to these statements when great producers like Rusko are still bangin’.

“Somebody To Love” will be available for purchase on january 23 (UK)/ 24 (US).

We just came across this remix from Sigma! Make sure to check it out.

Rusko – Somebody To Love (Sigma RMX)

’Rusko – Somebody To Love (Sigma RMX)’
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[Indie] Midi Matilda – Day Dreams + Red Light District

We are proud to present Midi Matilda: This indie- pop duo from the Bay Area has only released a few tracks and already sound like they have a great future ahead. Midi Matilda consists of Skyler Kilborn and Logan Grimé, and by the soft, and captivating melody of Red Light District it becomes obvious that a two person band can rock the house just as hard as Foster The People, Vampire Weekend, or Postal Service. Enjoy.

Midi Matilda – Day Dreams

’Midi Matilda – Day Dreams.mp3′

Midi Matilda – Red Light District

’Midi Matilda – Red Light District.mp3′

Via Sunset In The Rearview

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Benny Goodman – Sing Sing Sing (Nick Thayer Bootleg)

Remember the late 30’s? Beautiful black and white scenes, the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge, Swing music…….Well I don’t; I’m too young for that. But good music sticks around with no notion of time. And in this occasion it has traveled a long way to join us for the new year.

If you like some of those good old Benny Goodman tunes and live in modern times you’re going to love this; Melbourne Dj Nick Thayer shows off his mash up skills in the classic song “Sing Sing Sing”; it captivates the great essence of the time period while modernizing the orchestra through great editing. I know The King of Swing would have never thought we would start 2012 this way.

Benny Goodman – Sing Sing Sing (Nick Thayer Bootleg)

’Benny Goodman – Sing Sing Sing (Nick Thayer Bootleg).mp3′
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[Dubstep] Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (Tolgar Remix)

From Chicago, Tolgar leaves us with this great Dubstep remix of Discord, an original track by Midnight Conspiracy. He transforms an original dirty electro house tune into what starts as a great sound for any Sci-Fi film; he provokes us with melodic energy, and without relying on the dirty and grimy, then hits us as a banger so loud and heavy that could be heard all the way up from the Sears tower.

Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (Tolgar Remix)

’Discord (Tolgar Remix).mp3′
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[Electro Hop] Big Gigantic – Rise and Shine

We present you Big Gigantic. The electro-hop duo coming from colorful Colorado alternate between keys, sax, and laptop, creating a frenetic blend of electronic, dance and hip-hop. Led by saxophonist Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken, BG presents us with one great example of their energetic performances through this video shown below as they play their new single ‘Rise and Shine’ at the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

The song creates a sense of harmonious chaos as the bass, cymbals and synths flow through the audience while the lead sax ties it all together. The song is off their upcoming album ’Nocturnal’ which will be out January 11th, 2011; and judging by the looks of their performance, the show will be a must”.

Big Gigantic – Rise And Shine

’Rise And Shine.mp3′
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