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[Folk] The East Collective – Whomp!

The East Collective

With a fair bit of industry hype – The East Collective are one of East London’s best kept secret. The 4 peice draw on the dynamics of a the beatbox, add in some tight vocals, catchy guitar licks and scattered piano to create a really unique sounding folk/funk feel. We featured these guys back in 2012 and now they’re back from the studio with their new track ‘Whomp!’. Yes – it’s catchy and yes.. i’ve been playing this way to many times. What do you think?

The East Collective – Facebook | Official | Soundcloud | Twitter

Check out their video for the track too here

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The best Free VJ Loops & Resources For Your Next DJ Set


So over the past few weeks i’ve been exposed to a whole new world of VJ (Video Jockey) which is basically the visuals that go up and around an artist/DJ whilst playing live. I really struggled to find some good free footage and it took me so long  to find anything worthwile so I thought I’d put together a post to help out all you budding DJs & VJs along with the help of our good friends at Procrastinatus.   Continue reading

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[Fresh!] Clean Bandit – A&E

If you’re in the UK you may have been just like me, heard this on Radio 1 and scramble to get your smartphone out to shazzam/soundhound the track to find out what it was… then realise it’s no where to be found! Well fortunately Radio 1 are pushing these guys pretty hard and I found them eventually and so I’m excited to present to the fresh London sounds of Clean Bandit

The 4 piece group work have created one hell of a catchy track, intertwining orchestral strings into dynamic synth pop tones with plenty of space for the vocals of Kandaka Moore & Nikki Marshall to lure you in. The two singers were actually found singing and dancing in a community group next to Clean Bandits studio in Kilburn, then asked if they wanted to lay down some vocals… how cool is that.

Being released on Black Butter Records, the A&E EP is being released on 9th December 2012 and is available to pre-order from iTunes Here

’Clean Bandits – A&E’

Clean Bandit: Official | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


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[Folk/Funk Introducing] The East Collective

Armed with a beatbox, guitars and a piano – The East Collective are a relatively new group that are quickly getting the attention of the suits in A&R. Their latest track “Go Hard” provides one hell of a catchy bass line coupled with some silky vocals – the uplifting summer sounds kinda urge you to hit repeat! Whilst new, they’re definitely on our ones to watch list so if you wanna go see them they’ll be appearing on Thursday 1st November @barfly Camden – head on down and enjoy.

The East CollectiveFacebook | Official | Soundcloud | Twitter

’Go Hard’

’East End Rudeboy’
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[Live Review] Bassnectar – KOKO, London

After a solid Pendulum DJ set, and with the venue at capacity, Lorin ‘no bullshit’ Ashton AKA Bassnectar took to the stage. I have no idea how he can see what he’s doing under all that hair, but seriously, this guy means business.

“London you’re a fucking mad house out there!”

And with that – Bassnectar began his relentless sub driven set in KOKO Camden over the weekend. Mixing between mixing dubstep, reggae, drum step, DnB and anything else he could get his hands on – Lorin’s performance that night showed why the guy packs out arenas across the world with the promise of the heaviest sounds on the planet.

You can be sure of two more things at a Bassnectar show; serious amounts of sub bass and whiplash – tonight was no exception. Lorin delivered drop after drop of of his unrelenting dub/step hits and the crowd responded every single time. Stand out moment of the night was undoubtedly Vava Voom, with everyone singing along to Lupe Fiasco’s pitched down vocals (I’m sure we all looked like bloody idiots).

His last appearance in the UK was way back in 2010 and probably consisted of a “classic” dubstep crowd. Eg. mostly guys wearing vests or minimal clothing so their sweat can pass easily from their armpit to your face. The crowd this time was a bit more mixed, but I probably absorbed a good amount of other peoples sweat – a process of osmosis if you like.

I can’t recommend Bassnectar’s live show enough and if you’re in the USA you should definitely make every effort to get to his headlining tour this fall.

One of the other DJ’s that night was one of TMN’s favourites – Zedd who kicked off with his trademark bits and pieces mashups including snippets of everything from Mario to Marley. His biggest drops were, unsurprisingly, some of his own sending the KOKO kids crazy. I’ve never heard Skrillex/The Doors ‘I’m breakin’ a sweat’ sung so loud! What was really impressive was his quick changed of tracks, i swear he must have played close to a 100 different tracks… awesome.

For more Bassnectar treats, get onto his European Vacation mix or even better – buy his latest album Vava Voom which gets a glorious Music Ninja thumbs up.

Special thanks Playground for putting on the event
Photo credit – Bassnectar, Playground Music & Flood Photos

Review via the awesome Steve Williams

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[Dubstep/Electro] 6 filthy bangers for you….

get your crunk on

What up Ninja’s? Well here’s a quick smörgåsbord of tracks to get you and your granny dancing! Ranging from a bit of heavy dub to glitched up sounds of Acid Boys. Each of these tracks is worthy of your ipod. So without further adieu


First up is French electro producer Dilemn who’s releasing this through Audio Porn Records (think dirtyphonics) – it’s part of the ‘Talk About Us‘ EP and it’s straight filth. For more Dilemn check out his Facebook | Soundcloud

’Dilemn feat Ayah Marar – Talk About Us’

Acid Boys:

[FRESH] I’m not sure if you can get more fresh and up & coming then this. The 2 unsigned northern english boys have slammed together a concoqtion of hard hitting sounds with more rythm then michael flatly’s feet!! Go and increase your cred by liking/following Acide Boys on Soundcloud | Facebook

’Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Acid Boys remix)’


Bristol pumps out some huge sounds – home of UKF Dubstep and now Calvertron can be added to its credentials. The UK producer remixed Skepta’s track and the result is pretty mamoth. For more Calvertron check out his Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

’Skepta – Make Peace Not War  (Calvertron remix)’


22 year old Jake Bratrude aka. Rudebrat has created a dubstep / moombah track with plenty of space within it that the track isn’t overloaded with filth but contains the right amount for this to go off in a club. The eastern instruments really give a nice take on this track too. For more Rudebrat check out his Soundcloud | Facebook

’Rudebrat – Eastern Riot’

Knuckle Children  

I love the Nicky Romero orignal mix – that organ sound though gets shoved to one side once Knuckle Children (Adam Darby and Cristen Darbyget) unleash their vocoader/synth, almost like its been waiting to pounce on the track since its first creation from Romero. What’s not to love here? For more knuckle Children check their Facebook.

’Nicky Romero – Toulouse (Knuckle Children & Vrakaz Bootleg)’


So his new EP sounds like it’s going to be epic (listen here) but whilst we wait for the Brazilian DJ to release it, FTampa has made a cheeky remix that adds a big bouncy bass line to Neyo’s ‘Let’s Go‘. Hit up his Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter for the latest tunes.

’Neyo – Let’s Go (FTampa Remix)’

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[Summer Folk] The Coopers – ‘Summers Child’

The Coopers - Summers Child

Ah…  Summer is here in the form of unsigned band The Coopers. Woop woop! Throwing perculiar instruments, hand claps and by the looks of their artwork – paint into the face of rainy english summer – these guys are exactly what I needed for my summer playlist. Formed in Bradford (England) – the 4 cool kids have made early impact since their introduction to the music scene – gaining almost 2,000 facebook fans and being used on UK TV series The Inbetweeners – thats impressive for an unsigned band.

This is my favourite track from their new EP Paint it Blue And Throw It In The Sea‘  – looking forward to seeing what’s next for these guys – maybe more paint?

The Coopers:  Facebook | Soundcloud

’The Coopers Summer Child’

Continue reading

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