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[Exclusive!] Mistajam Top 5 tracks right now!

BBC Radio1’s Mistajam is hot property right now and is becoming a leading voice in the fresh EDM scene. Recently he’s joined forces with the legendary Ministry of Sound to increase the presence of his ‘Speakerbox’ touring brand and landing the biggest external deal of its type for Ministry of Sound to date… needless to say – we reckon its gonna be pretty killer too.


The UK DJ is playing the last leg of his UK tour in one of our favourite places… MIAMI – be sure to get your bass fix 2 nights in a row!

21 Marh – MIAMI
MistaJam at RAMiami – 20 Year Celebration

22 March – MIAMI
MistaJam at Smog vs Basshead (Metalheadz Room)


Mistajam sent us over some of his hottest and freshest tracks exclusively for The Music Ninja readers – so enjoy


Bass Boy – Yes (Here We Go) [Radio Rip]

’Yes Radio Rip.mp3′

The track is the musical embodiment of a massive ball of energy released over the course of 4 mins and 55 seconds. Birmingham based producer Bass Boy has cranked out a riddim that’s equal parts grime, bassline, juke and straight hands in the air rave. Best played loud preferably in a residential area.


 Sam Frank – Break

Chiddy Bang, Katy B, Skream and Sia all know the writing power of Sam Frank and his recent run of solo singles (and collaborations with Bass Music supremo Skream) demonstrate the reason why you should really check out anything he puts out there. He manages to sound fresh and vibrant while his talk box and vocoder vocal style to is obviously a conscious nod to 70’s pioneers Stevie Wonder and Peter Frampton.


Plan B – iLL Manors

’Plan B – iLL Manors’

Visceral honesty in its most hard hitting form. If there’s any justice, this will be as big a worldwide smash as Strickland Banks was. If you don’t quite get what he’s talking about, look out for the interview I did with him recently on my 1Xtra show. Essential listening.


C4 ft Frisco, JME & Jammer – Off Track Remix

’C4 ft Frisco, JME & Jammer – Off Track Remix’

C4 is one of the most exciting artists in the grime scene at the moment. For me, he’s like a Grime Drake but with much more of an edge in the fact that his barring skills and singing skills are just as strong as each other. ‘Off Track‘ is his first single proper and has been bubbling on the underground for a minute. A perfect showcase of the potential he has to be the next big Grime star.


Ayah Marar – Mind Controller (Cutline Remix)

’Ayah Marar – Mind Controller (Cutline Remix)’

Ayah Marar, along with Jenna G and Diane Charlemagne, is one of those very limited few ladies who can lay claim to being the voice of Drum & Bass however it’s the hard hitting yet musical Cutline Dubstep remix of her new single ‘Mind Controller’ that really does it for me. Cutline’s brand of Bass music can most easily be described as musical tear out and I’m predicting big things for them in the future, especially off the strength of this remix.

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[London] FREE TICKET to see GOOSE + Autokratz Live @Koko camden

Goose & autocratz
How do we put this… well this is a bloody great offer!! Simply pop your name on the list and your pass will be emailed to you 24hours before the gig. We’re HUGE fans of GOOSE & Autokratz so we know you’re gonna have a great night!



– All guests must arrive before 11pm
– All guests must print their pass, and bring it to the event.
– All guests must represent The Music Ninja and party HARD!!!

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[New] Deadmau5 – get in the october cart, pig.

506 seconds of classic Deadmau5 for you here with his new track ‘Get In The October Cart, Pig‘. The Canadian is one of the biggest DJ’s & Producers on the planet and has corporates like Nokia reportedly dropping close to $1million just to have him play their 4d building projection event in London [YouTube link]… allthough – not many people are going to turn that down!
This latest track is my favourite of the mouses’ styles – the long builds, progressive beats and creative hooks leave you wanting more and more and hopefully – if his SoundCloud page keeps updating as frequently as it has done this week – it’s gonna keep on flowing!

Deadmau5 – get in the october cart, pig.

’Deadmau5 – get in the october cart, pig.’


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[Rap/Hiphop] Busta Rhymes featuring Missy Elliott, Lil’ Wayne & Chris Brown – Why Stop Now (Remix)

Someone told Busta Rhymes his current single “Why Stop Now”  feat.  Chris Brown could be way better then it was and guess what.. he listened! Adding more vocals, lyrics and adjusting the flow has really shows that the 11x nominated Grammy rapper is not afraid to innovate on old tracks, something that we’ve seen happen a lot more recently in the EDM scene with artists like Dillon Francis and his 2 versions of I.D.G.A.F.O.S and Beutician.

The new & improved Why Stop Now opens the floor for Lil’ Wayne and Busta’s sweetly-named “beautiful twin” Missy Elliott who matched Busta in her fierce spit of lyrics down the mic. With all artists dropping their lyrics in a style they do best, the record really steps up a notch and added to the best of busta collection 🙂

Download: Busta Rhymes: Why Stop Now (Remix) feat. Missy Elliott Lil’ Wayne & Chris Brown

’Busta Rhymes: Why Stop Now (Remix) feat. Missy Elliott Lil’ Wayne & Chris Brown’

Busta’s ninth studio effort, E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2: End of the World, drops later this year.

Big ups MixtapeMaestro for the tip off!

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[BIG Dubstep] Trolley Snatcha – Make My Whole World

trolley snatcha - make my whole world

UK Dubstep beast Trolley Snatcha hsa dropped a bass ridden bomb, wrapped up in his ‘Subtext‘ EP which is being released on Dub Police records on 13th Feb. From the previews on iTunes, this track stands out the most for me – but have a look for yourself and see what you think!
Real name Zack Kemp, Trolley Snatcha is a regular on the live dubstep scene in The UK but has plans to hit up the US & Canada very soon so get ready to get your sweaty wob wob dance moves on.

Trolley Snatcha – Make My Whole World

’Trolley Snatcha – Make My Whole World.mp3′

‘Subtext’ EP available to pre-order here:
Show some love for Trolley Snatcha:  Facebook | Twitter

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[Folk/Indie] Daughter – Demo’s EP

After seeing Daughter play in St. Giles in the Fields Church, London [watch here] – yep I was there –  I was definitely blown away by how Elana’s vocals lived up to the expectations set by the Wild Youth EP. After spending some time in the countryside, Daughter has now released some demo tracks to give you a glimpse of what’s to come. Expect to see a a new release from Daughter in Feb/March time as the fruits of their labour come into a EP package, in the meantime -enjoy.

Daughter – Run (Demo)

’Daughter – Run.mp3′

Daughter – Tomorrow (Demo)

’Daughter – Tomorrow.mp3′

Daughter – In The Shallows (Demo)

’Daughter – In The Shallows.mp3′

Download all the tracks from Daughters official outlet HERE [Link removed by Daughter]


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[Quick Album Review] The Maccabees – Given To The Wild


Ah the The Maccabees – their last 2 albums blew me away so is their latest offerings in Given To The Wild worth listening to? Their approach on this new album saw the group work in a new way, splitting songs into sections and email them back and forth to each other. This ontop of bringing in DFA’s Tim Goldsworthy meant the brighton group were determined to push and expand their current sound… so did they? Yep. Undoubtedbly.

Journeying from echosphere’s of sound holding the most intimate of teritories to the punchy soaring choruses found in several of the tracks – the album re-affirmed every reason I was a fan of these young genius. In a recent interview, Lead singer Orlando Weeks described how the band were now in a place where they had discovered how to make the more unusal sounds on the album themselves rather then relying on producers and technitions to manipulate it for them and for me this adds an undertone of authenticity throughout.

At the time of writing, the Given To The WIld is sitting on the #1 spot in the UK Midweek album charts so I’m not going to bore you with a track by track run down – but here’s my favourites which should give you enough reason to go out and purchase the album!


The Maccabees – Pelican (next single) 

’The Maccabees – Pelican Album Version.mp3′

The Maccabees – Ayla

’The Maccabees – Ayla Album Version.mp3′

The Maccabees – Pelican

’The Maccabees – Pelican Album Version.mp3′

Buy Album UK

The gents are also on tour – click more to see the dates


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