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[Drumstep] The Fall of Troy – FCPREMIX (Atrasolis Remix)

I love FCPREMIX. First hearing the song back in 2005 as a freshman in high school, I was intent on learning the guitar, in part due to wanting to play this song. Post-hardcore band Fall of Troy gained mainstream success from this track, as it was featured in video games like Guitar Hero III (much harder to play on Guitar Hero than the actual guitar ironically).

Miami based producer Atrasolis modernizes the track for current electronic tastes. At times, there’s almost too much going on for me too handle, but that doesn’t stop my head from going with the beat. His build ups at the end of each verse are high octane and effervescent; I’m all sorts of riled up by the time it drops. Although the song is “old,” Atrasolis’s take on FCPREMIX is refreshing. Throw it in a DJ set, workout mix, or on shuffle in the car- this song does work.

Download for free here

’The Fall of Troy – FCPREMIX (Atrasolis Remix)’
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[Progressive House] Benji ft. Sherry St. Germain – Steel Eyes (Original Mix)


No offense to Canadians, but I rarely hear anything EDM newsworthy coming from that side of the continent. Benji changes all of that. His new track “Steel Eyes” takes some of my favorite musical elements—sexy female vocals, a sweeping acoustic guitar, pumped up synths—and skillfully crafts them into an ethereal euphonic track. The level of quality production on this progressive house banger sets the bar high. “Steel Eyes” leaves me wanting to hear more of what Benji has to offer, and I’m sure he won’t disappoint.

“Steel Eyes” was released by Musical Freedom Recs. on 07/09 and can be purchased here.

’Benji ft. Sherry St. Germain – Steel Eyes (Original Mix)’
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[New] A*M*E – Find A Boy (Draper Remix)

20 year old up and coming producer Draper released a new track on his soundcloud yesterday, a remix of “Find a Boy” by AME. Before I heard this track, I honestly hadn’t heard of Draper before. But now that I have, I can say that this kid is dope. At the forefront of this sub genre of dubstep called liquidstep, which includes artists such as Diplo and Jakwob, Draper manages to blend this genre fluidly (pardon the puns) with hip hop. Each layer of this track manages to harmonize lithely with the next, bringing a completely new level of melody. If you enjoy Dillon Francis, this artist might just be right up your ally. Expect to hear a lot from this budding artist in 2012. Go with the flow, ride the wave; this remix is WET.

’A*M*E – Find A Boy (Draper Remix)’
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[Moombahton] Steve Aoki – Control Freak ft. Kay and Blaqstarr (Dillon Francis Remix)

Zany Los Angeles based producer Dillon Francis has graced us with another moombahtastic remix. “Control Freak,” a track that originally felt like a Justice track without the added distortion, has successfully been transformed into a moombahton track that still retains an Ed Bangeresque vibe…while being incredibly filthy. The syncopated rhythm, obscenely grimy bass, and beatific bridge help this track transcend the moombahton genre. What Dillon Francis is doing right now in Moombah is so uniquely him, that I think we might need to create a new genre that’s just his own.

Keep doing what you’re doing Dillon, this remix goes hard.

This track was released 06/26 on Ultra Records and can be purchased here.

’Steve Aoki – Control Freak feat. Blaqstarr & Kay (Dillon Francis Remix)’
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[Progressive] EDX- Give It Up For Love (Mysto & Pizzi Remix)

Talented NY producers Mysto & Pizzi, better known for their “Beatmaking Wednesday” sessions on Youtube, have greatly improved in their progressive house productions over the past year. Their remix of EDX’s “Give It Up For Love” manages to maintain a graceful equilibrium between freshness and nostalgia. The first time I listened to this duo was years ago when they were still focusing on hip-hop remixes. They’ve shown their versatility time and time again, and trust me, this track DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. The pure filtered buildups, one progression building upon another, the emotional depth built into the synths, the vocal prowess of John Williams—this track leaves you feeling empowered, ready to go all night, and maybe, just maybe…giving it up for love.

Watch the video, it’s sure to make anyone that’s been to an EDM event sentimental.

“Give It Up For Love” was released 5/25 on Sirup Music and can be purchased on Beatport here.

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Gemmy – Lakota (AC Slater Remix)

I’ll always remember the 2nd show I went to in 2009. It was Hard Summer, the last year they hosted it at The Forum. Before the Fire Marshals and LAPD came to tear gas the crowds that were trying to make their way into the overbooked venue, I got a chance to see a few of the artists play their set. One of them was AC Slater, and man, was his set sick.

And so is this new remix. “Lakota,” by Gemmy, has been turned into a big bassy breakbeat served for breakfast. There’s a quality to AC Slater’s music that remains so undeniably authentic; he holds true to his signature styles. His transitions from arpeggiated basslines to the stabby fifths to the insanely dirty drop…this song just makes my extremities want to fly and flail all over the place, in the most wonderful way possible. Check this track out, and you’ll see what I mean.

This track will be released by Roska Kicks & Snares LTD on 7/30/2012

But in the meantime, listen here.

’Gemmy – Lakota (AC Slater Remix)’
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[Electronic] Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Sinden Remix)

To be honest, the last time I heard of UK producer/DJ Sinden was when he was a part of The Count and Sinden and they had just released “Beeper.” That was back in 2008, when EDM just started getting a glimpse of the mainstream spotlight in the US (and A-Trak released a catchy remix of “Beeper”).

Today, Sinden is making his way back to the American limelight, with a remix of “Take A Walk,” by Passion Pit. His take on the song is far different from the original, but still maintains a summeresque feel. The production on this remix contains some eclectic elements, such as the 80s synthestration, wobble, and emphasis on percussive components. As a whole, this track grew on me with each listen. Catching just some of the subtleties in the mix, I appreciate how his complexities in the track manage to balance the minimalistic groove into a well-produced package. If you’re up for venturing into relatively new musical territory, give this a listen.

’Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Sinden Remix)’

Download the remix for free here.

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