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[Trance] Ceréna – Limitless

Toronto’s own Ceréna, following the raving success of her self-produced debut album resurrection and its standout tracks like the JUNO-nominated ‘see’, ‘hearts on fire,’ and ‘gender euphoria’, has returned with single, ‘Limitless.’ This dazzling new release stands as a beacon in the electro-pop universe, drawing from her journey steeped in authenticity, and the unique inspirations she garnered from queer club culture and the pioneering sounds of artists like the late SOPHIE.

From her early days, marking the music industry with her undeniable talent at the tender age of six, Ceréna has shown an undying quest for self-expression. This quest took a turn into the vibrant avenues of the Ballroom scene, laying the foundation for her distinct sonic fingerprint.

‘Limitless,’ produced by Jaymie Silk (French), the flagship single from her imminent EP ‘607’, is more than just a song. With its hypnotic arpeggio synths and EDM backbone, it becomes an experience, a dive into the boundless realm of self-discovery. Ceréna’s voice, draped in velvety tones, paints a dreamlike soundscape that perfectly complements the intoxicating production.

In Ceréna’s own words, “LIMITLESS is a call to embrace the forever changing nature of things, which include our humanity… By accepting the nature of change, we open up to the infinite possibilities that await us.”

With ‘Limitless’, Ceréna has captured something time-testing and inviting all in the same go: to unearth, embrace, and celebrate our true selves, unburdened by labels and free from boundaries. As she evolves, Ceréna’s commitment to authenticity remains unwavering, and the dance-pop scene is all the richer for it.

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[House] Bleu Clair – Step Into It

Bleu Clair is coming off a big year in 2022. To kick off 2023, he’s dropped his solo single “Step Into It” that feels a little too appropriate for where the Indonesian talent is at in his career. Taking the success in stride, this hit continues to showcase why Bleu Clair is one of the hottest in house right now.

“Step Into It” blends some classic sounds with a fresh sentiment backed by Bleu Clair’s iconic production. It builds beautifully into a massively climactic drop with a sax solo that is just SO DAMN COOL. The unique approach to a song with such a distinct payoff makes for a nice change of pace from the usual while Bleu Clair proves once again he’s got the X factor.

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[House] Rich Furniss – Out Of This World

After a heavy year of coverage in the dojo, we’re not slowing down the support for Rich Furniss. The New York creator kicks off the new year with our favorite record of his to date. “Out Of This World” truly lives up to its name and we’re sure it will make its way into your playlist as soon as you hear it.

Rich has had a knack for catchy records, but there’s something particularly special about this one. The almost frenetic energy paired with the washed out melodic runs are just impeccable. We can’t get enough of it on our end and we hope you feel the same way about the next stepping stone in Rich Furniss’ evolving career, which recently saw him take the operation reigns over at the Quincy Boy imprint.

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[House] San Pacho – OYE

OYE! SAN PACHO RETURNS! The Croatian house magician is back with the new single “OYE” as well as his North American tour that has thirteen dates in total. You’ll be sure to hear the new song that pays homage to the classic N.O.R.E record “Oye Mi Canto” from 2006.

The techy treasure’s latin inspired sound is elevated with bubbly production and bustling percussion that is catchy enough all on its own. Never holding back, San Pacho adds his signature bells and whistles (metaphorically speaking) for one of his most energetic songs to date. It’s a fun one. Let it take over your party playlists and if you’re around one of his tour stops, don’t miss out!

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[Drum & Bass] 4URA & Young Viridii – Yesterday

The South Korean producer 4URA teamed up with the Kansas City creator Young Viridii for “Yesterday” released by No Copyright Sounds. The ever-so bright and uplifting record is just what you need to cure your Winter blues this time of the year for us in the dojo. If you’re in the heat of Summer down South, even better!

“Yesterday” is a vibrant boost of drum & bass energy that will come in handy for any and all of your playlists. With elements of pop and heavy on the synths, this easily accessible jam feels inspired by some classic records in both dance music and gaming giving it a timeless feel. 4URA and Young Viridii are a magnificent match together as two up and coming producers to keep your ears on.

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[Electronic] Medii – What If This Is All Real LP

The LA meets London duo Medii has planted a major flag on 2022 with the release of their LP What If This Is All Real. The fourteen track project showcases the group’s dynamic talents with influences from electro pop to 80’s, to indie dance and beyond.

The synth-laden throwback vibes that oozes throughout this LP is one of its best qualities. It’s a glue that keeps this album feeling tight throughout. Another highlight that keeps things cohesive despite the wide range of talents involved are the vocals. From front to back What If This Is All Real is packed with memorable performances from the likes of Cat Cayenne, Gemyni, Sidney Blair and more. Medii delivered a massively fun listen that manages to also express emotional sentiments that will make the LP a timeless treat.

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Petey Drops Instant Classic ‘Lean Into Life’ LP Amidst TikTok Fame

I haven’t written a blog review/write-up/article/whatever the hell you want to call it in what feels like… well, a long ass time. But Petey, otherwise recognized as PeteyUSA on TikTok, has ripped me out of my journalistic retirement with his twelve track debut album Lean Into Life released on Terrible Records. Even if only one person becomes a fan from this I’d feel accomplished, because this LP is just that good and Petey is just that type of honest talent that deserves everyone’s attention.

We’ve all been going through it this pandemic, and a lot of us have seen numerous changes in our lives that have really just beat us down. Whether we’re using humor, alcohol, food, games like 해외축구 or music to persevere, we’ve all got plenty of things to cope with and Petey offers up an extremely authentic expression that not only gives us a peak into his relatable life, but a vastly dynamic musical escape and an anthem that will give you a kick in the toosh to push back when life is feeling like the villain of your movie.

Lean Into Life as described by Petey himself is “of the indie-rock variety,” but it’s so much more than that. Sliding through styles with ease, Petey does follow a sonic centerline but infuses a lot of electronic instrumentation into the mix for a clean balance of the organic and synthetic.

What strikes me most about Petey’s music is his authenticity. That word is thrown around a lot but it’s not until you come across someone like Petey you realize what that actually means. We can describe it, we can repeat the definition, but the term’s true nature isn’t something that’s really quantifiable. Not to get too hippy dippy, but it’s truly felt and I can certainly feel it pulsating through from start to finish on this LP.

As someone who was born, left and returned to the Golden State, I can 100% live by Lean Into Life‘s first track whose chant “I’d rather be depressed in California” which has become my go-to answer for everyone who’s asked me about moving elsewhere.

Following up are a string of my other favorites including the quirky “Apple TV Remote,” the previously released hit “Pitch A Fit!” and the heartfelt love anthem “Don’t Tell The Boys” which has literally made me cry several times while listening and thinking about my own girlfriend.

But the song that sticks out to me the most as one of the most genuine, fun, funny, sad, awesome, and unique songs is the title track “Lean Into Life.” It’s a 5 and half minute journey that is structurally different from usual expectations and is the aforementioned masterpiece that has become a mantra for my own life. Petey does everything right on this one and gives us what I imagine is his most deeply personal song. It’s minimal, yet cathartic, it builds in all the right ways. Despite showing vulnerability, it feels like this song – and the full LP – were loads of fun to craft. I could go on and on forever, but I don’t want to bore you with my adoration as you can plainly see I believe Petey to be a special musician.

Petey wants to just be a guy making stuff, and that’s something I can get behind. With lifeless brands taking over, it’s nice to see a genuine creative take the stage and deliver something extraordinary, yet down-to-Earth. I hope Lean Into Life hits you as hard as it did me, and make sure to also check out PeteyUSA on TikTok if you’re into alt-comedy. I could do a whole other review about his hilarious antics as one of my favorite TikTokers, but let’s leave it to the music for now. Enjoy.

Stream/Download ‘Lean Into Life’

PS, Petey is going to be on tour!

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