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Ricky Stephens is an independent musician and music reviewer from Tampa Florida.

[New] Urban Cone – Freak

We first heard Universal’s new artist Urban Cone with “Urban Photograph” earlier this year. Their new single, titled “Freak”, takes the band in a darker new direction while keeping all of the elements we loved in tact. The fragile nature of the relaxed vocals and lightly implied melody make the track an enjoyable listen and a good way to start the wind down from a hectic week. Stream “Freak” below:

Urban Cone – Freak

’040 – Urban Cone – Freak.mp3′
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[Premiere] Town Hall – Good Boy


My friends in Town Hall have just released their first music video (ever) today. The video, for a new single called “Good Boy”, shows a young guy struggling with a sense of rebellion and general angst toward the world around him and does a great job providing visuals to capture the aura of the music. The track itself is a little less folky than anything we’ve heard from Town Hall so far- which kind of makes the band more accessible to larger audiences while also raising question marks at the style of the rest of the album.

Stream the video below and grab a free download of the track HERE.


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[New] Star Slinger – Bad Bitches (ft. Stunnaman and lil B)

On “Bad Bitches” Star Slinger teams back up with Stunnaman from The Pack, who you might remember from the hugely successful track “Vans”, in a reunion of sorts. This time, adding Lil B to the mix to add some extra flavor- which makes sense because the collabo was his idea in the first place (contacting Star Slinger via Twitter).

The track, titled “Bad Bitches”, is kind of glitchy and chaotic- which is something I’ve always like about Star Slinger’s style. Typically, he takes the reigns and drives the track home while Stunnaman and Lil B compliment his already terrific delivery and add to the track’s dynamic range. Stream Below:

’Star Slinger – Bad Bitches (Feat. Stunnaman & LIL B)’
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[Indie] Crash and The Bandicoots – Don’t Have Any Legs


Crash & The Bandicoots have a name that stands out, reminding me of my playstation 1 adventures during long grade school afternoons, almost as much as their sound. In the ever growing world of lo fidelity pop music, the group has managed to stand apart from the crowds by channelling different influences- where most artists are nodding in the direction of another decade, Crash is nodding to an entire musical movement- with a culmination of English antics and rhythm driven sounds.

“Don’t Have Any Legs” has been around for a little while now and its amazing that the blog world is just now getting ahold of it. I think we’ll keep better watch on this group from now on, so long as they keep putting out tracks of this caliber. Stream it Below:

Crash and The Bandicoots – Don’t Have Any Legs

’01 Dont Have Any Legs.mp3′
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[New] JBM – Winter Ghosts + Tour Dates

Brooklyn’s Jesse Marchant, known musically as JBM, has just put out the second single from his forthcoming sophomore album, titled Stray Ashes, which is set for release this May. The track is a drum and guitar loop Jesse has titled “Winter Ghosts” and the music perfectly compliments a lonely, eerie, and kind of desperate name like that. The vocals are harmonious but haunting, and each listen reveals new depth to the work and melody that was put in to every layer of this track. Stream “Winter Ghosts” below and look for JBM on tour in support of Stray Ashes.

JBM – Winter Ghosts


JBM on tour:

05.16 Chicago, IL @ Schubas Tavern w/ Damien Jurado
05.17 Pittsburgh, PA @ Andy Warhol Museum w/ Damien Jurado
05.18 Somerville, MA @ Radio w/ Damien Jurado
05.19 New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge w/ Damien Jurado
05.20 Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s w/ Damien Jurado
05.21 Washington, DC @ Black Cat w/ Damien Jurado
05.22 Raleigh, NC @ Kings Barcade w/ Damien Jurado
05.23 Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ Damien Jurado
05.25 Nashville, TN @ The Basement w/ Damien Jurado
05.26 Bloomington, IN @ The Russian w/ Damien Jurado

Via: Music Savage

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[New] Dirty Projectors – Gun Has No Trigger

Last year Dirty Projectors, in an interview with Spin, hinted that they had developed a sort of dark side while working on their sixth studio effort. There are a few things about this record that are unique though. One of them is the afformentioned dark side- as shown in their recent single “Gun Has No Trigger”. The other is that this record can hardly be called a “studio effort” at all… it was recorded in upstate New York in the confines of a log cabin- without the gloss and comfort of a real “studio”.

My guess is that the darker feel came in to the music through cabin fever and the organic, creepy, white noises that wood structures generate insesently. The album, titled Swing Lo Magellan, is rumored for a 9/10 release from Domino Records and the mystery surrounding the recording process, paired with “Gun Has No Trigger”, have me really looking forward to streaming the whole thing.

’Dirty Projectors – Gun Has No Trigger’
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[Acoustic] Isbells – Baskin

With their second full length album, Isbells, have managed to escape the sophomore slump that we always hear about. You know, that weird limbo where bands don’t know whether to continue to be creative or to recreate their first record since its what got them popular? So they end up releasing some awkward in between where you pick and choose the songs you like but never really stream the whole thing. Well, yeah, like I said… Isbells have kind of bypassed that syndrome with their latest album, titled Stoalin’. Through every track they’ve managed to hold on to that special something that made them unique in the first place while furthering their horizons in subtle but noticeable ways.It’s most evident on “Baskin”, one of the first singles from the record.The guitars are fingerpicked, the beat is pulsing, and the harmonies are as sweet as ever- and kind of remind me of Joshua Radin. Stream “Baskin” below:

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