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[Progressive House] Spektrem – All Too Soon (Original Mix)

Yesterday, a fairly obscure group of friends from DC, named Spektrem, released their newest song “All Too Soon”. The track itself is incredible, especially for a collective that has been around for about a year with only a handful of songs under its belt. It has a tremendous prog house rhythm with great vocals incorporated. From start to finish, it sounds like a classic progressive house song that you would hear blaring in a club, and hopefully it soon will be. Spektrem has set the bar high with “All Too Soon.” So be sure to check this one out.

’All Too Soon’
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[Electro House] Swanky Tunes – Blood Rush (Original Mix)

Earlier in the week Russian DJ group Swanky Tunes released their newest hit, “Blood Rush”, a heavy electro house track. The song itself is a great example of amped up electro house. It’s heavy and hard with this awesome rawness to it that doesn’t let up.  The song develops extremley well, it has a great build up but doesn’t get repetitive and boring once it’s going, instead it switches between paces, rhythms and develops throughout the whole track. It adds different sounds and cords throughout all of it and is definitely one of Swanky Tunes best hits. With so many producers and DJs coming out of the east, Swanky Tunes manages to stand out and only get better. “Blood Rush” was released off their label Showland in Collaboration with Spinnin’ Records,  and is available on beatport here.

’Swanky Tunes – Blood Rush (Original Mix)’
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[Progressive House] Hook N’ Sling vs NERVO – Reason (Original Mix)

After discovering australian producer Hook N Sling‘s track “Surrender” a few months ago I was pretty impressed with the track and had to wonder how someone so talented went unmentioned and unheard of by most.  Well, here we are almost two months later and Hook N Sling releases another killer progressive house track with NERVO, another big australian DJ duo, on the Spinnin Records label, which I must say has found some of the best talent in producing and DJing. But enough of that let’s get to the track.

“Reason” is definitely one of the best progressive house tracks released this year. It has a great vocal mix inlaid within a beautifully done progressive house bassline with a great rhythm that flows so well together. On top of that there are a number of electronic chords that fade in and out throughout the track. The blending of all these elements together is really the heart of this song and it is done so well. I think it’s time that Australian DJs made a bigger impact in the electronic scene. So check it out! It was released for purchase today on beatport.

’Hook N SLing vs NERVO – Reason (Original Mix)’
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[Electro House] Basto – BONNY (Original Mix)

Spinnin’ Records newest release “BONNY” by Basto is one of the heaviest electro house songs I have heard this year. Basto has produced several electro house songs that did very well but nothing quite like this. The progression throughout “BONNY” is excellent and when the bassline finally hits, it doesn’t let up. The rhythm of the song is phenomenal even though it may feel overwhelming when the massive bassline starts up. It’s definitely going to become as staple track in a lot of club music sets.  

“BONNY” is now available here on beatport.

’Basto – BONNY (Original Mix)’
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[Electro House] Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Yves V – Aftermath (Original Mix)

After Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike did the phenomenal “Tomorrowland Anthem” and an amazing performance at Tomorrowland not too long after, they have become pretty popular. But despite this popularity growth, they’re back with a new track titled “Aftermath,” which they did with Yves V. “Aftermath” is a killer electro house song, mixed really well and perfect for Tomorrowland. It has a great progressive house rhythm and the perfect amount of bass. To download it all you have to do is like them on Facebook, which you can do here. It’s definitely worth it since it costs you nothing and you probably have an FB account anyway!

’Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Yves V – Aftermath (Original Mix)’
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[Electro House] David Guetta ft. Sia – She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)

David Guetta‘s newest single “She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia” was released last week with the several remixes along with it.  The song itself has a lot of similarities to his other massive hit “Titanium”, in the sense that both have phenomenal vocals from Sia with a great deal of emotion and feel that follow along side a killer electro beat.  However, “She Wolf” is far more agressive when it comes to the electro house feel of it.  The song rips into its cords immediately after the vocals and doesn’t let up.  Yet again David Guetta has delivered a track everyone can appreciate, with its phenomenal vocals, build and layering, what’s not to like.  Not to mention the remixes by Michael Calfan and Sandro Silva, who added their own distinct flavors to this amazing song.  So check it out, and if you want to buy it the song and all its remixes are on beatport now.

’She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia’
’She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia (Michael Calfan Remix) ‘
’She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia (Sandro Silva Remix)’
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[Electro House] Hard Rock Sofa – Starlight (Original Mix)

Hard Rock Sofa is a house DJ duo straight out of Russia that has had a pretty solid following over the past year.  Although their popularity and fame are fairly recent, they’ve already played with some massive DJs and have some killer tracks under their belts. Their most recent track, “Starlight,” is an electro house track that has a very strong progressive house presence. The song has a lot of heavy electronic chords and keeps a great pace.  It’s definitely a well thought-out, multi-layered jam, so check it out on beatport here.

’Hard Rock Sofa – Starlight (Original Mix)’
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