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[Electro] Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (Tom Swoon Remix)

The tsunami of “Hanging On” by Ellie Goulding remixes is inevitable, so we might as well accept them now before we are sick of it.  On that note this Tom Swoon remix is definitely a good place to start. It’s a well done electronic house remix that adds a lot of elements of electronic without losing Ellie Goulding’s phenomenal vocals, which is what matters most in this track.  So see what you think about the beginning of the invasion of remixes and await the rest which will have some almost certain gems.

’Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (Tom Swoon Remix)’
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[Electro/House] Moore – The Moore. The Better. EP

Nineteen year old electrohouse producer Moore has not been around for very long at all.  His first EP “The Moore. The Better.” was released about a month ago and is extremley impressive for someone who hasn’t released any tracks prior.  The EP has some great electrohouse jams that very on the spectrum of electrohouse music and can satisfy anyones wants in an electrohouse track. Not much is known about Moore besides the fact he’s 19 and resides in Atlanta.  Hopefully though we’ll see more (no pun intended) of him in the future.  So check out his first and newest EP and see what you think.

Visa (Original Mix)’
Project X (Original Mix)’
Handy Mandy (Original Mix)’
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[ElectroHouse] Cubic Zirconia – Darko (Tommy Trash Remix)

Cubic Zirconia’s track “Darko” was an indie electronica track released very recently in an EP that featured Tommy Trashe’s remix, one of the best remixes seen. Tommy Trash took the song and made an extremley agressive electrohouse jam in classic Tommy Trash fashion.  It immediately starts with an agressive electronic beat and works into the elements from the original but doesn’t let up on the heavy electro feel.  If you like your electrohouse hard and fast this is right up your alley.  If your interested in the whole EP, you can buy it on beatport here.

’Cubic Zirconia – Darko (Tommy Trash Remix)’
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Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Remero – Sparks (Original Mix)

Dutch house DJ Fedde Le Grand has teamed up with electro-house DJ Nicky Remero to bring us one of the top progressive tracks of the year.  Blending Fedde Le Grand’s house feel with Nicky Remeros heavier electro style created “Sparks”, a killer proghouse track a lot of people have been waiting for since its first drop at EDC Las Vegas.  The song its self is a phenomenal weaving of heavy electrohouse chords and bass, with the tempo of a proghouse jam, creating one hard hitting track.  Definitely worth the listen if you didn’t catch it at EDC, which I’m sure most didn’t.  So check it out and if you gotta have it, it’s out on beatport now.

’Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero – Sparks (Original Mix)’
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[Progressive House] Project 46 – Reasons ft. Andrew Allen

Project 46 is a canadian DJ duo who has been around for less than a year.  They don’t even live in the same city but still produce some pretty great progressive house tracks.  None the less they still have a following of fans, and for good reason.  Their newest release “Reasons” is a fantastic elecrohouse jam, its very clean electro beat and vocals make a great track that’s not as hectic as a lot of electrohouse songs can get. Definitely a great song for a dance playlist.

’Project 46 – Reasons ft. Andrew Allen’
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[ElectroHouse] The Script – Nothing (Gazzo Short Remix)

Mike Gazzo formerly known as Cloud 9 entered the world of EDM not to long ago and has made wake ever since.  He has received a lot of attention from several original mixes and live sets.  He has also played with some big names in his career thus far.  So at this point it’s hard not to expect only good things out of someone who has done so well so quickly.  His remix of “Nothing” by The Script reflects his ability to add so much to such a light song.  He turned this casual slow jam into a really well done electro house, from its choppy vocals to its crushing electro chords and bass, it’s hard not to love it.  If you love electro house that crushes you can easily sink your teeth into this one.

’The Script – Nothing (Gazzo Short Remix)’
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[Progressive House] Hook N Sling – Surrender feat. Evermore (Original Mix) and Never Ending (Original Mix)

Australian Dj/Producer Hook N Sling has been around for quite sometime now, but has only recently started producing original mixes.  His newest progressive house hit “Surrender” was released a few weeks ago and has started to pick up momentum quickly.  Definitely one of his best mixes yet, with its killer vocals and progressive bassline it’s hard not to fall in love with it.  “Never Ending” is an older mix by him that starts out slow but picks up speed quick and is a jam that most people looked over but is not one to be missed.  All together Hook N Sling is definitely someone to watch out for in the upcoming year.

’Hook N Sling – Surrender feat. Evermore (Original Mix)’
’Hook N Sling – Never Ending (Original Mix)’


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