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[Electrohouse] Wolfgang Gartner – Redline (Remixes)

American house music producer Wolfgang Gartner put out a single titled, “Redline” not to long ago and with that came the potential for remixes.  Well, here they are, almost two months later and there are multiple remixes to be heard. These are just a few and I’m sure more are on the way.  So check out these electro remixes that get a little filthy and see what you think.

’Wolfgang Gartner – Redline (Aylen & Kastra Remix) 
’Wolfgang Gartner – Redline (Deficio Remix)’
’Wolfgang Gartner – Redline (You Got Me Started Again) ft. Clinton Sparks’
’Wolfgang Gartner – Redline (No Body Deluxe Remix)’


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[Fresh] Netsky – Puppy (Original Mix)

If by now you don’t know who Netsky is, let me introduce you.  Netsky is a Belgium Drum and Bass artist who has apparently decided to venture into tracks that are far more “electrohousey”, but no one is complaining.  After his release of “Come Alive” its become clear that electronic is where he’s meant to be.

This track, “Puppy” off his latest album “2”, is an extensive upbeat electronic juggernaut with powerfully bright melodies, perfect for a summer dance playlist. Although “2” provides a different direction to what we are used to seeing from Netsky, there are still many tracks that appeal to his drum & bass style. Tracks like “Drawing Straws” are more technical in nature to please the hardcore drum&bass fans, while others like “Love Has Gone” come across as bigger than life anthems, perfect for playing at festivals. From its production to its very eclecticism, “2” proves Netsky’s maturity as a contributing member of the EDM scene.

The full album “2” was released the 25th and it is now on iTunes. Explore Netsky’s other release here.

’Netsky – Puppy’

Bonus tracks:

’Netsky – Love is Gone’
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The Rapture – In The Grace Of Your Love (Pional Remix)

The Rapture put out a sleek upbeat song when they released “In The Grace Of Your Love” in their third album, also titled In The Grace Of Your Love. This remix by Pional only adds to the song with an electro funk beat, thats blended in with the original instrumentals so well. Definitely a chiller electronica track but perfect for a summer electronic playlist.

’The Rapture – In The Grace Of Your Love (Pional Remix)’
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