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[Experimental] Rockwell feat. Kito & Sam Frank – Childhood Memories (Original Mix)

Ahh, experimental.. No rules, no boundaries; the listener is entirely at the mercy of the artist’s wildest imaginations.

Straying far from the comfort of his usual DnB trademark, London-based producer Thomas Green, aka Rockwell, drops down to head-turning 85-beats-per-minute with his latest masterpiece, “Childhood Memories”. Featuring talents from fellow UK producer, Kito and vocalist Sam Frank, the track is a nonstop flow of hard, head bobbin’ kicks, intricate synth alchemy, and beautifully atmospheric vocals – a product of experimentation at its best.

Rockwell’s “Childhood Memories” feat. Kito and Sam Frank is out now and is available for purchase on iTunes. I beg you – do have a listen.

’Rockwell ft. Kito & Sam Frank – Childhood Memories *CLIP*’

Check out the music video, too.

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[Synth Pop] Pip – Who Cares (Official Video)

Who cares? We do! Season 2 The Voice contestant, Phillip Andrew Arnold, or Pip as he is now more commonly known, debuts his first single, “Who Cares” to great acclaim. The tune is instant radio material, boasting poppy synths, vivacious, catchy vocals and a straight up sing-along vibe. Watch out Carly Rae Jepsen..

Accompanying the debut is a curiously entertaining music/lyric video, which perfectly compliments, if not enhances, the content behind the track. Need motivation for a night out on the town? Have a peak. Pip’s debut single, “Who Cares” is now available on iYunes, and can purchased here.

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[Banger] EXCISION & SkisM – sEXisM (Far Too Loud Remix)

Ay carumba…EXCISION and SkisM‘s skull-rattling womp of a track. “Sexism” (EXCISION+SkisM.. clever) gets a complexin’ re-haul at the hands of UK mastermind, Oli Cash. In typical Far Too Loud fashion, as he is better known by his followers, Mr. Cash bumps up the tempo, masterfully slices and dices the bassline, and flawlessly transforms the track in to his signature complextro sound. Lots of bleeps, lots of bloops.. Lots of dancing.

Far Too Loud’s remix of EXCISION and SkisM’s, “Sexism” will be available for purchase this Tuesday, September 4th, on EXCISION’s X Rated Remixes album. Quality, folks. Quality.

’Excision & SKisM – Sexism (Far Too Loud Edit)’
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Bass Kleph – Touchdown LA EP

Get funky, ladies and gentlemen! This past Monday, Australian jack-of-all-trades, Stu Tyson, or Bass Kleph as he is more commonly known in and around the circuit, released his Touchdown LA EP on his own Vacation Records. Consisting of two tracks, “When You Were Deep” and “Electrical Funk,” the EP is pumped full of summer time groove, and gives off a seriously refreshing hint of classic House.

The first track of the pair, “When You Were Deep,” pays some serious respect to the seemingly long-lost genre of classic deep house. The silky combination of funky, repetitive plucks and playful horn action will no doubt have you shufflin’ those blue suede shoes all over the dance floor. Seriously, it will happen.

The latter of the bunch, “Electrical Funk”, takes that groovin’ house formula and adds a touch of disco to the mix. Add a subtle synth build, and in the end we’re left with a suspenseful, body-pulsing dance track that can only really belong to the BK, himself. A must for any summertime spin sessions.

Overall, Touchdown LA is a quality, fun EP that would make a bright addition to any summer time set. If you are interested in the man himself, be sure to check out our interview we did with him a little while back, which can be found right here. Bass Kleph’s Touchdown LA EP is out now on Vacation Records, and is available for purchase through Beatport. Get on’t.

’Bass Kleph – When You Were Deep (Vacation Records)’
’Bass Kleph and Travis Emmons – Electrical Funk (Vacation Records)’


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[Banger] Felix Cartal – Tonight (Autoerotique Remix)

Here we go! Felix Cartal’s notorious summertime anthem, “Tonight,” gets a bumpin’ rework at the hands of Toronto duo, Autoerotique. How this track slipped under the radar, is a complete mystery..

Maintaining that wonderfully euphoric vibe of the original, the boys notch up the tempo, and completely re-haul the drop. Thankfully though, staying true to the lifeblood of the track, the infamous vocals of Maja Ivarsson remain completely intact, in all their glory throughout the tune.. Class.

Autoerotique’s remix of Felix Cartal’s “Tonight” is out now on Dim Mak records, and is available for purchase on their official Tonight Remixes EP.

’Felix Cartal – Tonight (Autoerotique Remix)’
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[Fresh] Clockwork – Titan EP

New Clockwork, you say? A couple days ago, New York-based up-and-comer Henry Steinway, or Clockwork as he is better known, dropped his anticipated Titan EP on Mad Decent Records. For lack of better a description, here’s one, encapsulating word for that release: Quality. Just quality, my friends.

Being the forefront track of an EP is a big responsibility, but as the name implies, “Titan” is one colossal of a Clockwork creation. Venturing into the land of dirty dutch, the track will have you bleepity bloppin’ all over the dance floor with its high-pitched synths, its catchy, simplistic melody, and bangin’, hard-hitting Clockwork-style bass. Ba da ba da badabada, ba da ba da badew…

Track numero dos on the EP is “BBBS” or “Big Bad Bassline Song”! By the beard of Zeus, this track is huge… Not even 30 seconds in, we are confronted by a gritty, underlying bassline that soon leads into a refreshingly exotic, tribal-infused melody. Hold it together a little while longer, and the track drops hard into a body-rocking, bass-fueled production that will no doubt have you flailing your body in all sorts of questionable ways.

Clockwork’s Titan EP is out now on Mad Decent, and is available for digital purchase on both Beatport and Itunes. Please show the man some love – he dun’ gone deserves it.

’Titan (Original Mix) – Clockwork’
’BBBS (Original Mix) – Clockwork’
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[Classic] KRUSHA – What Is Love (2012 Redux)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s safe to say that the year of Trap has officially arrived.. “Me? Him? You? Me?” Canadian producer, KRUSHA takes us back to a Night at the Roxbury with a bumpin’ re-haul of the the 90’s classic, “What Is Love”. KRUSHA masterfully revamps the anthem, pumping the track full of swag-worthy bass and hard 808s, all-the-while retaining that oh-so-satisfying vibe of the original. Head-bobbing – commence!

Steve and Doug Butabi would be proud.

’KRUSHA – What is Love (2012 REDUX)’
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